Sandwich Pickem Scramble: Week 3



Week Two Recap: Okay, okay, I’ve learned my lesson about picking Vandy.. BUT, I have not learned anything about picking against the Spawn of Saban… er, Satan.. no no Saban.  Yes, yours truly finished last week with roughly the same # wins as a shiny spinning nickel, putting your favorite Cowboy in last.  Bean Himself had clearly the Pick-O-The-Week taking South Florida to beat up on Auburn, and with that he landed the best overall week with 8/10.

There were a multitude of 7’s last week, including Holly’s brilliant calling of the Oregon game (financial supporters be damned).  MJ rolled a 7 as did the rest of the Homers’ team (or as I call it, SmoothRon/2SL’s mysteriously matching selections).  Nobody liked Spurrier’s Cocks, but they may now!

Burnsy and Extra P rolled the same 6 with the same picks.  Also, be sure to check for Football Porn Names over at XP’s Place.

On to this week’s games.  A very special one for the Lady… and myself.  It’s good old fashioned HATE AND TORCHER with UTvUF.  Seriously kids, don’t eff with this one.

Oh–BobWicket and Eday will have you not forget that the Clash of the Commonwealth is the most hyped game in quite a while for the Blue-bloods.





This week’s best from the Aristocracy:

Pitt @ Michigan State
Pitt, because TE Kyle Sackrider no longer takes the field for the Spartans.  The gods are angered. – Extra P
I said it last week, I’ll say it again.  John L. Smith has himself a team. HA. – BobWicket
Wanny’s mustache couldn’t be any gayer if it was wrapped around a rainbow cock. – Burnsy

Ohio @ Virginia Tech
FACTS: Peden Stadium (“The Wrigley Field of College Football”) is exactly halfway between Big Butter Jesus and Blacksburg, VA. Frank Solich lives in Athens, Ohio. Bobcats win this game. – TGC
Ohio University chicks are fat. – Burnsy

Tennessee @ Florida
You motherfucker, I can’t believe you’re going to make me pick the Florida game – Holly
Phil Fulmer could double as a female Ohio fan. – Burnsy

Ohio State @ Washington
I really want to pick U-Dub here, simply for its population of hot Asian women. – Burnsy
Washington surprises following a torrential downpour on Husky Stadium that plays right in to their hands. – Extra P
ohio state on the road because of jim tressel’s sweater vest and tie – 2SL
TY – RONE – BobWicket

Notre Dame @ Michigan
There are 6,778,201 possible jokes to make about this game. – Burnsy 
(Editor’s Note: …and here come a few)
If those tickets drop to 4 for $10, get a few… might be fun – The Goldfish Cow-Dad
michigan can win, i swear….again – 2SL
I’m taking Michigan over Notre Dame in the 2007 Grocer’s Market Futility Bowl – Eday

Arkansas @ Alabama
Lots of blond girls see Saban work the magic. – Smoothron
Arkansas is going to get Sabanized. – Extra P
For some reason, I feel like I may have too much respect for Saban.  Eh? – BobWicket

Louisville @ Kentucky
I gotta go with my boys – Matt J
Kentucky can surely best the effort turned in by MTSU, right?  Kentucky, inspired by the thought of Jared Lorenzen possibly starting in New York on Sundays. – Extra P
Can you say “homer”?  Also, I will take the over. – Bob Wicket
The hopes and dreams of Lexingtonians who have been drinking the magic “juice” ends in a high-scoring affair. – Smoothron

USC @ Nebraska
 I just have that feeling, kids. The same feeling that gets me six wins. – Burnsy
USC goes to nebraska and reminds nebraska what a really, really good football team looks like – 2SL

Florida State @ Colorado
Hawkins’ funky game plans will discombobulate ol’ Bowden, who will be unable to turn to the eBays or the PS3 to assist him in game-planning. – Extra P
Is Clemson really that good to dominate a good FSU team last week.  I guess we will see. – BobWicket

13 Responses to “Sandwich Pickem Scramble: Week 3”

  1. Burnsy Says:

    I immediately regret that Nebraska pick. But the homers will allow me to make that mistake this week.

  2. Holly Says:

    Yeah, can we stop picking UT games already? I have a longstanding juju policy against this, and I couldn’t be more uncomfortable.

  3. BobWicket Says:

    Thank Mitch for Burnsy.

  4. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Uncomfortable like your left leg asleep during a funeral and you can’t get up to shake it alive, or uncomfortable like knowing D.O. has a key to your apartment and the locksmith can’t get there until the morning and you can’t go anywhere because you’re waiting on a very important call from a client and your Blackberry is dead and the power just went out?

  5. Linko « The Extrapolater Says:

    […] all seen college football pick ‘ems.  But with the participant quotes, raises the bar.  Soon, I may have to start picking badly on purpose, just so I can quip […]

  6. BobWicket Says:

    TCG – I prefer “matrci”

  7. smoothron Says:

    Haha. Holly said “ju.”

  8. smoothron Says:

    A joke… to make fun of myself and all other Wolverine fans…

    How many batteries does it take to shock a Michigan Wolverine?

    1… AA

  9. Holly Says:

    Uncomfortable like I accidentally blurted out that we were going to crush them on the radio last week and you bullied me out of picking Florida to erase the hubris deficit. Help!

  10. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    damn ohio looked good for a minute

  11. BobWicket Says:

    Wow, I blew it.

  12. eDayStat Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh, C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS!

  13. smoothron Says:

    @ BW: That’s what she said.

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