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Breakfast Wagon 27: ping ping ping ping ping ping ping

June 1, 2009


3rd fastest ever. (Reuters)

3rd fastest ever. (Reuters)

Danica Patrick apparently has no problem with cheating… winning on the other hand… [USA Today]

Columnist Dan Patrick asked Danica Patrick if she would take a performance-enhancing drug that she could get away with, if it allowed her to win Indy.

Danica: Well, then it’s not cheating, is it? If nobody finds out?

Dan: So you would do it?

Danica: Yeah, it would be like finding a gray area. In motorsports we work in the gray areas a lot. You’re trying to find where the holes are in the rule book.

Fox rates NFL Franchises by arbitrary criteria.  Raiders, Lions, Browns still bring up the ass end.  [Fox]

Gay comes in behind Bolt’s and Johnson’s.  [Reuters]

Ohio State ends baseball season… um… emphatically?  [Yahoo!]

Jason Stidham, the regional’s most outstanding player, hit a two-run double as the Seminoles scored eight times in the first and cruised past the pitching-depleted Buckeyes (42-19), who trailed 32-0 in the fifth.

Breakfast Wagon 26: The Full Monte

December 15, 2008
Image via

 Those Houston Cougar Cheerleaders have some talent. [Uncoached]

Completely unrelated to sports whatsoever, but quite hilarious. [Youtube]

The full Monte! Confirmed! [USA Today]

They’ve taken it down, but earlier today reported that Rae Sykes has recommitted to Tennessee after his recent visit.

S2N takes a look at college football’s inconvenient truth. [Signal to Noise]

Breakfast Wagon 25: Tenn-‘fore good buddy

December 3, 2008


great look at the declining number of black head coaches and why. [EDSBS]

Blogfrica’s News League has hit the playoffs, with your Aristocracy currently in 3rd.  And we don’t even practice! [S2N]

…a fond farewell to a friend. [Gene Woj] [Snarkastic] [UT Sports]


Gonzaga is as good and consistent as I’ve ever seen them.  If Heytvelt can turn down the douchedome just one notch, I predict a 32-2 regular season (L’s: UConn, @UT), followed by their normal meltdown in the Elite 8. [Sportsline]

The greatest Rickroll ever. [Youtube via Holly via Macy’s via the 1980’s]

Breakfast Wagon 24: Cubs and Tigers rivalry deeper than we thought

October 14, 2008
Image from

Image from

In case anyone was wondering what ol’ Mike Vick is up to these days, Bleacher Report gives us a look into his life, his bankruptcy, and all he gave away. [BleacherReport]

We knew Bungles fans were pissed, but now they’re giving their tickets away? [WWL]

It was on this day, 100 years ago, that the Cubs won their last World Series title.  At the hands of the Detroit Tigers.  Which is now trying to demolish historic Tiger Stadium.  Freep gives us a great look into the little-known Cubs v. Tigers history. [Freep]

Shaun Alexander kept telling us all year he was about to get a job.  Looks like he’s got one on the horizon.  With old Coach Jim Zorn. [WWL]

Smooth and I are running the Channel Four News League. [S2N]

Holly and Spence take one last jab at Tommy Bowden before he hits the FSN Booth. [EDSBS]

Vols to play Bruins on Monday Night Football

April 1, 2008


The word leaking out of Knoxville this morning is that the Tennessee vs. UCLA game originally scheduled for Saturday September 6 will be bumped up 5 days and played on Monday night September 1.

This is the week right before NFL Monday Night Football starts up and, we imagine, will make for lowered class attendance on Tuesday September 2.

The Vols will then move their game with UAB to Sept. 13, which was originally an open date. UAB had been set as the season opening game to be played on Aug. 30.

An official announcement is expected this afternoon.

Kudos to Mike Hamilton for learning a bit from Bruce.  Anywhere anytime, just make sure to bring your national TV audience.

Are you ready for some football?!?!

UPDATE: In basketball news, Kentucky resident and McDonald’s All-American Scotty Hopson is making his visit to Knoxville this week.  He’s considering Mississippi State, Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati in addition to the Vols.  Video here.

FURTHER UPDATED: My sources out of Knoxville are reporting that Hopson has committed to Bruce Pearl on the condition that Tyler Smith play one more year, Tyler is said to be leaning towards returning.


Breakfast Wagon 23: What does ‘flounces’ mean?

December 14, 2007

A rundown of spicy links we enjoyed while out in Blogfrica.  o_yeah.jpg

The transcript of the Les Miles/Michigan situation.  Looks accurate to me. [Lddd]

Playcalling genius David Cutcliffe leaving Tennessee for Duke?  But can he fix Roof damage (yes.. boo). [Rocky Top Talk]

David M. Arsenault hands out a record setting 34 dimes (no, not that kind). [Signal to Noise]

Greivis Vasquez would like to touch your penis a new razor for Christmas. [Storming the Floor]

Breakfast Wagon 22

October 17, 2007

A rundown of spicy links we enjoyed this week while out in Blogfrica. 


[Signal to Noise] proposes other new Celebrity-affiliated Gatorade flavors to launch with “Gatorade Tiger.”  My favorite–Mickelson’s Tears.  I guess it would have to be chunky so one would be able to choke on it.

[The Leaky Brain] apparently has even sicker readers than we do with you magnificent bastards.  Search terms like “Labia Eczema” or “Visible Pantie Line fetish” get you sent that way.  All we get is the occasional “Ron Mercer + Sex” searches… and I’m still not sure why.

Why is Ari Gold showing up at Illinois basketball practice in a shiny scarf? [Storming The Floor]

If you bust on Brady and Theismann, you get banned from MNF.  He’s coming out of the booth! [Fanhouse]

Erin Andrews eating a sandwich.  No that’s not code. [Deadspin]

N.Y. Giants to Start Offensive Lineman at QB (possibly)

September 10, 2007

hejustalittleguy.jpg Well, after taking Jared Lorenzen in 2 (TWO!) fantasy football drafts as a joke, old eDay may have the last laugh.  The Giants (or at least Tom Coughlin) are completely down-playing Eli Manning’s damaged shoulder.  Actually, his torn labrum, which to be honest, we thought was somewhere in the pelvic region instead of the shoulder.  The Hefty Lefty may get his first NFL start Sunday if Manning isn’t quite as healthy as advertised.

More gigantic man love after the jump.


So It Begins……

September 1, 2007

It’s 9:37am on a college football Saturday.  So that means…..

  • First Drink in 20 Minutes
  • Smoothron dancing in 4 hours.
  • TGC playing Rocky Top constantly in 7 hours.
  • Eday on the grill in 3 hours.

TailgateThings you will certainly here on the back porch today….

  • “Wow, that guy is athletic.”
  • “Did he just say that? What a fucking idiot.”
  • “Kentucky is going to be really good….I hate life.”
  • “Where is Erin Andrews?”
  • “Holy shit, God bless a fucking merica!”

Stay with us this entire day, we have live coherent blogging until 3 and then drunken ramblings from 3 till close.  It’s football time.

Breakfast Wagon 21

August 24, 2007

A rundown of spicy links we enjoyed this week while out in Blogfrica. 

  • [Extrapolater] – found a baseball name longer than Saltalaa….zzzzzz….machia
  • The “Who’s Schrute” bracket came to a close, the Skip Bayless barbecue will be held this Saturday at Community Theater #2, please  bring finger foods [Blumpkins For All]
  • The [Ladies…] took over [Deadspin] for the weekend…
  • [The Leaky Brain] explains the connection between bicycling, severed limbs and Star Jones.  No, I don’t think Jones was bicycling.
  • The triumphant return of Joel Zumaya, now with more tattoos! [MLB]
  • [Pyle of List] has put together a course-catalog guide.  Attention Co-ed Freshmen: Avoid the Sean Salisbury Phone Tech class at all costs!