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Sports Illustrated aptly named

June 8, 2009
I guess he's looking into becoming a manager.
I guess he’s looking into becoming a manager.

I’m not sure what’s funnier, that it has already been updated once, or that it is still online a week later.

Out-Duked by Ronald on a Tuesday

April 21, 2009

Usually when we find and share stories around here, they are somehow sports related.  For instance, the story from today about Elijah Dukes (yes that one) getting $500 from a local Washington-area Little League for an appearance in which he signed a few autographs, watched a parade, and jetted. 

Not interesting?  Okay, well he ended up being late to the game, was fined $500 and suspended by manager Manny Acta. 

Still not interesting?  Well, the Little League he was visiting PAID HIS FINE FOR HIM! 

They held a fundraiser.  Of course they did.  After all, Dukes is only making $415,500 this year (ESPN).  What a guy.  Makes me wonder how a guy like that could ever threatened his wife and kids, or impregnate a 17-year old on his grandmother’s couch and throw a Gatorade bottle at her. 

As good as that story is today, I actually have one to top it.  Follow along after the jump for the headline of the week.


TGC’s Opening Day observations

April 7, 2009

After one actual day 0f baseball… TGC observes:

The new is sweet.

CC got pounded.  Heh.

Canadians (ens?) are assholes.  (and in related news…)

No beer  will be sold in Toronto tonight.

The Mets may have just fixed their bullpen.

Ken Griffey Jr likes it in Seattle.


The AL Central is up for grabs for at least one more day.


Kiffin Commentary, week 7

January 12, 2009

A recruiting dead period has come and gone, the Vols have added one of–if not the–best southern recruiter on the planet as Associate Head Coach (another NFL guy), and our Coach K got his first look at Neyland Stadium from the top.  Things are certainly moving.  Let’s take a look…

The most surprising (in a good way) thing Coach Kiffin has done was take a very loud and visible step in emphasizing academics for the returning players.

Kiffin spent about three hours making unannounced visits to several players’ classes, including on attended by star safety Eric Berry.

Defensive back Daryl Vereen also got a surprise visit from Kiffin, who spent time in the classes before leaving to visit with recruits Thursday afternoon.

The Daily Beacon took a look at campus reactions.  Not all of it is good.

While some students hold strong opinions, others are merely apprehensive about the upcoming season.

“Maybe Kiffin will be a good thing, but the general population is not accepting him,” Lyndsay Whitmore, freshman in sports management, said. “This will make it difficult for him to succeed.”

Kiffin, in an effort to reach out to fans across the state, is going on tour.

The University of Tennessee mailed invitations to season ticket holders and donors this week. The invitation states, “Come meet Lane Kiffin and members of his staff at a football recruiting celebration near you on Thursday, February 5! Kiffin will be traveling the state to talk to the 2009 footbal signing class and show video highlights of each signee.”

Oh, and he kicked 2 guys off the team, offensive linemen Ramone Johnson and Darius Myers.

More in the coming weeks as national signing day approaches and Kiffin tries to land 2 top receivers.

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Early returns on the MLB Network

January 5, 2009

mlb_networkJanuary 1 marked the debut of the MLB network on (some of) the major cable and satellite carriers around the country. Personally, it is not available on my particular TV network, but I’ll be changing that soon enough, dumping my regional-sports blackout-happy cable provider and moving to DirecTV where it is available–along with most Vols games on SportSouth.  The network claims to be available in 50 million homes, currently.

I thought I’d take a look around Blogfrica this morning and see how MLBN is being received.

The main focal point of the network so far is its baseball-only version of ESPN’s SportCenter called Hot Stove featuring Harold Reynolds, Barry Larkin, and Al Leiter.  The show is aired from Stuido 3 (honoring The Babe) and has a simulated indoor baseball field for demonstrations called Studio 42 (honoring Mr. Robinson).

More winter baseball televiewing after the slow-roller to third… (more…)

FWP: It’s Festivus Time in the City

December 19, 2008

Fearless Weekend Predictions is a weekly column running on Friday afternoons where our resident soothsayer (or whoever we can get) locks down what will transpire in the coming 72 hours. It’s better to get these out before the 7-year is open.  The crystal ball gets cloudy.

It’s a beautiful night at the headquarters.  From the lineage of Frank Costanza, we will celebrate Festivus tonight and it is guaranteed to be glorious.  Put all of us (minus Bru) in a room with some ladies and our friends and 300 beers… what could go wrong?  But, that isn’t to say that the sports world can be forgotten while we air our grievances (“I got a lot of problems with you people!”) and display feats of strength (“Festivus is not over until somebody pins me!”).  If you don’t know the story of Festivus, I have a few suggestions: 1) Watch Seinfeld, it’s a really good show. 2) Watch the video below, it’s worth your time.

 I, for one, will be keeping an eye on the TV tonight during the holiday with two great NBA games on.  If you haven’t heard yet, the NBA is back.  Remember when you were a kid and loved watching Jordan, Barkley and (young) Shaq?  Yeah, tune in and watch Kobe, LeBron, Dwight Howard and Steve Blake.  Okay, maybe not the last guy, but the NBA has become very watch-able again, so quit being the “It’s-not-good-basketball” guy.  Along with NBA, there is a full slate of college hoops, a bunch of huge NFL games, one hilarious name and a bad prediction on a terrible television show.  On to the prognosticating…

  • Seven year-olds all over the state of Kentucky will laugh and laugh during the UK game.  I’ve got this sort-of nephew.  You know, when your friends have kids and you become a sort-of uncle to them?  Well, Zeke is the man and is seven.  He also thinks words like ‘butt’ are really funny.  He’s in luck tomorrow as Appy State brings Ike Butts to town as their starting center.  Seriously, though, Butts… that’s funny.
  • barryoStrangely, no one will talk about this picture.  Barack Obama… smoking a fatty… in a picture… in TIME Magazine… and this isn’t a national news story??  I hate getting political on our kind of sports blog, but seriously?  If there were a picture of George W. in the same room as a joint, it would be on the cover of every newspaper in the country.  This must be the first step to “change.”
  • Eric Devendorf will have some time to hang out, if you’re interested.  TGC’s Big East Player of the Year pick has been suspended indefinitely by Syracuse.  I, for one, am not shocked.  How the hell was he kicked out of school and still playing anyway?  Oh well, enjoy the time off.  Maybe he can start calling some teams in Austria… they don’t care if you beat your wife in Austria, right?
  • The Titans and Panthers will win their respective conferences.  Have we not learned yet?  Talk about how bad a team has gotten or how they’ve peaked and they will inexplicably play well.  Well, that means the Titans are about to beat the Steelers by twenty.  Also, the Giants are done (yes, I see the irony).  They may be playing without their two best offensive players against the hottest team in the NFL and they teetering on the edge of becoming UK 2001-02 (Team Turmoil).  By the way, Roger Goodell, in every way possible, will NEVER let a Tennessee/Carolina Super Bowl happen.
  • College football will return!  Who cares if it’s Wake and Navy playing for the second time this year?  College football is back, baby! 
  • erinandrewspinkErin Andrews will be working.  She was supposed to be my date for tonight’s festivities, but, sadly, she’s working.  Can you believe she would be working an NHL game on a Friday night?  I didn’t think so either.  But, apparently, she was desperately needed at the last minute and couldn’t make it.  Crazy, especially since ESPN doesn’t show the NHL anymore.  Oh well, my girlfriend is still so hot.
  • Mark Teixeira will sign with the Red Sox.  I love how John Henry came out and said the BoSox were out of the Mark T. stakes.  Who couldn’t see that as a ploy?  “No, Mark, sorry, we just can’t afford you.  Have fun playing for the NATIONALS for the next decade, though!”  Sure, he’s from there, but who wants to live in DC?  There are like four homeless people for people with homes.
  • Vol fans will have a great weekend.  First, they’re probably going to get another football commitment before the basketball game tomorrow.  Then, they’ll beat the crap out of Belmont.  Then, get another 4-star recruit.  Lane Kiffin was a terrible hire, wasn’t he John Clay?  Oh, no, you’re just a terrible writer.  Glad we got that settled.
  • The Celtics will win and win… and if they played again, they would probably win that one too.  Seriously, Rondo is really really good.  Supposedly, the talk in Boston is if Rondo is better than Ray Allen.  Who cares, they’re all good.  And to think, they have one of the five worst coaches in the league, imagine what they would do with someone like…. me at the helm.
  • You better hope this isn't your girl.
    You better hope this isn’t your girl.

    Billy Gillispie will dodge the App State bullet, then sleep with your girlfriend.

      Yes, I’m well aware.  My two favorite teams in the whole world are Kentucky Basketball and Michigan Football.  The parallels between the two programs right now are eerily similar, but that’s for another day.  Everyone knows what happened last football season in the Big House and it just won’t happen tomorrow.  The biggest laugh the Mountaineer crowd will enjoy will be when “Butts” is said during the starting line-ups (and that’s because everyone who goes to ASU is a pothead).  UK should win easily and coast into their showdown with their Jan. 4th meeting with Earl Clark, I mean Louisville.  Also, if you live in Louisville, hide your girlfriend… you know who will be lurking in the darkness.

That will do, people.  Have a hell of a weekend, seriously.  We’re going to have the best Festivus any of us could ever dream of.  Next FWP won’t be until after Hanukkah has started, after Christmas has passed and on the day of Kwanzaa, so happy holidays.  Also, one last time, buy your friend/spouse/mistress/lover/aunt/all of the above some TOMS Shoes.  Every pair that you buy means a kid in Africa gets a pair of shoes they desperately need!  Hell of a cause, really.  Be safe, drink a beer and HAPPY FESTIVUS!

Kiffin Commentary; week three

December 16, 2008
Raiders Cable Football

My tiny jewelry is driving me crazy!

We’re another week into the Kiffin regime on the Hill, and things are continuing to materialize with recruiting decisions, fan reactions, a budding rivalry between the Vols and Raiders (heh, yeah) and a grandfather generally accepted as a defensive genius donning PMS 151 in 2009.

First, on the recruiting front, the Vols “planted the first stake” in the fence around Tennessee getting a commitment from DB Eric Gordon out of Nashville.

“His visit to my house was big,” said Gordon, who was the offensive MVP of the BlueCross Bowl. “We talked about school, plays and what I would learn at UT. He said I’m definitely a cornerback there, but he would love to get the ball in my hands at slot receiver or running reverses. And I could definitely return kicks.”

#2 overall Running Back Jarvis Giles chose a school, South Carolina.  Says Giles, “Tennessee just didn’t feel like the place for me any longer.”  I’m betting #1 overall RB and Vol commit David Oku didn’t mind much.

As I mentioned before, a chief instrument in the development of the Tampa 2 defense (which is widely used across the NFL these days), and good ole dad to Coach, Monte Kiffin informed Jon Gruden that he’ll be leaving the Bucs to join the Vols staff at the end of the season.  Gruden isn’t thrilled to be losing his D-Coordinator, but is handling  the loss of a coach immensely better than interim head coach of the Raders, Tom Cable. 

Kiffin hired away O-Line coach James Cregg, who notified Cable and Al Davis that he’s heading to Knoxville this week, and not after the season.  Like most things in the Raider organization, this news created another (standard) EVERYBODY PANIC!!

“I’m pissed,” Cable said. “That’s the best way to put it. Quite frankly, that’s the only way I can put it.

“You got to understand offensive linemen. This is our world. If I can speak freely here, it’s about pride, it’s about commitment, it’s about trusting everybody next to you. So, to walk your (expletive) out of here is about as bad a deal as you could possibly do to that group of guys.”

No comment yet from Al Davis, but then again, he may not be awake yet.  Or have taken his pills.

Will this end with the once-proud Raiders refusing to take NFL-eligible Volunteers in future drafts?  We can only hope.

More on Kiffin Commentary next week.

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Kiffin Commentary; week two

December 9, 2008

Now that the whirlwind weekend of Volunteer Football coaching change is nearing 2 weeks behind us, let’s take a look at what the players, recruits, and coaches are saying about new head man Lane Kiffin.  Shall we?


First, the university’s website already has him hawking season tickets.  Spare no false step, eh?  Fine by me.  I guess that’s the kind of predicament you get into when your students boycott your bullshit season ticket charge and your fans start selling tickets to Bammers.

He’s already pissing off Steve Spurrier.  Somewhat due to the hiring of Kiffin’s brother-in-law David Reaves and the re-recruiting of Jarvis Giles (more on that later) to UT.  I love it.

“Evidently Spurrier doesn’t think Kiffin is too bright. Kiffin confirmed he had passed the test days before in his introductory press conference. But this wasn’t about the test. This was about Kiffin stealing South Carolina’s recruiting coordinator David Reaves, and subsequently gaining an advantage over two prospects that UT and South Carolina are both recruiting — tailback Jarvis Giles and safety D.J. Swearinger.”

Current UT linebacker Nick Reviez: “When Coach Kiffin started talking, we started getting more comfortable with what he was saying and what he was trying to tell us.  I think that made everyone real comfortable because everyone’s got the same goals, and that’s winning championships.”

More commentary after the jump.  (more…)

Snyder back to Kansas State: I see what you did there

November 24, 2008

Photo Courtesy LA Times

In a shocking move (especially to those of us in the South) Kansas State announced today that they are re-hiring Bill Snyder as head football coach 3 years after his retirement.  He is largely credited for bringing K-State football out of the mucky marsh of “worst football program ever” it once was and into (relative) national prominence.

He retired in 2005 and they promptly named the stadium after him–well, really his family at his request, but you get the idea.

So why is this so strange to me?  Well for one, it wasn’t like he was breaking win records when he was on his way out.  His last 2 teams went 4-7 and 5-6.  So he retired.  Like the administration and fan base wanted him to.  All was well.  They hired up-and-coming OC Ron Prince and the experiment largely failed.  So now in an effort to move forward, they… hire a 70 year old that had trouble winning 3 years ago?  I guess so.


Sandwich Pick’em Scramble: Week 1 – Awayyy we goop!

August 28, 2008

Welcome, welcome.  It is that time again!  And I for one could not be more excited.  The leaves are falling off the trees.  We’re skipping out of work earlier, and kickoff is a few mere hours away.  I can almost smell the Burgoo, I can almost taste the Jack and Pepto, and I can almost feel the orange courduroy on my legs.  It’s football time.

We’ve expanded this year from 10 to 14 participants (including one still MIA), and in doing so I have knowingly created hell for myself, and still don’t know why.  The old organizing bloggers to herding cats analogy didn’t take too long to manifest, as 8 of the 14 participants missed the initial deadline… IN THE FIRST WEEK!  What have I done?

At any rate, let’s move on to take a quick look at this year’s enhanced panel.  Returning for the Awayers:

The always lovely Tennessee-girl-gone-west, Holly from EDSBS and Snarkastic.  Glad to hear that living in LA for the past few years hasn’t erased the beautiful East Tennessee accent.

The premiere Texas Footblogger, Peter Bean from Burnt Orange Nation.   I still respect this man as much as any blogger around for taking the opportunity we’ve all wished for at one time or another and calling Paul Finebaum a motherfucker live on the air of a sports show.  Was that a sports show?

Contributor to damn near every sports publication around–including, Storming The Floor, and Chicago Sports Weekly–Eric Angevine (Extra P)–the only Kansas football fan living outside the state. 

Noted Kentucky Sports author and radio personality, Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio and Louisville’s ESPN Radio show, Sports Night.  I still say Matt should have Kige on his show one day.

The leading man at the leading Georgia Bulldog site,, T. Kyle King.  Since 2006, TKK has been runner up twice for best SEC blog in the CFB Awards, which is actually much better than the actual Dawgs have done in the SEC East over the same time frame… so that’s er… good, right?

The reigning title-holder of “Orlando’s Funniest Blogger”, actual journalist, and the self proclaimed man-about-town and all-around manimal, Burnsy–a UCF grad and fan.

Burnsy’s Cohort from pseudo-politico blog Red, White, and Dude, Benjamin Spanklin will be joining us this year as well.  Benny claims Arizona as his football team.  I guess that says something.

Meet the 2008 Homers after the jump.