Weekend Recap: Lots of Action!


clairvoyant.jpgThe Final Four approaches and we have a crazy group of teams headed to the final weekend of NCAA basketball play.  What’s that?  Wait, nevermind.  Despite SmoothRon’s best clarvoyant tries, all four #1 seeds will be playing next weekend.  He was right about two teams but we pretty much have a vanilla Final Four coming up.  Hopefully the games are better than some of the ones in the rounds of 16 and 8. 

SmoothRon was also close on his Dale Jr. at Martinsville guess.  D.E.J. (DEE E JAY!) led some laps on Sunday, but slipped to fourth in the race at the end.   He ends up 5th in points, atop all his Hendrick Motorsports teammates.  An interesting start to the season, to be sure. 

Can’t comment on the gay shows Smooth watches this weekend.  Quite frankly, I’m astounded by the fact that he watches those shows.

I know the rest of the staff around here smashed some beer this weekend, but unfortunately, this guy couldn’t.  About 500 sq ft of hardwood took most of two days to put down and prep for.  Other than a couple of bourbons this guy hasn’t had a drop all weekend.  That is until now when I just purchased a few beers at the Marathon.  This whole sober weekend situation will be corrected soon.

George W just tossed out the first pitch.  Pretty good effort.  That thing had some mustard on it and came in high.  Vlad G. would still have swung at it.  It must have been hard to throw a strike there when people were booing worse than Rocker would get booed playing in Cameroon.  What?  Oh, nevermind.  Apparently they were just saying Booo-urns.  That’s nice.

Oh, and fuck Joe Morgan.  Baseball season started when the A’s and Sox fought it out.  I didn’t like it any more than you people, but this whole “baseball hasn’t started” is bullshit. 

2 Responses to “Weekend Recap: Lots of Action!”

  1. TheW Says:

    An Iron Maiden image on Apias? I guess all those years of listening to my heavy metal in the next room finally caught up with you.

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Rod Alled >>>> Joe Morgan… pahnuh

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