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Keeping the good name of Charles Woodson alive in Ann Arbor

August 16, 2007

michiganhelmet.jpgSpeaking of the Judicial Process, I thought it prudent to bring to light the conclusion of the preliminary hearing of an interesting incident in which 2 Wolverine football players literally beat the face off of a 25-year-old gentleman in Ann Arbor.

Both men were with a group of football players and were identified by witnesses as participating in a fight with a 25-year-old Ann Arbor man on March 9, Ellinger said. The bar was particularly crowded that night because of a charity function, and the victim and players got into a shoving match that escalated into a fight, Ellinger said.
The victim, a Washtenaw Community College student, was taken to the U-M Medical Center and needed surgery to repair his face, police said.

In the FACE!

Jim Tressel’s favorite auto, Lloyd Carr, had this to say:

“I am aware of the incident involving Quintin Patilla and Robbie Thornbladh that occurred on March 9, 2007,” Michigan coach Lloyd Carr said in a statement issued to The News on Wednesday night. “I will comment when the judicial process is concluded.”

Screw dog torture, they remove facial features in Ann Arbor.  Eat that Vick.

Gratuitous Wolve-hatin’ Buckeye-lovin’ ass just for SmoothRon after the jump…


Barry Bonds Finally Smiled

August 8, 2007

barrysmiling.jpg7-5-6.  It finally, happened.  Shortly before midnight EST, Barry Lamar (LAMAR!) Bonds hit his seven hundred fifty-sixth home-run of his career.  It must be said:  congratulations Barry, finally.

Say what you want about Bonds.  Dick, cheater, whatever.  He still hit 756 home-runs.  And no one else in the game of baseball has ever done it. 

We couldn’t help but notice that Bud Selig was not in attendance.  Classless is the first word that comes to mind.  It doesn’t matter if Barry railed his 18 year-old niece last week.  He has no reason as commissioner of baseball to not be at this game.

It is also worth a mention that Mike Bacsik for the Washington Nationals gave up Bond’s record-breaking home-run.  And he doffed his cap to Barry as he rounded third.  Bacsik knew he just became a trivia question answer.  He knew that his career just got defined by Barry’s actions.  Yet he showed as much class as Selig failed to show tonight.  He should be commended by everyone for that.  Oh, and his baseball card just went from $0.05 to about three-fiddy.

By no means are we here at APIAS Bonds fans.  Not one of us.  And I’m sure some of the other fellas will put in their input as the day goes on.  And it probably won’t be this nice, to say the least. 

But Bonds deserves to smile tonight.  The ride is finally over.  He’ll still be dogged for life by allegations of steroids and pretentiousness, but for this moment on this night…He can finally enjoy himself playing baseball.  And he can finally enjoy his life for a change.

25,000 big ones for blatant homerism and profanity

August 6, 2007

APIAS has reached 25,000 hits.

A hearty THANK YOU for making the past 3 months so fuckin’ great.  Enjoy some dessert on us, you magnificent bastards.

Jones-less Tigers still manage to blow huge lead, Jenks gets 2 saves

July 25, 2007

Last night, the Tigers were able to pull off a feat that even impresses me, and I’ve seen 76 games this year. 

The trio of former Brave Macay McBride, former starter Chad Durbin, and former DL resident Zach Miner were able to blow a 7-1 lead to the White Sox… with Todd Jones nowhere to be found.


Yes, its true, after having day-prior-call-up Virgil Vasquez throw 5+ strong, the bullpen once again blew the lead, giving up 7 runs over the 6th-7th-8th innings.  The game winner came on a 2 out grounder off the glove of normally solid SS Carlos Guillen.  (Chicago then broke into a man-on-man kissing fest immediately following the game)

Maybe it was  the 9 hours of baseball or the oddity of playing the middle game of a 5-game series, but whatever the reason, the Tigs drop 2 yesterday and the ALC lead falls to 1.5 games (with help from BOS over CLE).

White Sox still gay, after the jump. (more…)

Super Monday Sports Radio – 7/23

July 23, 2007

supermonday.jpgIts that time again sportsfans.  Monday on the Calendar means Super Monday Sports Radio on the airwaves… (or internet waves as it were.)  Tonight we debut the 75 minute version of the show and the APIAS College Football Preview.

Live from the Back Patio, we’ll have your regular hosts, plus we’ll be featuring special guest Extra P, who has possibly more tentacles in the water across the sports blog nation than any other indie writer around.


Along with being my personal Yoda, Mr. P is the proprietor of the great Extrapolator site, author of the weekly Press Buffet column over at the incomparable Awful Announcing, and has a freelance gig with Chicago Sports Weekly.


In addition to his many sports ventures, he is covering Minor League ballparks for Woodall’s travel guide and is host/DJ of a weekly Jazz show (music not Utah).

We’re excited already.

Don’t forget, the show starts at 9pm Eastern, follow the link below to listen in or chat along with the board.

Click here to join the show!

As always, you may call in at 310-984-7600 with questions for Extra P or with your insight, comments, complaints or suggestions for a good bourbon mixer.

Show ID: 211751

Q in Q:  Do you care about the PGA when no big names are around on Sunday?
Special Guest: Extra P.
The Knockaround: The Tim Donaghy Scandal
And a New Feature: The APIAS College Football Preview

If you miss the show live, you can replay at the same link, or download to your iPod.

Is Anything Truly American Anymore?

July 4, 2007

All that is American is gone.  The baseball All-Star game boasts numerous foreign players including the likes of Ichiro, Soriano and Polanco.  It’s safe to say that baseball has “gone international.”  Hell, the United States can’t even win the World Baseball Championship.  America’s past-time is no longer.

American As Apple Pie

The National Basketball Association is scattered with international players.  A Frenchman was the 2007 NBA finals MVP.  In fact, the “Dream Team” hasn’t won a gold medal since 2000 and didn’t even earn a trip to the championship game in 2004.  For a sport bred in Kansas, USA domination is no more.

Thank God for the true American sport.  Something America can call its own, GLUTTONY at its finest.  Is there anything more American than stuffing as many hot dogs in your mouth as possible in 12 minutes?  Hot Dogs = American, Eating = American, Watching People Eat on National TV = American.   The competition is even held on July 4th, Independence Day for the United States of America.  How much more American could this sport be?


AFL, It’s All We’ve Got

July 1, 2007

hahabeef.jpgWell, we promised it on Friday, and we wouldn’t want to let our loyal fan (s?) down.  So here’s your official Arena League update. 

Down to 9 teams now in the AFL Bowl drive, and there have been some good games over the weekend.  At least we assume they are good games-judging by the scores alone-because seriously, who watches the AFL?  Anyways, the weekend rundown was:

Orlando 26, Philly 41 in what appears to have been the most lop-sided victory thus far in the wildcard round.

Columbus 56, Tampa Bay 55 in what appears to have been the most closely contested game of the weekend.

Colorado 49, Kansas City 42 in what appears to have been a game this weekend.

Okay, so we feel bad about not really knowing how these scores became what they were, so we’re gonna hit up the Monday night Utah at L.A. game at 10pm tomorrow on ESPN2.  This will be directly following Super Monday sponsored by, so no promises on making it through the whole thing.  But if you do happen to watch at home, know that we’re there with you.  At least in spirit.

Editor’s Note: The picture is of a player for the Omaha Beef, which we realize is not in the AFL.  But come on, Omaha Beef??


June 30, 2007

Random question before binge drinking the rest of the afternoon…
Does Rajon get any royalties from the Kia Rondo? t1_rondo.jpg0609_x2008_kia_rondofront.jpg

We’re 2-for-2, but Just Barely

June 30, 2007


Out of the regular contributors on this site, we really only pull for two Nascar drivers.  Atleast in general; I mean everyone pulls for someone else when their driver wrecks out or ends up 2 laps down.  But usually we’ve got a couple of Tony fans milling about and a Jr. fan. 

I still don’t know who Smoothron pulls for because he usually sleeps through the whole race (instead of the first 19/20ths before watching the end like the rest of us).  I somehow feel he might be a Carl Edwards fan.  Something about that nickname.   With only 10 races to go before the Chase begins, we’ll run down our favorites and some of our not-so-favorites after this jump.

Hot Carl!  Douche Busch!  Jump! (more…)

Friday Baseball In Review

June 30, 2007

Last Friday in June, the races toward the All-Star break begin to dwindle, so we review the stickball action from around the nation… 

Chicago Cubs 6, Milwaukee 5:  Aramis Ramirez goes yard in the 9th for the win in Chicago.  Looks like 2SL will be watching a 12-3 loss tomorrow live in person.  I mean seriously, anytime the Cubs win a thriller they drop a deuce on the mound the next day.

NY Mets 6, Phillies 5:  As of 8pm, these were the only two official finals of the day.  For awhile it seemed as if every game of the day would end 6-5.

New York Yankees 2, Oakland A’s 1:  I have no comments at this point.  Re-Fucking-Diculous.

Minnesota 11, Detroit 1:  2SL is looking like a genius right now (see Super Monday Live broadcast from last week)

And all the other games…figure them out yourselves folks.  We never pretended to not be homers here, so all your other scores are available at MLB’s site.  Guess that 6-5 thing never really worked out.