Yeah, but your brother is still a tool


Tonight’s Bud Shootout is the official unofficial (yeah) start to the 2008 NASCAR Nextel Sprint Cup season.  Some interesting storylines had previously developed for this years tour, such as famous hot-heads Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch becoming teammates (and switching to Toyota cars), Robby Gordon’s dark alliance with Gillette-Evernham Motorsports, and of course the additional 8 on the side of Dale Jr’s ride.

Well, last night things got even more interesting with Stewart and world class D-bag Kurt Busch (Kyle’s brother) fueling the growing friendly rivalry mutual loathing of each other in and after a crash at Daytona.  On the last day of practice.  Yep. Practice. [Video after the jump]

It’s not the first time these guys have tangled either.  Just last year Busch knocked the 20 out of Daytona while Big Orange was leading and Tony returned the favor at Dover in June.

The two have already spent time in the NASCAR hauler (read: principal’s office) and we haven’t even dropped the green flag on the exciting yet meaningless race that is the Shootout.

So which gets priority? The Stewart-Busch feud or the Stewart-Busch team?  Does it erupt into a blood is thicker than 10W30 situation?  Time will tell I guess, but it should be interesting tonight and next Sunday when the great American race fires up… I can’t wait.

[Yahoo! Sports]

2 Responses to “Yeah, but your brother is still a tool”

  1. TheW Says:

    Practice? We talking about practice?

  2. eDayStat Says:

    Word was that Tony punched ol’ D-Bag hisself. Right in the hauler. That’s like getting sent to the principal’s office and punching the kid that tried to touch your girl’s boobies in home ec. Wait, I thought that happened to everyone in high school?

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