Paging Bert Bertlekamp


With the first pre-season contest looming next Monday, it’s time to preparte to be Bertlekamp’d.  Here’s a dedication montage of Bert and his signature calls from the 06-08 seasons.  Some of the classics include:

  • Talk to me baby!
  • Whooooooooo! (which I think is patented)
  • Yoo-zeem! (which I think translates roughly to “use him”)

and of course

  • MONEY!

We love you, Bert, for your unmatched passion and blatant homerism® in the booth, but we love you more, Bob Kessling, for keeping him around, despite the obvious blows to your sanity.


One Response to “Paging Bert Bertlekamp”

  1. Extra P Says:

    That was extremely enjoyable from a basketball perspective and a crazy announcer perspective.

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