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Silver Screen Debuts; “Himself”

June 15, 2009

You may already be aware that there is a movie coming out this fall based on the Michael Lewis book The Blind Side.  What you may not know is that the movie will be featuring three SEC coaches playing themselves.

Tennessee’s Phil Fulmer, Ole Miss’ Ed Orgeron, and LSU’s Nick Saban (not one still affiliated with his previous school) will don the logos and colors of Universities Past for their big screen debuts.

Check out Hey Jenny Slater (via Holly) for a great rundown of wish-list actors, were the SEC head men not already spoken for in the film.

In my version, Saban is played by Gargamel


Orgeron is played by Mr. Bean


and Fulmer is portrayed by Janet Reno.

You know you’d watch it.

Is this a cleansing?

February 26, 2009


No one can find Burnsy.  Abby disappeared last fall.  Deadspin has taken a (cough) interesting turn since Will left (I’m looking at you Sussman).

Last month S2N packed up and set sail from Blogfrica to the shiny glowing shores of real journalism.

And now it’s happened to Run Up The Score! too?  What the hell?!?

If you guys are starting a new super-secret something somewhere and didn’t invite me, I’m going to be pissed.

Or maybe our blogroll is a dormant carrier for the AIDS?

I miss the Extrapolater.

Thursday timekillers

January 15, 2009
Image of Bru's car via

Image of Bru's car via

Not much going on in the world of sports today (or this week really).  Have some good clean fun with yourself below.

Bom Bom Bom Bom Wooooo!

Chattanooga Football (with a TO sighting, and probably the coolest–and longest–self-running flash window around) [LWS]

Will Forte on the BCS [With Leather]

A dog that walks like people walk

And of course, Van On Fire!

Breakfast Wagon 25: Tenn-‘fore good buddy

December 3, 2008


great look at the declining number of black head coaches and why. [EDSBS]

Blogfrica’s News League has hit the playoffs, with your Aristocracy currently in 3rd.  And we don’t even practice! [S2N]

…a fond farewell to a friend. [Gene Woj] [Snarkastic] [UT Sports]


Gonzaga is as good and consistent as I’ve ever seen them.  If Heytvelt can turn down the douchedome just one notch, I predict a 32-2 regular season (L’s: UConn, @UT), followed by their normal meltdown in the Elite 8. [Sportsline]

The greatest Rickroll ever. [Youtube via Holly via Macy’s via the 1980’s]

Pickem Scramble Week 13 – It’s Thankstaking! You’re welcome!

November 21, 2008


It is almost that time of year.  And around here, it means that it IS that time of year…

The crew will be celebrating a epic tradition this weekend, Thankstaking.  Starting with Friday night’s Thankstaking feast, which has all the charm of your normal Thanksgiving feast–turkey,  ham, devilled eggs, booze, fistfights, blood, cops–you know, the usual, with one charming exception.

We’re not thankful. You are. 

Today is the day when we reflect on all the good and great things we’ve given the world this year.

Here’s a brief list from your neighborhood cowboy.  More during the official carving of the beast.

Tennessee football, you’re welcome.  You’re welcome for my purchase of ESPN Gameplan to watch 7 (and counting) losses. 

Tigers baseball (and you’re welcome for the $20 a month eDay and I dropped to watch the Tigs and A’s lose a collective 174 games (and yes, this includes the play-in game).  

Blogfrica, you’re welcome for all the ADD wit and charm we supply you with on a semi-regular basis.   Oh and for the completely and semi-ridiculous live-blogs.

Eday, 2SL, and Smooth, you’re welcome for all my failed attempts to teach you how to use Excel and Paint.  Seriously guys?!? 

SPS Field, you’re welcome for my giving you plenty of time to get your ten (10!) picks and a few witty comments in and for not reaching through the internet’s tubes at you for causing me to have to throw it together late, and without complete graphics, almost every week.  You’re all welcome.

To anyone I’ve forgotten:  You’re welcome.  And do a better job of getting me to notice you next year.

I’m taking this week off from calculating totals and whatnot, but I think E is still rolling the field.  Whatever.

On to this week’s games.  And you’re welcome.


Sandwich Pickem Scramble Week 12; Tying the room together

November 14, 2008

Reviewing last week’s storylines:

Does anyone want to win the ACC?   Hell, does anyone want to win a DIVISION in the ACC?
Doesn’t look much like it, but I think I’ll still take UNC and Florida State to meet up in Tampa.  Both with 3 conference losses.

Can Michigan hold on to a second half lead? 
Yes! And you can go ahead and get used to that.  Even with the wrong personnel, RichRod has got it figured out.  Bowl invite?  No.  But they’ll run the table.

Can Coach Cut corral the Cameron Crazies and make a bowl run? 
Alliteration aside, nope.  Had to have last week’s game.  I don’t think a 6-6 Duke team gets an invite even if they do finish with 2 more wins. 

Is Brian Kelly ready to step up to the big stage and knock off a hot WFV team? 
Absolutely.  He’s trying desparately to get his name in the Tennessee discussion by, you know, winning.  And honestly, I’m cool with it.

Can Leach keep this crazy Pirate ship afloat?
Aye aye.

On to this week’s games.  We’ve been spoiled of late with a multitude of sweet-as-sugar college football games.  Now it’s back to broccoli and lima beans. (more…)

Pickem Scramble Week 10: They’re saying Booo-urns

October 31, 2008

 Not a very good homerrific week around these parts, but as you can see, we’ve put it behind us admirably moved on to basketball.  Eday won the week, leads the scramble, yet will be attending the Blue and White game on Saturday (you know, that one thing where 24,000 Kentucky fans pay money to go to a practice… no not thatthat was banned.  I mean this.)   Matt Jones, probably covered up with recruit interviews, Camp Keightly, and bussing BCG around, couldn’t be found this week, though we’ll make every attempt to find him before the games.  The football games, that is.

As you can see in the sidebar, TheW was not rewarded for winning the comments (Corky’s… haha…) yet sits tied with yours truly, as we all look up at Holly and E.  Burnsy is making an impressive run this year so far, probably due to the lack of obligatory Kevin Smith ogling weighing him down.

Some interesting story lines this weekend.  What will Urban do in response to Celegate?  Can Leach finally get over the Texas hump and have a less-than-4-loss season?  Can Spurrier put the final nail in the coffin?  Can Sly Croom’s genius manifest once more?

On to the picks… (more…)

Pickem Scramble Week 9: I hate Alabama

October 24, 2008

Yes children, it’s Bama week.  That special time of year when the leaves are turning orange, the windows are open, and we must monitor our profanity at the television.  It’s beautiful.  And I know I know, we’re 3-4, they’re unde(coughcough).  But [rivalry game cliches] so anything can happen.  And judging by the first incoming picks from both Homers and Awayers, some of you feel that way too.

Last week BobWicket and–wait this can’t be right–Bru(?) win the week!  Spanklin takes home his first Awayer title, and Eday doesn’t do much to let anyone catch him.  A 3 way tie for overall second has emerged with Holly continuing her consistent dominance of the rest of the males, BobWicket still on his honeymoon high, and Jonesy with his predictable success.  (I hope you gamble, Matt.)

Several good BCS games this week involving other undefeated teams highlight this week’s CFB lineup.  That probably means more separation between the leaders and the rest.  And Tulsa makes its SPS debut!

On to this week’s games!


Breakfast Wagon 24: Cubs and Tigers rivalry deeper than we thought

October 14, 2008
Image from

Image from

In case anyone was wondering what ol’ Mike Vick is up to these days, Bleacher Report gives us a look into his life, his bankruptcy, and all he gave away. [BleacherReport]

We knew Bungles fans were pissed, but now they’re giving their tickets away? [WWL]

It was on this day, 100 years ago, that the Cubs won their last World Series title.  At the hands of the Detroit Tigers.  Which is now trying to demolish historic Tiger Stadium.  Freep gives us a great look into the little-known Cubs v. Tigers history. [Freep]

Shaun Alexander kept telling us all year he was about to get a job.  Looks like he’s got one on the horizon.  With old Coach Jim Zorn. [WWL]

Smooth and I are running the Channel Four News League. [S2N]

Holly and Spence take one last jab at Tommy Bowden before he hits the FSN Booth. [EDSBS]

Lou’s got piss and vinegar, even at 71

October 13, 2008

Long before he was sweet ol’ Dr. Lou, Coach Holtz was a National Championship winning head man at the second all-time winningest football program ever.  We saw a spark of that fiery man this weekend.

I won’t bother to redo all the research that Matt Hinton did so well over at Dr. Saturday, but I did want to share this video with you.  Even at 71 years old he’s still as sharp as a syrienge filled with ‘roid.


When he has a job to do, he’s stopping at nothing — including basic civility on national television — to see it’s done. This was the secret to his coaching success:

[Dr. Saturday]