2008 MLB All-Star Game: Live Blog


12:35: EdayStat – Man, this could be a really good game tonight.  There are so many stories, I wonder if it’ll go extra innings!

12:37: Eday – Okay, okay so we got a late start.  But we’re glad we’re not the guys from WalkOffWalk or Deadspin who’ve been doing it all night!  Sorry guys, but hang in there.  Or take the rest of the night off, we’ll take it from here.  Poorly, of course, as we’ve been drinking since softball ended an hour before game time.

12:39: Eday – Dear Lord, TGC’s Guillen almost ended this thing 4 minutes in!  The excitement keeps coming.

12:40: Eday – Captain Cook steps off and New York boos, anyone surprised?  Oh, and Danny Boy almost boots another.  Can anyone say Knoblauch?

12:42: Eday – Holy Hell, Guillen should have been out at the plate.  That’s a fair ball on the chalk because it never landed again.  This is getting ridiculous.

12:43: Eday – Time for a wager.  Which invisible suicide is Selig doing right now?  TGC says toaster in the bathtub and that’s a good bet because that’s a long, drawn out one that he’ll probably have time for.  I’m hedging bets on good old take out the pistol case, spin it one good time, place 6 bullets in, and play everybody wins! Russian roulette.

12:44: Eday – This game has everything.  We just got an indifference call, which was the secondary name that we almost made this blog’s name.

12:45: Eday – And there will be 13.

12:47: Eday – I think I speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait to get old to where I obtain financial independance, have to color my hair, and have to take pills to get it up.  Man, that will be the day.

12:49: Eday – Sherrill has been watching tape of Scott Van Pelt to get his windup posture.

12:51: Eday – This game does not end without a winner.  After they run out of pitchers they must start throwing fielders.  There’s got to be a backup catcher to throw extra innings.  If the damned M’s can do it then an All-Star sure as Hell can.

12:54: Eday – The part of the story you didn’t hear is that Larussa actually said, “Is quite a sorry is’t it?”  Then he staggered around the desk and started sobbing on Ludwick’s shoulder.

12:55: Eday – Bottom of 13 we go and the orchestra is like “Fuck!  We’re tired of playing this damned song!”

12:58: Eday – Buck says “Uggla has struggled.”  Thank you Captain Obvious!

12:59: Eday – I cannot stress how thrilled the entire APIAS staff is right now with the entrance of a marmot into the game.

1:00: Eday – Wow.  Just wow.  Good thing that kid can hit.

1:01: Eday – All jokes on Uggla aside, how do you get that bad a hop off the Yankee Stadium infield?  Then again, there’s a reason you don’t sit back on your heels when a ground ball comes your way.

1:03: Eday – Hey!  Uggla caught one!  On a throw down from the catcher I suppose.

1:05: Eday – Fourteen, here we come.  And America enjoys the sweet milk of Selig’s tears.

1:08: Eday – How about the cats like Guillen and Martin who got in the game late thinking they’d get one AB?  Now they’re getting to play a whole damned game.

1:11: Eday – Wade Boggs and Jose Canseco will pitch it out in the 15th.  Write it down.

1:13: Eday – And UK is represented!  B-Webb comes out.  They keep bitching about Kazmir but Webb has came out and holy SHIT!  Tejada with another amazing play!  Anyways, Webb threw more pitches on Sunday than Kazmir and he’s also in a pennant race.  I’m jus’ sayin’.

1:18: Eday – Fifteen innings.  TGC says Selig just shut down his IE window of the Realm and starts trying to make decisions.

1:21: Eday – After all the hype I won’t be impressed unless Kazmir’s arm falls off.

1:23: Eday – So you can reinsert catchers.  That’s already been stated tonight.  TGC and myself maintain that in the 16th you put catchers back in and have one inning of softball to decide who gets home field position in the World Series.

1:26: Eday – Bottom of 15 we go and we’ve resorted to eating cold Dariy Queen french fries here.  When you’re pushed to the limits you do anything to sustain yourself.

1:30: Eday – A little life!  Morneau doesn’t go yard but he does what he usually does.  Hit the ball.  Now Ian (great name by the way) comes up.  Fuck you Tim!  No bunt here.

1:31: Eday – Ludwick, are. you. serious?

1:33: Eday – Navarro continues to have an excellent game.  And can Drew do it again?

1:35: Eday – So we started this an hour ago now as a joke.  We thought we’d have some fun with the fact that the guys at WOW and Deadspin had been going for 4 hours.  Surely, it would end in another 10-15 minutes.  Now we’ve been pulled into this spiral and it may never end.

1:36: Eday – TGC and I were begging for the squeeze play in the 11th (12th?) and now is the perfect time.  Whoops, sac fly!  BALL GAME!

2 Responses to “2008 MLB All-Star Game: Live Blog”

  1. cNicStat Says:

    Seriously?? You are looking forward to popping pills to get it up?? You’re not who I thought you were and we need to talk.

  2. The W Says:

    Um, softball ended like 3 weeks ago.

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