Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 6



Week Five Recap:  Wow folks. Wow.  Our expert panel (along with most of the nation) collectively picked at a .390 clip last week.  Great for batting average.  Bad for the walletMatt Jones extended his overall lead with an impressive 50%  (5 of 10) picked correctly.  Burnsy took time away from Wonder Showzen to pick 4 along with yours truly and Eday, who were out mucklewaining the western part of Tennessee.

The rest of the crew came up with a big 30%.  Here’s how it was done.  Holly did it while photoshopping hats onto Aliens (or was it mogwai?).  PB did it while searching for Texas’s football teamSmoothron did it while dodging phonecalls about gambling advice.  BobWicket did it while surfing in San Francisco (so hey, who can blame him).  And 2SL did it while live-blogging the whole thing, for your glorious recapitulative viewing pleasure.

This week’s picks after the jump…

ONTO THIS WEEK’S GAMES: A biggun’ for the Wildcats and Cocks (which is now over, btw, because it was played on Thursday and this runs on Friday).  Way to go winning team!  Out of the rest of our 9 pickem games, 6 are between 2 ranked teams, not including UT-UGA, which is quite important for the SEC East race.  2 Death Valleys in action this weekend and Florida LSU… Now that the Tigers are #1, can they stay there?

Also, it is important not to forget this life rule, piss of the OBC = end up pantsless in the media.  With cameras rolling.





This week’s best from the Aristocracy:

#8 Kentucky at #11 South Carolina
This year at the post-game press conference, OBC calls out Kentucky’s defensive coordinator. – tgc
Still drinking blue jooose – eday
Kentucky over South Carolina – Also, inbreeding over hog huntin’. – burnsy
It has to end at some point. – bw
The Ol’ Ball Coach does NOT lose to Kentucky. If they happen to be losing toward the end of the game, OBC will pull a “Blue Chips” and walk out of the game. – sr
Kentucky.  Shouldn’t they be ranked higher than South Carolina anyway? – xp
the Old Ball Coach gets his visor placed where the sun dont shine. – matt j
i’m on the kentucky bandwagon…too bad steve spurrier is driving. – 2sl 

Kansas at #24 Kansas State
Fuck fuck fuck, shit, fuck, dammit.  Fuck.  I’m going with my heart – Kansas.   Shut up, brain, your input is not welcome here. – xp
Sadly, all of the fans in attendance lost a long time ago. – burnsy
K-St. won’t have Colt to ‘pick’ on this week.  Okay, that was terrible. – eday
No idea.  Sticking with Wildcats.- bw
Mangino gets through the game with only 2 hear attacks. – matt j
Mack Brown is a pretty fit guy and got worked over on Saturday.  If Mangina, er Mangino, has to eat all the food he does AND still have to prepare, there’s just no way the Jayhawks can win. – sr

#10 Oklahoma at #19 Texas
UCF loosened the lid, Kansas State opened the jar and now Oklahoma is going to empty it. – burnsy
McCoy = 4TD passes.  Just don’t know which team will catch them. – bw
If Bob Stoops gets out-coached by Dan Hawkins and Mack Brown in consecutive weeks, he may just want to ask Brother Mike to trade places for a little while. – sr
This game was so 5 years ago – matt j

#12 Georgia at Tennessee
I’ll be on the left coast for this one… which means a 12:30 kickoff.  How the hell am I supposed to get ready by 12:30? – tgc
There’s plenty of room on the UCF bandwagon, friends. – burnsy
Tennessee.  I don’t know why.  I just keep thinking they have to win one of these.  – xp
Tenn. – and I’m not sure why – bw
UT’s SEC schedule should henceforth be referred to as “Fat Phil’s Farewell Tour.”  Appropriate gifts are gift certificates to Pizza Hut, Applebees, and McDonalds.  Opposing fans are also encouraged to bring any leftovers from tailgates in and throw them down to FP. – sr
the general will awaken this weekend. – eday

#15 Virginia Tech at #22 Clemson
Death Valley Wins this one – tgc
Clemson bars close at 11 yet people continue to go there. – burnsy
Clemson – but only if they wear purple. – bw
I wanted to pick VT here, but then I started thinking about the hot sorostitutes at Clemson and couldn’t really concentrate on much else. – sr

#20 Cincinnati at #21 Rutgers
Ray Rice continues to eat Kevin Smith’s dust. – burnsy
Cincinnati – Go REDS! – bw
in a battle of top notch football programs rutgers beats cincinnati – 2sl
Ray Rice’s final line could be something like 550 yds rushing with 6 TDs. – sr
Ten dollars if anyone can name one player on Cincy’s team – matt j

Oklahoma State at Texas A&M
“Whoever wrote this Garfield cartoon based it on message board rumors. There is no way that cat could have eaten that whole lasagna. That is just irresponsible.” – burnsy
I personally plan to write a column critical of an OSU player so Gundy can yell at me after winning this game.  I’m going to be a star! – xp
are there two teams in the nation who’ve had as pathetic a schedule as these two the first 5 games? – eday

#9 Florida at #1 LSU
I think I have an affinity towards felines? – bw
Tim Tebow cries himself to sleep in the arms of three coeds – matt j
Death Valley Wins this one – tgc
lsu is good – 2sl
Wow.  Aren’t there any good games this week?  I’ll have to flip a coin in this dog of a matchup.  Heads – LSU. – xp
And world peace breaks out and super models sleep with me. – burnsy
Tebow was crying after the Auburn game?  How will he respond when he’s sandwiched between Ali Highsmith and Glen Dorsey?  Probably not as well as four fine females will in Baton Rouge on Saturday night. – sr

#4 Ohio State at #23 Purdue
I’m the defensive end forp Urdue! – Rudy
If you had told me three days ago that Ohio State was No. 4 in the nation I probably would have let a little pee slip out from excessive laughter. – burnsy
Ohio State – I hate myself for this. – bw
Purdue players lose due to their insistence on having slide rules in the huddle – matt j
Tressel sees your basketball on grass, and laughs.  “You can’t play basketball on grass you dumbass,” is what I hope he says to Joe Tiller after the game. – sr
I didn’t even know Purdue was ranked.  I could really go for a good Boilermaker right now, though. – xp
tiller’s white receivers can’t beat jim tressel’s tie – 2sl

#25 Nebraska at #17 Missouri
More cats. – bw
Norm Stewart runs in the final score – matt j
Did Brad Banks graduate yet? I really liked that guy… what’s that?… oh.. that was Iowa? – tgc
Hey, remember when I picked Nebraska to beat USC a few weeks ago? Man, that was funny, huh? – burnsy 
After the Wake Forest debacle, I refuse to pick Bill Callahan to do anything correctly.  Unless of course it is, choosing the wrong QB to start for a football team. – sr
Missouri and Kansas are the only undefeated teams in the Big XII.  I’d like to keep it that way (in my mind) until they meet one another, so I’ll pick Missouri. – xp

12 Responses to “Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 6”

  1. smoothron Says:

    Dustin Grutza! Matt owes me 10 bucks!!

  2. Burnsy Says:

    I love that we all essentially made the same Ok State joke.

  3. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    We’re an autonomous collective of sorts.

  4. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:


  5. BobWicket Says:


  6. smoothron Says:


  7. smoothron Says:

    Anyone else notice how our live-blog last weekend was called “Gut-Check Saturday” and now ESPN is touting this weekend as “Gut-Check Saturday?” I knew we were deep in the middle of pop culture, but for ESPN to rip us? That’s great.

  8. Burnsy Says:

    Don’t tell the guys over at Cake Rocks the Party. They’ll go apeshit on ESPN.

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