Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 4



Week 3 Recap: After the first real separation week, we’ve learned alot about who can pick games, who the real contenders are, and who probably aren’t.  I’ll let you infer for yourself from the standings in the sidebar.

Matt Jones picked up the solo week win and the solo lead with his 9/10 missing only BC over GT.  A 3 way tie for second at 8 included most of the Homers’ team, with 2SL and Smoothron not believing in the power of Brooks, and Eday choosing the Buffs to beat the ‘Noles (yeah that spread package didn’t look all that great against an actual D-I team.) 

The Awayer Group was rounded out with several 6’s and a 5.  Burnsy, XP and Bean Himself all stumbled into the clubhouse with each a different war-wound, XP liked Pitt, Burnsy liked Nebraska (which by the way, he admitted regretting soon after) and PB went with Weis.  Hmm… lesson learned PB?  Just ask any Tennessee fan what happens with a Clausen taking snapsHolly will continue to blame me for talking her out of the UF pick, but what can i say… I’m an enabler and I could tell she really couldn’t do that to her roots… Them’s ROOTS!  Plus who can blame her for being a bit edgy… after all, Verne Lundquist saw her boobies and she was accused of being a pro bono pornographer.

BobWicket hit on 6 also, but could give a shit less, having been in Commonwealth Stadium for the Bluegrass Armageddon Bowl last week (after which Eday promptly sliced his finger open to the bone trying to get through a screen door to go out into the promenade and celebrate with… well… no one in particular until the others then followed him out into the yard.)

(They took down the Field Goals!)

And yours truly… er… *cough*wentoutonalimbforafewpicksandpaiddearly*cough*.. got 3.

MOVING ON TO THIS WEEK:  Some good games in store this week, including LSUvSpurrier (I told you he could really go), Burnsy’s UCF Knights make it into the game (subsequently followed by booing refs and dehydration, apparently), and can UK come back from an emotional win and beat a Hogs team that just suffered an emotional loss on the road?  Georgia-Bammer should be good too.

Printable Bracket:





This week’s best from the Aristocracy:

North Carolina at South Florida
Count the weeks, Bulls. That ranking will disappear soon enough. – burnsy
The Butch Davis Experience took a major hit last week after a loss to Virginia, of all teams. – smoothron
USF – Hell, they may suck, I haven’t seen ’em play, but they’re new to the top 25 too so I’m pulling for them. – eday
Carolina just lost to Virginia in Chapel Hill.  They don’t stand a chance in this game. – Extra P
Butch Davis wishes he hadnt left. – Matt J

Duke at Navy
Expected attendance: 12 – smoothron
Unless Coach K can be convinced to let Greg Paulus play, I’ll take the Seamen. – bobwicket
Let the reverse rapism continue for the Dukies. – burnsy (Editor’s Note: I don’t even know what that means)
If I were Northwestern’s coach last week, I would have contacted Lloyd Carr and the Fat Man and found out if they wanted to brew up a batch of Kool-Aid and move on to the next life together. – eday
Thanks to their visit to Rutgers, Navy’s future officers are probably mighty pissed at people from New Jersey.  And everyone knows that Duke is the University of New Jersey South.  I say they stomp the loudmouths.  – Extra P
“Captain in a bathroom”  Intiations over Random Friday Nights – tgc

South Carolina at LSU
It may not be a night game, but even Under Armor and gonna save OBC this week. – eday
Les Miles laughs his ass off at Spurrier after this ass-beating. – sr
Click clack ouch, Old Ball Coach. – burnsy
I think South Carolina will have a good season this year, but not that good.  LSU. – Extra P
LSU – Yeah, yeah…click clack. – bobwicket

Penn State at Michigan
Joe Pa only takes one bathroom break. – Matt J
Hmmm… they both beat Notre Dame, but that’s meaningless this year.  I think PSU will win, but it will be closer than we think. – Extra P
I agree with 2SL, Michigan can win…but not with Morelli coming in. – bobwicket
Fuck it, JoePa is really old, surely he can screw this up. – sr
More like Lloyd “Sleeping in his” Carr – burnsy

Michigan State at Notre Dame
What ever happened to the smartest man alive? – bobwicket
If they let Izzo coach this one, Notre Dame might actually score their first touchdown on offense this year.  As it is, ND loses in humiliating fashion again. – eday
Perhaps Notre Dame will go with the alternate green uniforms and induce the Spartans to throw them a few gifts.  I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but Notre Dame wins. – Extra P
First Down Jesus, that was funny.  Almost as funny as how fat Charlie Weis is. – sr

Memphis at UCF
You just have to trust in a guy who earned a master’s degree from NYU. – bobwicket
Burnsy, I hear if you don’t beat Memphis this week, they’re taking back your new stadium and giving it to MLS. – tgc
I think Burnsy will be happier this week.  UCF it is. – Extra P
Yeah, go Fightin’ Burnsys! – sr
I feel like I’m finally sitting at the adult table… until UCF loses. – burnsy
George O Leary claims they actually beat Oklahoma. – Matt J

Kentucky at Arkansas
I ain’t buying this “good” Kentucky crap, not for one toothless second. – burnsy
National Champs! – bobwicket
Hmmm…  I want to take Kentucky, which probably means I’m totally wrong.  I’m going with George Costanza logic here and picking the Razorbacks. – Extra P
Okay, now the juice drinking really stops.  – sr
Throws to Dicky Jr. over Plays with Juniors’ Dickies – tgc

Georgia at Alabama
Didja, Didja, Didja Hee Me? – bobwicket
The devil is back and his soul is still as dirty as ever.  Fear this rivalry game later in the season TGC, mark my words. – eday
Fuckin’ Georgia.  Saban is getting cocky. – Extra P
Saban > Richt. – sr
Nick Saban wins four games and takes home 3 coeds. – Matt J
Why won’t Nick Saban just die from being run over by my Saab already? – burnsy

Iowa at Wisconsin
Zzzzzzzzzz. – burnsy
Wisconsin.  I really suspect they play better against conference rivals than they do against cupcakes. – Extra P
Does any coach in America get more credit for nothing than Kirk Ferentz at Iowa?  What has he done in the last five years? – sr
Cheese > Corn – tgc

Washington at UCLA
no Mormons = no problems for the Bruins. – Matt J
Did you know… Ty Willingham is a black head coach. You learn something new everyday. – burnsy
UCLA is in a tailspin, Washington is on the rise.  Giddyup, Huskies! – Extra P
Hmm, pretty sure I can’t make any joke that will actually make it on the site about this one. – sr (Editor’s Note: How about a song?)

17 Responses to “Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 4”

  1. smoothron Says:


  2. Burnsy Says:

    Look at all those gorgeous UCF helmets. Fuck, we’re gonna get worked.

  3. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    I must say, the new white helments are much meaner than those gold/black ones of yesteryear.

    When are you gonna do somehing about the flat gold uni’s though… get some black tops… or go Cajun style and play in whites at home and away.

  4. Extra P. Says:

    TGC – by the time this contest is over, you and I will be the poster boys for how gambling gets out of control. The lower down in the standings we go, the more stupid upsets we pick…. just in case!!!!

  5. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Bud, I just want one to hit, just one of my upset picks… so I can go around to all your sites and post how I was the one who called it the week before the game. (Also, please keep this info in the closest of confidence… all I need is 2SL’s uncontrollable competitive rage in my ear more often.)

  6. Burnsy Says:

    I’m still holding on to a suggestion I made years ago that UCF change its mascot to the Wild Boars and we become the first team to use camoflage uniforms with hunter orange helmets.

  7. smoothron Says:

    2sl’s head may explode when he sees the UNC pick…

  8. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    I know, isn’t that a cool looking helmet though

  9. eDayStat Says:

    TGC sounds like my ex-gf picking NCAA tournament games. But Hell, it worked for her.

  10. Burnsy Says:

    It works for every girl. That’s why they shouldn’t be allowed to pick. They should only be allowed to birth baby boys who will grow up to make incorrect picks.

  11. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    The price on the Blue Juice just went up

  12. Bruchey Says:

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  13. Knecht Says:

    Thank you *very* much for sharing your insight. I’ll bookmark this.

  14. Kwon Says:

    Interesting read . . . I think I’m going to write a semi-reply on my blog but I’ll link back to yours art of war

  15. Grudzinski Says:

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