Gambler’s Paradise – Week 6


walter.jpgHmm, I might have figured out the problem with last week’s edition of Gambler’s Paradise, too much dwelling on the past. So, if you want to know how bad it was, look at the link. Otherwise, it’s time to be positive. Let’s go the Psycho-Cybernetics route… the power of positive thinking. Or, as Walter from “The Big Lebowski” said, “If you will it, Dude, it is no dream.” So, I will just will my picks to win. I’ll also be parlaying betting college football with ridiculous amounts of horse racing. Since I’m being positive, this is going to work out very nicely. Also, we’re adding a new wrinkle to the Paradise. My good friend Casino Bobby and I are going head-to-head for the remainder of the season. We’ll figure out what exactly we’re wagering, you know besides actual money. Also, we’re going with a whole different look and layout… you know, not because I’m superstitious, I’m just a little stitious.

Not just one gambling degenerate, but TWO after the jump…

This being my first addition to Gambler’s Paradise, I feel it necessary to introduce myself. I will from here on out go by the name Casino Bobby. I don’t go to casinos and my name is not Bobby- I just don’t want to get my ass kicked by anyone who takes my game beliefs literally and loses their home. I’ve had a solid year thus far on the college venues, and recently did some damage on the Bengals/Pats Monday night game. I sent out personal “Thank You” notes to the genius who set the spread at 7 points with one of the best NFL teams ever assembled and one of the most disappointing franchises in modern sports. Here’s what I think about this week’s games:

Cincinnati at Rutgers (Cincinnati +3.5)

p1_huggins_all.jpgI have had a soft spot for UC athletics since they got rid of Bob Huggins. They have made an impressive early run this season- and nearly sold out a game or two in their monster venue which seats less than that of neighboring high schools. I know Rutgers can move the ball on the ground- fine, whatever- but I’m still not sold on their team after they got kicked in the mouth by Maryland. I’ll give the edge to Cincy’s offense in this one and say they cover in a high scoring game.

UGA at Tennesee (UGA +2)

Coach Richt doesn’t lose games on the road in the SEC (very often). Tennessee has been suspect on both sides of the ball this year and I think this particular game will start a trend of losses for the Vols that will stretch out with Bama, S. Carolina and Kentucky. Georgia comes in and smacks them in the mouth early- then holds on in the 4th to win. No home field advantage here, and no victory rendition of Rocky Top.
Utah at Louisville (Louisville -14.5)

UL’s offense is going to put up points against most defenses, and Utah is nothing special on either side of the ball. The UL “D” has been a question mark all year long, and looked somewhat respectable against NC State last weekend. Utah has scored 42 points all year long, merely 4 points below UL’s per game average. Keith Van Horn and walking through that door.

All right, all right. Thank you Casino Bobby. Everyone welcome him. Now, here are my picks.

Cincinnati @ Rutgers (Rutgers -3.5)

This is the ultimate revenge game for the Knights. Not only were they embarrassed last week by Maryland, but Cincy absolutely drubbed them last year. Schiano really has a reputation to uphold, and he can’t afford to lose two in a row. I think Ray Rice is the difference here, and Rutgers wins big. Also, there’s nothing like adding a new guy to the mix and picking against him the first time out.

Wisconsin @ Illinois (Wisconsin +3)

If I were talking about last week, I’d say that I need to eat some crow about the Ol’ Zooker. Luckily, we’re not talking about last week. How in the world is the #5 team in the country getting points at an unranked team? Just because Wisco has been playing down to its competition, and the Illini are playing out of their minds… is that a reason to start throwing lines like this out? This is the week that Bret Bielema flexes his coaching muscle. Wisco holds on late, and rides the PJ Hill Train to a win.

Florida @ LSU (LSU -7)

ncf_u_dorsey_195.jpg This game could have been close, and then it got picked to start at 8:28 PM. Lots of drunk, cajun, Louisianans at night. Death Valley will be absolutely ROCKING on Saturday night. Combine that decibel level with the fact that Tebow hasn’t handled Ole Miss and Auburn’s speed on defense, and I really like the Tigers. Glenn Dorsey and the boys are just a little bit quicker than most defenses in the country, and I think Tebow ends up crying again after this game.

There you have it. Five games to choose from. With the way CB has been slaying things this year, you may want to take his advice. Positive thinking will get us to some profits this weekend. I hope. Maybe.

4 Responses to “Gambler’s Paradise – Week 6”

  1. smoothron Says:

    If you watched the feature at Keeneland on ESPN, the “FLY EMIRATES” banner you saw by the finish line doesn’t actually exist.

  2. Casino Bobby Says:

    Going a combined 1-6 leads me to believe just one thing- next weekend we bet bigger, and rake it all back in. Right now the vegas line is set at 7-1 that Patrick Patterson gets injured at Big Blue Madness. I’ll take that action.

  3. smoothron Says:

    Oh, we’re getting it back next weekend.

  4. Horse Racing Software Says:

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    In the UK, there are races which involve obstacles (either hurdles or fences) called National Hunt racing….

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