Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 10


 Week 9 Recap:  Eday continued his tear, winning the week and moving into a tie for first place with 8/10.  Rough ones for Extra P and the alleged Cheating Duo of Smoothron and 2SL coming in south of a coin flip.  As par for the course Holly and myself stay on the fence with 5.

BobWicket climbed back into things with a steady 6, and was topped only by Eday’s 8 and the PB/Burnsy combo with 7 each.  Matt Jones could not be reached for comment regarding the collapse that has led to the relinquishment of his once great lead.  Personally, I think he’s hiding out in Kige Ramsey’s mom’s basement.  The world may never know.

Picks and Quotes after the mosey.





This week’s best from the Aristocracy: 

This is very confusing.  If I back the Jayhawks, they win, but in almost every other contest, my pick loses.  I guess I’ll do a hybrid Costanza system this time out. -xp
Due to my recent decline in pick quality, and to the fact that I am a little-stitious, no comments will be made from BW this week…except for this one, I guess. – bw
I don’t need this anymore. I just got an e-mail notifying me that I won the British lottery. All I have to do is send them my bank account information. In your faces, silly bloggers. – burnsy
Please correct any spelling errors as I am still wasted from last night. It’s UCF Homecoming week and I start when told to start. – burnsy

 #21 Wisconsin at #1 Ohio State
The Big 10 is like Shot of Love with Tila Tequila. It sounds good in theory, but either way we all lose. – burnsy
Ohio State is the balls!  They will rout their opponents and win the Mythical National Championship!!!! -xp
There is nothing I want more than an 11-0 Buckeye team coming to Ann Arbor on 11/17. -sr

#24 Wake Forest at #23 Virginia
Wake Forest… dangerous team, whoo!  Al Groh can’t handle this – xp
This is like choosing sandpaper condoms over a bear trap. – burnsy
I think there’s too much parity in college football when two terrible ACC teams can both be ranked.  I mean, seriously, if Kentucky were in the ACC they may run the table. -sr

Nebraska at #8 Kansas
Here’s where it gets tricky.  (Note to football gods: This pick is a serious pick.  It is the only modification to my Costanza system.  Don’t screw me on this.)  Callahan sucks, he’s about to be fired, his starting QB is hurt, and the game is in Lawrence.  I’d bet my Mangin-o-lantern that this puts the Jayhawks at 9-0. – xp
Also, Libya over Yemen and Kuwait over Kenya and the sixth level of hell over the fifth. – burnsy
Callahan’s dumbass-ness > Mangino’s weight… and we all know that is really saying something. -sr

#15 Texas at Oklahoma State
 Oklahoma State: hell on local columnists and visiting teams.  Besides, they are more of a freesh pumpkin-orange, in the spirit of the season, while Texas looks more like canned pumpkin filling. -xp
Did you know: UCF almost beat Texas in Week 2. – burnsy
I am oh so very close to winning that Colt McCoy bet. And to be clear smooth, I’d like Jack Daniels. – tgc
Which conference is worse right now?  The Big XII or the ACC? These games are so bad I can’t even think of things to say about them. -sr

Cincinnati at #18 South Florida
Bearcats, ROWR! – xp
Are you all starting to catch on to my theory that USF is fucking awful and was incredibly overrated? – burnsy
This is the game I’ve been waiting for all year. – tgc
I’m going to drop some crazy knowledge on you… South Florida has only had a football program for like twelve years!  Jerome Bettis is from Detroit!!  Brady Quinn’s sister dates AJ Hawk!!! -sr

#3 LSU at #17 Alabama
Saban at home… this probably means a loss.  Chalk it up for LSU. – xp
This had better be an incredible “Fuck you, Saban” game. – burnsy
Give the athletes down in BR a week to hang out, doink some white girls, and reminisce about when Nick Saban recruited them… and I say they win big. -sr

#9 Missouri at Colorado
Missouri is a truly offensive juggernaut.  They will crush Dan Hawkins’ head and mount it upon a pike as a warning to passers-by. – xp
Have I ever told you guys how I was supposed to go to Missouri but chose UCF instead? – burnsy
Big XII North Football!!! Get excited!!!!  Can anyone name Mizzou’s head coach? -sr

#4 Arizona State at #5 Oregon
Hmmm.  Arizona State vs. Orgeron?  He’s only one guy, but he’s a crazy cajun guy, so I think Orgeron can take the Sun Devils. – xp
I’m so sorry, hot chicks. Here, let’s make this all better. Take those shirts off. Yeah, that’s right. – burnsy
Remember when this game was for not-last a few years ago?  Yeah me too, I was less fat back then. – tgc
Earlier this week, ASU’s starting QB (his name is irrelevant) couldn’t even throw a football.  Usually, that does not mean good things for a football team. -sr

Rutgers at #13 Connecticut
The fan base at Rutgers is what college football is all about.  Scarlet Knights, baby! – xp
UConn is my new favorite team because they showed the world that USF really does suck. Have I told you all about that yet? – burnsy
Fake fair catch, anyone?  which is a distant cousin of the “Larry Brown, anyone?” -sr

South Carolina at Arkansas
Nutt vs. Ballsack…. Nutt vs. Ballsack….  uh, I don’t know, Ballsack? – xp
Darren McFadden isn’t fit to sniff Kevin Smith’s jock. That’s right, UCF running back Kevin Smith. – burnsy
Attention to all the SC fans I ran into at Calhoun’s on Volunteer Landing last week. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That is all. -tgc
Darren McFadden for Heisman?  Chris Smelley for starting QB position? -sr

10 Responses to “Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 10”

  1. smoothron Says:

    For the record, it is 15 TDs and 13 INTs for Colt so far. How does a guy with 13 picks have a QB rating of 137.9?

    Oh, and 15 > 13… and I looooooove Maker’s Mark, just don’t tell my job; I was told this week that I have an alcohol problem. Seriously.

  2. BobWicket Says:

    I can’t believe there was only one variation of the joke referencing a Cock and Nutt matchup, or any mention at all of the “Smelly Cock” QB.

  3. smoothron Says:

    Some of us are a little more mature than that… we’re in the “Finer Things Club.”

  4. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Does that fact that 15>13 make my preseason prediction any less impressive to the masses? The goober has already doubled his # picks from last year… in fewer attempts. Still with 4-5 games left. And I called it.

    /end lookatme

  5. smoothron Says:

    Hey, this might be the only bet I win all year, please let me enjoy it.

  6. BobWicket Says:

    Well, if I can’t be in the Finer Things Club I guess I will have to try out for Scrantnicity 2.

  7. eDayStat Says:

    16-16 gentlemen. Good luck the last few games.

  8. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:


    8 – Eday (NEW LEADER)
    7 – Burnsy, Smoothron
    6 – Holly, Extra P, Peter Bean, 2SL
    5 – TGC, BobWicket, Matt Jones, Coin

  9. smoothron Says:

    This year I lose a handle of liquor. Next year, it could be my car to Brubaker.

  10. Tila Tequila Biography Says:

    Hey it took me about 5 tries to actually see this page, it kept getting me an error on firefox don’t know if it is from my pc or your website but taught I would let you know, anyway at least I got what I am looking for haha thanks !

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