Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 8


Week 7 Recap:  Somehow, with no spread, our expert panel continues to have a member(s) unable to outpick a quarter flip.  At any rate, Matt Jones has proven his consistentcy in picking American College Football games (Note: smoothron, reread that sentence) and our own EdayStat had a great week with both picking 7/10.

The 3am text-messaging wunderkind smoothron, and hot-tub captain extraordinaire (yes he has a hat) 2SL floated 6 correct, and I still think they are copying each other.  Bobbo rocked a fiver.

On the other half of the Mendoza line (read: bottom) came Longhorn PB, our heroine, yours truly, Extra P (whose method of picking basketball games for a football contest proved correct in 2/10 including UK over LSU) and Burnsy (TWO!), for whom I have no excuse, but much respect.

The updated standings are in the sidebar.

If you want to see an incredible thread, and further proof that Cleveland sucks (as I have been telling you for years), check out this week’s happenings over at Ladies…

Onward and upward!

This weeks games:  In case you Yankees can’t tell, its Mother Uckin Bama Week.  I won’t be able to watch this one with the nucleus of 15 Vol fans in Imperial Beach, but it is nice to be back home in the South… Wet California burritos be damned.

UK has somewhat of a trap game en route to the National Title, hosting Florida, but the real story is CFB’s GameDay in Lexington for the first time ever.  The real contest will be for background signage.  Yes folks, your APIAS crew will be there, with inappropriate signage, one including large ladies undergarments.  You’re gonna wanna watch.





This week’s best from the Aristocracy:

 #21 Tennessee at Alabama
Last time this game was played in Tuscaloosa, the final was 6-3.  If that happens again this year, expect Dave Baker to entertain people by showing just how big his ears are. -sr
Tennessee – Who is this team? -bw
I think I’m getting burned with this pick, but sitting in California and watching them kick the Hell out of the Dawgs got me back on the Pumpkin Wagon. -eday
Phil Fulmer’s man teats will crush Nick Saban. (Fulmer’s still the coach, right?) – burnsy
To be clear, I do not give one damn about the whole state of Alabama. – tgc

Arkansas at Mississippi
In the battle of declining literacy rates, I assume Arkansas will win.  I mean, they have a presidential library, right?  Or is that just full of Playboys? -xp
If Darren McFadden wins the Heisman as bad as Arkansas is, I think Mike Hart has a legitimate argument. -sr
yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah  Foo-ball – bw
McFadden runs for 530 yards in his best ‘Bo Jackson on Super Tecmo Bowl’ impression to date.  And yes, he will actually cover 12,547 yards in zig-zags to accomplish this feat. -eday
Two backwards southern states. And yet Katrina chose Louisiana. – burnsy

Michigan State at #1 Ohio State
#1 in the standings, but no longer #1 in car fires. Go big blue! -eday
Putting Jim Tressel in first place in the BCS this early in the season is like him being put in the driver’s seat of a car in first place in a race… yes, I know, a Lloyd Carr. -sr
Please stop putting these games on the pickem.  I would rather not have to hope they win every week. -bw
Ohio State doing well in their rebuilding year. -2sl
Ohio smells funny. – tgc

#15 Florida at #7 Kentucky
Tebow pees blue joose after a long night of partying with Florida co-eds. -sr
My pick helps you ‘Tucky homers succeed. -burnsy
All right, thumbs up let’s do this. -bw
Yow, this is the crucible right here.  I’m going to give it to the howling legions of blue-clad Wildcats. -xp
If I hear one more fucking blue juice comment, I’m gonna stab somebody in the leg. – tgc

#24 Texas Tech at #16 Missouri
A Tech school in Texas is like a condom in Puerto Rico. – burnsy
Hell, score some points. -bw
Mizzou for sure.  Though Tech has some of the most amusing Wide Receiver names ever.  “Brik Brinker with the Touchdown!” -xp
Why would you even put a defense on the field for this game?  How would you set the O/U line on this game… 90?  100? -sr
Classic football match-up, this is. -eday

#12 California at UCLA
Cal will right the ship and drive it over Dorrell’s fishing boat. – xp
I will gladly console either fan base’s females after this game. -burnsy
Down goes Cal!  The, er, “Coach” Dorrel saves his job (for another week) with a win. -sr
UCLA has a 32.33, repeating of course, percentage of survival. – bw
Maybe an earthquake will ravage the stadium during this game.  That’s the only way a true football fan could win. -eday

Miami (FL) at Florida State
I’m calling wide low – tgc
Speaking of setting O/U lines, how low would this be set?  17?  20? -sr
FSU gonna be in trouble if they don’t get em down quick. – bw
Bowden will still call Xavier Lee’s biggest win a black on black crime. -burnsy
Remember the days when this would be a national-championship caliber game?  ACC expansion… it’s fannnn-tastic!  Um, FSU, I guess. -xp
Florida State over Miami in a game that mattered ten years ago. – 2sl

#13 Kansas at Colorado
I gots to go with my boys.  QB Todd Reesing will take his balls out of the humidor and air them out over the Buffs’ defense. – xp
Good Lord, think of all the possibilies for Mark Mangino’s Halloween costumes… the Sun, the entire Solar system, or Phil Fulmer. -sr
Hell, score some points. – bw
 I used to have family in Kansas. We still haven’t found out what they did to piss God off. -burnsy

#25 Michigan at Illinois
Yeah, I’m picking my boys here, however, let me go on record saying that I hate this game being at night. -sr
Zook will need devine intervention on his mages to stop Mike Hart. -bw
There’s no way the Pusserines should be ranked at any point this season. – burnsy
Zook just signed a contract extension, right?  Then his job is done – Michigan wins. -xp

#17 Auburn at #4 LSU
Hahaha.  LSU coming off a loss, at home on a Saturday night; if I hadn’t just filed for Bankruptcy due to gambling losses, I would throw the house on the Tigers, er LSU Tigers to cover the 12. -sr
Both teams have had hard fought battles, but LSU should heal better.  They have more manna. -bw

14 Responses to “Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 8”

  1. Burnsy Says:

    I got 11 NFL picks right this week, against the spread no less, but nobody wants to talk about that, right?

  2. Holly Says:

    The hell did I start losing to EVERYBODY?

  3. Holly Says:

    And yes, do drop in on the Ladies thread over the weekend, and enjoy the torrent of rape jokes that ensue when I’m not around to hit the ban button. (Jones, I have to say–these Cleveland motherfuckers put your Hot Blogger army to SHAME. No, that’s a compliment.)

  4. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    If Matt Jones comes by to comment in this thread with GameDay in Lexington, I’ll bake you a cake and ship it overnight to LA.

    (Note to Cake Rocks The Party: I only mean a regular cake, please don’t call the Blog-Feds with plagiarism charges)

  5. Burnsy Says:

    First, rape is always good if it’s a chick doing it to me. Second, TGC, you need to tread lightly. The last thing we need is the CRTP coming back over here and pwning us again. I mean, dude… SI linked them, bro.

  6. smoothron Says:

    “A Tech school in Texas is like a condom in Puerto Rico. – burnsy”

    It may be 4 in the morning, and I’m drunk, but I still don’t know what that means.

  7. totaltransformation Says:

    I am still amazed by the size of that sandwich.

  8. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:


  9. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    whoa, Extra P, I’ve been using an outdated Kansas helmet, how have you let this go on for so long… my bad

  10. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    further evidence that you just cannot win at LSU at night

  11. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:


    9 – smoothron
    7 – matt j, 2sl, eday
    6 – extra p, burnsy, peter bean, tgc
    5 – holly, bobwicket

  12. BobWicket Says:

    Dammit, Dammit, Dammit.

  13. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Its astonishing to me that smoothron can pick 9/10 straight up and go ofer when money is involved

  14. smoothron Says:

    It’s a curse. It’s like I’m making the bets at Keeneland or something.

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