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Thursday timekillers

January 15, 2009
Image of Bru's car via

Image of Bru's car via

Not much going on in the world of sports today (or this week really).  Have some good clean fun with yourself below.

Bom Bom Bom Bom Wooooo!

Chattanooga Football (with a TO sighting, and probably the coolest–and longest–self-running flash window around) [LWS]

Will Forte on the BCS [With Leather]

A dog that walks like people walk

And of course, Van On Fire!

Early returns on the MLB Network

January 5, 2009

mlb_networkJanuary 1 marked the debut of the MLB network on (some of) the major cable and satellite carriers around the country. Personally, it is not available on my particular TV network, but I’ll be changing that soon enough, dumping my regional-sports blackout-happy cable provider and moving to DirecTV where it is available–along with most Vols games on SportSouth.  The network claims to be available in 50 million homes, currently.

I thought I’d take a look around Blogfrica this morning and see how MLBN is being received.

The main focal point of the network so far is its baseball-only version of ESPN’s SportCenter called Hot Stove featuring Harold Reynolds, Barry Larkin, and Al Leiter.  The show is aired from Stuido 3 (honoring The Babe) and has a simulated indoor baseball field for demonstrations called Studio 42 (honoring Mr. Robinson).

More winter baseball televiewing after the slow-roller to third… (more…)

Breakfast Wagon 26: The Full Monte

December 15, 2008
Image via

 Those Houston Cougar Cheerleaders have some talent. [Uncoached]

Completely unrelated to sports whatsoever, but quite hilarious. [Youtube]

The full Monte! Confirmed! [USA Today]

They’ve taken it down, but earlier today reported that Rae Sykes has recommitted to Tennessee after his recent visit.

S2N takes a look at college football’s inconvenient truth. [Signal to Noise]

Breakfast Wagon 25: Tenn-‘fore good buddy

December 3, 2008


great look at the declining number of black head coaches and why. [EDSBS]

Blogfrica’s News League has hit the playoffs, with your Aristocracy currently in 3rd.  And we don’t even practice! [S2N]

…a fond farewell to a friend. [Gene Woj] [Snarkastic] [UT Sports]


Gonzaga is as good and consistent as I’ve ever seen them.  If Heytvelt can turn down the douchedome just one notch, I predict a 32-2 regular season (L’s: UConn, @UT), followed by their normal meltdown in the Elite 8. [Sportsline]

The greatest Rickroll ever. [Youtube via Holly via Macy’s via the 1980’s]

2008 NCAA Helmet Schedule: no sir, that’s the new TPS report coversheet

July 30, 2008

Thanks to Bevo Sports for this year’s helmet schedule.  Cal, Idaho State, and Indiana State are the only schools with new helmets this year, but it doesn’t look like they made the graphics by print time.

Just make sure you beat the new accountant to the printer or you’ll end up in a heck of a fight.

“Why I take your paper?”

Download the full thing here [LINK]

[Bevo Sports]

We’re 400!!!

June 25, 2008

Well, technically, we’re not 400 days old until tomorrow, but much like 2SL we can’t keep help but bust out a little early.  For those of you who haven’t been here from the start this here web log started back in ought seven on April 22nd.  That parting shot fired over the wall of the Internets at Lexington Herald Leader resident write John Clay was our first foray into this odd world of sports blogging. 

Since that day we knew we’d never be the same again, and if you’ve read this site more than 2 days, we suspect you feel much the same about your own life since discovering us.  We’re sure you’ve never been more horrified.  Where’d we go from there? 

Well it’s hard to say.  A little baseball, a little racin’, a little college football and then it was New Year’s.  Time was flying and our hits were going up.  Soon, with the help of Deadspin, With Leather, and some well-timed Google image searches we were floating at about 1,000 hits per day.  We’re happy to say that’s still the case.  And we’re extremely happy that we’re had over 330,000 hits in a little over a year since we started this.  We’d like to get teary and thank everyone but we’ve still got some time to recap.  Hit the more for recaps of our best and worst ideas around this here blog.


Only 3 more degrees ’til Bacon

January 24, 2008

We mentioned a few months back that there was a new basketball blog on the upswing, Storming The Floor.  Criticallly acclaimed for its professional and even-keel reporting and commentary (even if it does have an anti-SEC bias), STF has been receiving rave reviews around the country, and wouldn’t you know it, one of our homeys is behind the wheel. 

Old friend, blogger buddy, and my personal Yoda, Extra P–who you might remember from an episode of Super Monday back in July–has been writing for STF since basically its inception last fall, and now, has been located writing for Deadspin.

With Joe Piscopo in attendance (What? Prove to me that he wasn’t!), the Scarlet Knights led wire-to-wire, beating #18 Villanova 80-68 to further entangle the klausterfokk that is the Big East standings.

Be sure to check out XP’s “College Basketball Closer” today and let him have it in the comments, if for nothing else, for the dirt poor showing in the CFB Pickem Scramble.

Congrats dude… so.. erm… can you introduce me to Erin Andrews now?

[Deadspin] [Storming The Floor]