About The Aristocracy

APIAS is the autonomous collective (heh) of 5 young professionals born of many years of pent up sports-rage, commentary, passion and despair for and to our favorite teams…

It’s a website.

The Aristocracy and its fan-accomplishments:

TheGoldfishCowboy (Your Editor and Vol-homer)
Tennessee born and bred.  Baseball Nut.  All-sport Vol fanatic.  Desperate Bengal fan since the time of the Icky Shuffle.  Just prayin’ for a winner. 
One World Championship: 1984 Detroit Tigers
One National Championship: 1998 Tennessee Football

eDayStat (Your Commentator and the Nicest Guy East of Frisco Bay)
From the hills of Western K to the rooting interest of the California Bays.  I have no idea how that happened.
Five World Championship:  1989 Oakland Athletics
1984, 1988, 1989, 1994 San Francisco 49ers
Two National Championships:  1996, 1998 Kentucky Basketball

2ndStoryLloyd (Your Coach and Mentor)
Has called both Kentucky and Tennessee home.  Somehow still a Cubs fan.
One World Championship: 1985 Chicago Bears
One National Championship: 1998 Tennessee Football

smoothron (Your Parlay Master and Pony Expert)
Kentucky’s only two-time Disney Cruise Sports Trivia Champion.  Horse-racing enthusiast extraordinaire.
One World Championship: 1986 New York Mets
Three National Championships: 1997 Michigan Football
1996, 1998 Kentucky Basketball

cpBru (The Actual Bona Fide Sports Newsie)

Bru, who admittedly has the worst internet handle ever, is the only actual journalist in the bunch.  Contributer to CollegeHoops.net and sportswriter for the Cincinnati Enquirer.  The rest of us are just hoping we don’t get fired.
Four National Championships: North Carolina Hoops 1993, 2005
Florida Football: 1996, 2006, 2008

7 Responses to “About The Aristocracy”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Shawn Siegel at CollegeHoops.net checking. I was hoping we could exchange links.

    Please include a link to
    text: CollegeHoops.net Basketball
    url: http://www.collegehoopsnet.com/

    Let me know when you get our link up, and I’ll add yours at http://www.collegehoopsnet.com/links.htm, a PR 4 page ranked in the top 3 on Google for both “basketball links” and “college basketball links”.


    Shawn Siegel

    PS – Let me know if there’s other sites/pages you want to trade links for.

    Also – If you prefer NBA focused links. Feel free to add our “NBA Draft” section at http://www.collegehoopsnet.com/Draft/

  2. Shawn Says:

    thought that was a contact form. my bad

  3. James Wolfe Says:

    I thought you and your readers might be interested in my latest novel, How to Rig the NCAA Basketball Championship for Fun and Profit. This enovel will change the way you view college basketball.

    The book concerns a rogue ref who plans to rig the biggest game of them all. Think it can’t be done? Well, think again. Stanley Osborne, a big-time veteran referee, has the plan to do it. As revenge for all who had savaged his reffing abilities and honesty; the fans, the media, his conference, the NCAA. To escape a dead-end job and his shallow, abusive wife. And to make money. Lots and lots of money.

    If you would like to review the book for your readers, I’d be pleased to provide a complimentary copy, publish your review on my web site with a link to your site and provide space if you would like to make any additional comments.

    For more information, the complimentary review copy (a pdf file emailed to you) or an author interview, please e-mail me at james@jameswolfebooks.com or call 815-963-8383.

    Thanks in advance,

    James Wolfe

  4. Arleen Says:


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  5. Stuckey Says:

    wah mantab sob langsung tak coba aja dech.. blog deraibali

  6. Halloran Says:

    Thanx 😉

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