Pickem Scramble Week 10: They’re saying Booo-urns


 Not a very good homerrific week around these parts, but as you can see, we’ve put it behind us admirably moved on to basketball.  Eday won the week, leads the scramble, yet will be attending the Blue and White game on Saturday (you know, that one thing where 24,000 Kentucky fans pay money to go to a practice… no not thatthat was banned.  I mean this.)   Matt Jones, probably covered up with recruit interviews, Camp Keightly, and bussing BCG around, couldn’t be found this week, though we’ll make every attempt to find him before the games.  The football games, that is.

As you can see in the sidebar, TheW was not rewarded for winning the comments (Corky’s… haha…) yet sits tied with yours truly, as we all look up at Holly and E.  Burnsy is making an impressive run this year so far, probably due to the lack of obligatory Kevin Smith ogling weighing him down.

Some interesting story lines this weekend.  What will Urban do in response to Celegate?  Can Leach finally get over the Texas hump and have a less-than-4-loss season?  Can Spurrier put the final nail in the coffin?  Can Sly Croom’s genius manifest once more?

On to the picks…



This week’s best from the Aristocracy:

Miami (Fla.) @ Virginia
Miami, because I don’t want to have to explain my choice to Randy Shannon. -BW
In spite of Smoothron’s shit-talking, Miami fan cousin, I have to go with the Canes here, because – and don’t tell him I said this – they’re actually a decent team. That, and I wasn’t sure Virginia still had a football team until these picks were sent out – Bru
Al Groh is a master of saving his own ass, so he’ll win this one. Somehow, some way. – xp
Miami. Has anyone told Virginia to quit playing football and stick to lacrosse yet? -The W

Michigan @ Purdue
Purdue. Because Michigan blows. -The W
Purdue, I guess because they are the home team.  -BW
I’d rather drink a Boilermaker than a Wolverine, I can tell you that much. Purdue – xp
Kyle Orton isn’t walking through that door. Then again, neither is John Navarre. I’ll just flip a coin to pick this matchup -Bru
Did I already tell my Dr. Wheeler story about the Boilermakers?  Purdue is so bad I won’t even use that story as an excuse for picking them over the team that produced He Who Must Not Be Named, But Who Is Fat. – Holly

Wisconsin @ Michigan State
MIchigan State.  My streak of picking coaches because their heads are shaped like perfect trapezoids ends with you, Bieleelema. – Holly
Bold prediction: Javon Ringer will get a lot of carries in this game. Another bold prediction: I won’t watch a second of this one – Bru
I couldn’t find a coin, so I chose the nearest color to me, which happend to be green.-the W
Ah, what the hell. I might as well be ofer-Michigan. I think the Spartans win this one – xp

Tulsa @ Arkansas
I mean, if Tulsa can beat UCF, they can beat anyone, right? – Burnsy
Tulsa.  This is the same team that hit triple digits last week, right? Oh, Bobby.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.- Holly
Much like I will never pick Notre Dame, I will never pick Bobby Petrino – Bru
I really want to think that Tulsa can win this game. But I’ve bet the wrong way too many times this season. If there’s any justice, my Costanza-like decision to go against my first impression will, in fact, cause the Golden Hurricanes to blow the Hogs over. Still, I say Soo-ee! – xp

Florida State @ Georgia Tech
BEEEEEEES.  Picked to make up for reneging on my promise to wear a slutty bee costume on Halloween if they were bowl-eligible by the end of October.  Look, I’m sorry, but I’ll be spending the night at a high school football game, and it is FREEZING out.- Holly
Seriously – 3 ACC games on this? Are we aware that this is not a good league? – Bru
The Ramblin’ Wreck beats the Shamblin’ Wreck in this one – xp

Kentucky @ Mississippi State
Kentucky, because GoldfishCowboy is a great drunk-dial.- Holly
“Hey, it seems our offense moves better and we turn the ball over less when our back-up QB is in the game. Do you think we should play him more, or just stick with the tall goofy white kid?” – Bru
Two words.  Sly Croom.  -BW
Kentucky. Good thing ‘ol Croom isn’t visiting UK’s campus this week. -The W (note: that comment is intended in no way to be racist, just as a courier of current events.)

Duke @ Wake Forest
Wake me up before you go-go, Dukies. In case that wasn’t clear: I’m picking Wake, and I’m lame enough to qoute Wham! in a football picking contest – xp 
Duke will not be able to handle the road trip. -BW
ACC Football – catch the fever – Bru

Tennessee @ South Carolina
Vawls.  Right?  …….RIGHT?- Holly
I’m going with a heaping scoop of orange sherbet. Vawls. – xp
USC, as much as I hate to depend on the Smelley Cock, and whoever the QB will be. -BW
Fulmer knows he’s done. Tennessee knows their season is essentially done. Fulmer has already angered the Vol Nation by losing to Florida, Georgia and Alabama…why not cap it off with a loss to Spurrier? – Bru
Hmmm… which team do I hate more….aw fuck it, let’s go Tennessee. -The W

Texas @ Texas Tech
The only line of Ben Affleck dialogue I’ve ever repeated comes from the film Good Will Hunting, in the scene where he attends a job interview meant for Matt Damon’s character. When he is able to induce the members of the interview panel to bribe him, he shouts, in his Southie accent “Yah SUSPECT!!!” Short story long, that’s what I’m shouting at the Texas Tech defense today. Hook ’em Horns. – xp
I hear Mike Leach contacted the TT chess club and hosted a tournament to find a strategic consultant to help stop Colt McCoys. -BW
Bobby Knight will need to teach a year’s worth of  chair throwing seminars for the Red Raiders to be able to win this game.
Any chance I could trade lives with Colt McCoy? Just for a day? Can you imagine the girls he pulls down there? Insane – Bru

Arizona State @ Oregon State
The Beaver always wins. -BW
Oregon State. When in doubt, go with the Beavers – Bru
In Corvallis, I’m thinking Beavers. – xp
When playing the Beavers, I have one question for you Rudy Carpenter- Does the carpet match the drapes?- The W


7 Responses to “Pickem Scramble Week 10: They’re saying Booo-urns”

  1. Holly Says:

    This means I beat Jones automatic-like, right? HOO RAH

  2. smoothron Says:

    Beaver jokes? Still? Have we not moved on?

  3. Extra P Says:

    I technically didn’t make a Beaver joke. I can’t help it if you read dirty.

  4. BobWicket Says:

    Yes, yes, and we never will.

  5. eDayStat Says:

    Quite hungover this morning, these may not even be close to right. BobW went crazy this week, I didn’t check again to see if we ever got MJ’s, and Spanklin took it on the chin.

    Also, damn you TGC, there were 2 games decided by a single point, one decided by 2 points, and 2 more by 3 points this week. Every game was within one score but one. C’mon, lob us a Washington vs. USC next week or something.

    Holly 5
    Extra P 6
    Jones ?
    Burnsy 6
    P Bean 4
    Spanklin 3
    Sir Richard 5

    TGC 5
    eDay 6
    Smooth 6
    2SL 7
    BobW 9
    Bru 7
    TheW 7

  6. BobWicket Says:

    More John Clay excellence:


    Read article and check out first comment from tyshaun1. Amazing.

  7. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    MJ’s were in the spam folder, and on time. he got 7

    Michigan state
    Georgia tech
    South Carolina
    Oregon State

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