Sandwich Pickem Scramble Week 7


Week 6 Recap:  Ain’t got no time for no jibber jabber… here’s how we fared.  First off, I WIN! along with Bobbo and Eday (7/10).  Smoothron and 2SL followed with 6.

On the awayers’ side, Extra P and Bursny picked 6 correctly, with PB and MJ following with 5, and our fair lady with 4. 

This week: The Fightin Burnsy’s take on a cross-state rival, LSU visits Kentucky for the first time since the Bluegrass Miracle, and Auburn/Arkansas hash it out for who’s more mediocre in the SECW.

Avoid premature dousing and enjoy the week folks!







This week’s best from the Aristocracy:

NEW FEATURE! — General Comments—
I’ve started writing basketball previews for Storming the Floor, so I’ll just pick these as if they were bball games. – extra p
I am doing this wasted and angry that I have to make a certain pick… – burnsy

Ga Tech @ Miami
Georgia Tech misses Javaris Crittenden, but they’ll have plenty of firepower to take down a slumping Miami team. – extra p
two allegedly good schools, two amazingly corrupt programs – mj
Something tells me GT will have a hard time scoring. – sr
Duck! That’s gunfire’s coming from the Orange Bowl! – burnsy

UCF @ So Florida
Central Florida brings back several seniors from a team that went 22-9 last season.  USF might play in the monster Big East, but they are perennial underachievers.  UCF wins it going away. – extra p
George O Leary still claims he won – mj
So Florida is So going to win.  Boo, that was terrible. – bw
Oh, poor poor little Burnsys. – sr
Jim Leavitt’s real name is Satan’s Taint. – burnsy

Illinois @ Iowa
Iowa fans are relieved to see the end of the Steve Alford era, but be careful what you wish for.  The Illini have reloaded and will romp in this game. – extra p
fear the Zook tight polo….. – mj
I’ve bet (and lost) against Zook two weeks running.  Wonder if the SmoothRon curse will work this week and they lose straight up when I pick them to win? – sr
Hey Gator fans, Zook ain’t looking so bad now, is he? Oh yeah, Urban Meyer. – burnsy

LSU @ Kentucky
Back in that hole, ‘Tucky fans. – burnsy
The blue-bloods have a new attitude under Billy Gillespie, whereas the Tigers are coming off of a surprisingly subpar season following their 2006 final four run.  Conventional wisdom says Kentucky will win this matchup. – extra p
Damn. – bw
LSU…..on a 70 yard hail mary after UK has stormed the field – mj
Does Blue joose taste as good when Glenn Dorsey’s balls have been drooped in it? – sr

Wisconsin @ Penn St
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men have put Brian Butch’s elbow back together, and it won’t even take his best effort for the Badgers to take down one of the worst teams in college basketball. – extra p
Can we talk about Wisconsin?  Are we gonna talk about football? – bw
Paterno talks in the postgame about how great it was to stop Ron dayne – mj
PSU can’t lose three in a row can they?  Or Wisconsin can’t lose two in a row can they?  Hmm… Old Balls win again. – sr
Wisconsin over Penn State – Also, Alzheimer’s over Paterno. – burnsy

TCU @ Stanford
Sixth-year coach Neil Dougherty knows he’s not in Kansas any more.  He’s 61-92 since leaving Roy Williams’ KU staff to take over the downtrodden Horned Frogs.  Make that 61-93 after Stanford comes to town. – extra p
You just don’t win in Palo Alto. – bw
Jim Harbaugh’s coaching career follows the inconsistency of his playing career – mj
Welcome back to reality Stanford.  Also, Jim Harbaugh will be Michigan’s next-next coach. – sr
Someone remind me why we’re picking this game. – burnsy

Georgia @ Vandy
Kevin Stallings is bald.  But he will still sail the Commodores right over top of these Bulldogs.  – extra p
Georgia will not stop the “Original #10.” – bw
Georgia, congratulations on being the most inconsistent team in the country!  I mean, win at Bama, get embarrassed at UT… they could win by 60 or lose by 60 this week and no one would be surprised. – sr
Jay Cutler is spinning in the Denver Broncos’ grave. – burnsy

Mizzou @ Oklahoma
Forty minutes of Hell, baby.  Mark this one down for Mizzou. – extra p
Go after Bob stoops as he is 50 and allegedly a man – mj
Welcome to the Big XII South, Mizzou.  It’s been fun beating bad teams, hasn’t it? – sr
Why not? I’ve already sucked more this season than Jen Sterger at the Sports Illustrated career fair (yes, I know that joke was about a year late, but she’s a whore who is now cheering on USF so I claim my right to retroactively make jokes). – burnsy

Auburn @ Arkansas
An interesting matchup between two SEC mid-rankers.  Arkansas will likely turn to do-everything star guard Patrick Beverly and do enough to win this game. – extra p
It would have been funny if that kicker from Auburn had just gotten the shit beat out of him by like fifty Florida fans after he did that Gator chomp thing. – sr
(Insert typical Burnsy redneck joke here) – burnsy

Washington @ Arizona State
ASU went 8-22 last season.  Take the Huskies. – extra p
Arizona State… with the hot girl factor – mj
Dennis Erickson and Ty Willingham look like coaching geniuses right now.  Hmm… perhaps we’ll see Dave Wannstedt, Kirk Ferentz, and Art Shell in the Pac-10 in the next five years?  And they’ll look like they still know how to coach? – sr
This choice pains me almost as much as USF over UCF because you’re asking me to choose between Seattle’s smoking hot Asian broads and ASU’s smoking hot, borderline retarded community college girls. But in the end, my dick always wins. – burnsy



16 Responses to “Sandwich Pickem Scramble Week 7”

  1. smoothron Says:

    Extra P, Burnsy, and MJ have given humor before going to the track. Go gambling! Run, horses, run!

  2. Burnsy Says:


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  4. BobWicket Says:


  5. Burnsy Says:

    That comment really hurt my brain. I, however, hurt my face when I was pounding it into the pavement after ‘Tucky and USF won.

  6. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Final Scores:
    7- Matt J, Eday
    6 – Smooth, 2SL
    5 – Bobwicket
    4 – Holly, TGC
    3 – Peter Bean
    2 – Extra P, Burnsy

  7. Extra P. Says:

    In retrospect, perhaps the UCF pick was a poor one.

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