Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 11


Week 10 Recap:  Eday is torching the competition over the last few weeks, notching another 8 last week.  Burnsy decided to go for winners this week and finished with 7, along with a resurgent SmoothronExtra P delivered on his promised weekly 6 (which by the way is incredibly consistent…. now that I know you are going to pick 6 right every week, if you could just tell me which six, I could make us both a lot of money) as did PB, 2SL, and Holly.

I warned BobWicket that picking the same games as me was a bad call, and it was, with both of us straddling Mendoza for the week.  Welcome to the tailspin my friend.  Matt J had a bad week.  This is all I’ll say.

With basketball gearing up, don’t forget to roll on over to Extra P’s joint new venture Storming The Floor, and also to March to Madness, where Smoothron and I are voters in the CFB blogpoll.  Also, as mentioned before, Holly is hanging out with the wacko Gator fans from EDSBS this week.  Poor child.  Don’t eat any candy that wasn’t sealed at the factory.

This week’s games after the hyphenated JU-MP.





This week’s best from the Aristocracy.

Wake Forest at #21 Clemson
Oh, that color of orange only looks good on hot blondes in Clemson, SC in the fall… or spring…  -sr
Every damn weekend I look at the polls and see another nowhere ACC team clogging up the 20s.  Then that team usually loses and is replaced by the team that beat them.  So I guess it’s Wake Forest’s turn to win. – xp
I’m pretty sure Wake makes baby squirrels cry.-eday
wake forest has a higher collective gpa but clemson has prettier girls and every great player prefers a pre-game hj over a pre-game study session. – 2sl
Is anyone good in the ACC this year? Wasn’t it supposed to be a powerhouse? – burnsy
See you in the Music City Bowl…again – bw

#22 Alabama at Mississippi State
My favorite quote of the year “Sly Croom is a Genius” has got be believing. – tgc
I really want to pick Mississippi St only because my fantasy football team won this past week under the name, “Sly Croom Bitches,”  but I just can’t. -sr
BLAMMA!!!! – xp
The devil does to Miss. St. what UK should have. – eday
bama beats miss st. because contrary to public opinion in lexington, miss st isn’t a very good football team – 2sl
If life is fair, then Nick Saban’s cock will be bitten off by a gorilla during this game. – burnsy
Sly may be Sly, but Saban is a genius.-bw

Arkansas at #24 Tennessee
More like Lemarcus Smoker. – bw
Two truths and a lie: Tennessee Version!!  UT hasn’t been beaten at home this year.  TGC is one of the most blatantly homerific guy I know.  Phil Fulmer is on a diet. -sr
Darren McFadden is a Heisman Candidate.  Brandon McAnderson is not.  GO VOLS! -xp
McFadden runs for 200, but the General breaks hisankle late in the 4th.  Pumpkin Power continues to roll from the recent holidays – eday
tennessee doesn’t lose at home – 2sl
Seriously, how is Tennessee ranked? Aren’t they like the Notre Dame of the SEC this year? – burnsy

#25 Kentucky at Vanderbilt
Don’t lose to Vandy, please not Vandy.  That would be comparable to the basketball team losing to a Baptist School from North Carolina . -bw
Yeah, yeah, whatever.  Basketball has started. – sr
This just makes me sad.  I really wanted to see Kansas and Kentucky in a New Year’s Day bowl.  Just so I could see a bunch of confused fans try to figure out if they needed to cut down the nets or take down the goalposts.  I’m once again picking the Wildcats, however. – xp
3/4 of the stadium should be blue.  3/4 of the points should be UK’s.  If not, it’s basketball season for eDay.
If Kentucky magically wins the SEC east and then upsets LSU again and plays in a bcs bowl game….can you have two rich brooks fields?? – 2sl
Unless Vanderbilt changes its name to Gardner-Webb. Have I mentioned how many times UCF has slaughtered Gardner-Webb in the past decade? – burnsy

#9 Arizona State at UCLA
Yeah, yeah, whatever.  Basketball has started. – sr
The Dennis Erickson Experience is still a tad distasteful to me, but I think he can win this one and give another dryer-than-Sun-Devil-stadium press conference. – xp
ASU got Ducked on Saturday, but are too good for the acronym – eday
NOTE TO EDAY: I don’t that word means what you think it means
My prediction is that a hot blonde ASU girl will get into a fight with a hot blonde UCLA girl and then a maple syrup truck will crash into the stadium and… oh, look at that, my own little Sun Devil has awoken. – burnsy
These guys have to be better than Notre Dame…don’t they? – bw

#18 Auburn at #10 Georgia
Battle for the third best team in the conference?  Down year for college football. – sr
Wow, this game is actually pretty exciting.  I don’t have a smart-ass comment about it – Go Dawgs. – xp
Although, Auburn is the RB factory that gave the NFL such studs like Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams so I should take that into consideration. – burnsy
Auburn – SEC Champs – bw

Florida State at #11 Virginia Tech
 I actually thought I picked VT here. – sr
I have this odd feeling that FSU will win this one.  And I followed it, which is why I am at the bottom of the standings, and also why I never wager real money on sporting events. – xp
FSU has one week every year where they look like FSU circa 1990.  I call a-bullshit this week – eday
But in Bobby Bowden’s mind he’s winning the national championship. And Nixon is president. And that smell isn’t coming from his pants. – burnsy

#19 Virginia at Miami (FL)
UVA has got to be one of the single worst teams to ever be ranked in the top 20 this late in the season. – sr
NOTE TO SMOOTHRON – Ohio State was ranked in the top 20 at this point last year.
Chris Long is badass.  I predict two sacks this week and a UVA win, followed by a pro career and commercials with Teri Hatcher’s daughter.-xp
Scott Miller once told me UVA’s entire program was a joke.  Scott Miller is a genius – eday
miami fl beats virginia just to make things right in the world of college football – 2sl
The rims from Virginia’s bus will mysteriously end up in Tavares Gooden’s dorm room. – burnsy

#15 Florida at South Carolina
Tebow spoke with Darren McFadden at weekly heisman club meeting.  Will run for 200. – bw
 Florida can’t lose 4 games this year?  Can they?  Yeah, click clack. – sr
Apropos of nothing, Joakim Noah can go to hell.  Florida wins. – xp
NOTE TO XP: Agreed. – tgc
Not even OBC can outscore Tebow 2000 – eday
spurrier watches harvin score and score…..and with that shit-eating grin on his face remembers what its like to coach real talent – 2sl
Click clack, old ball coach. Click clack all over Urban Meyer’s face. – burnsy
click, cl… oh, right – tgc

#17 USC at California
Hmm, not a lot of people thought this would be a battle to finish third in the Pac 10.  It’s probably symbolic this game is in Berkeley, because all the pot heads at the game will care about as much as the players. – sr
I called Cal a “team of destiny” a month ago.  Fortunately, destiny isn’t always positive, so I guess I was right.  USC wins. – xp
Cal pays for all their early season shenanigans.  Big time – eday
california wins because nobody from the OC went to USC. – 2sl
Oh God, the ASU and UCLA chick fight has spilled on to the field and now girls from USC and Cal are joining in. My God, it’s a mess of hair pulling and pillow fighting and maple syrup! And now they’re all making out! Oh the humanity, oh the… ohhhhh, now I’m sleepy. – burnsy

17 Responses to “Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 11”

  1. smoothron Says:

    2SL, I see you like myself have been keeping up with the OC Season 3 repeats on Soapnet daily. Oh shit, did I say too much?

  2. Burnsy Says:

    I see Matt Jones was too shocked by the ‘Tucky loss to make his picks. The door is wide open for Burnsy. By the way, did you know UCF basketball has kicked the piss out of Gardner-Webb many times?

  3. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Seems like I heard that somewhere

  4. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Matt’s picks just came in. 4:58pm on Friday. I’ll update the jpeg now.

  5. 2ndstorylloyd Says:

    yeah….todays show had marissa doing something stupid and whining like a spoiled bitch. then seth pissed summer off but they made up at the end and ryan seethed, then beat someone up….very exciting

  6. smoothron Says:

    I’ve seen that one before!!!

    One loss to Gardner Webb doesn’t take away from the seven National Championships. How many of those are there at UCF?

  7. Burnsy Says:

    Two, thank you very much. Show our cheerleaders the respect they deserve for knocking Kentucky off the hill.

  8. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Sly Croom motherfuckers

  9. BobWicket Says:

    My apologies to Sly. I doubted again.

  10. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Week 11 Scores:

    9 – Matt J
    8 – Burnsy, BobWicket
    7 – XP, PB, eday
    6 – Holly, TGC, smoothron, 2sl

  11. smoothron Says:

    Er, um…. I think you gave Matty a bump on his test. Don’t you get points taken OFF for being late?

  12. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:


    8 – Matt J, BobWIcket
    7 – Burnsy, XP, PB, eday
    6 – Holly, TGC, smoothron, 2sl

  13. BobWicket Says:

    Oddly enough, I was going to say I would guard Matt J this week…before he sent in the picks.

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