1000 things done right

The single most dominant coach ever.

The single most dominant coach ever.

I’ll save the bloviating for the News-Sentinel and the national women’s basketball press.  I’ll do that because when Pat took the mic tonight after her 1000th win, she did what she always did.  She thanked her players.  She thanked her staff.  She thanked her parents, the University, and the fans.  Because she is the classiest person in all of sports.  Oh, and by the way, also the most dominant.  I’ll save the bloviating and just point out a few stats.

She has a 100% graduation rate.

58% of all the players that ever played for her have at least one National Championship ring.

She has produced more national champions than attendees of her first game… by over 300%.

Congrats, Coach.  You are an ambassador, a role model, and a pillar of the national community.

One Response to “1000 things done right”

  1. NTG Says:

    Way to go Pat. oh and you forgot to mention. She ain’t done yet…1000 and counting

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