That’s just not fair


More on perennial Toledo Mudhen Ryan Raburn’s pinch hit walkoff later, let’s focus on this for now.

Right or wrong (and I bet if you ask Milton Bradley he’d say it was dead on) check out the strikeout pitch Zumaya threw by Bradley in the 8th.



He then proceeds to throw the go-ahead homerun to a guy most of you have never heard of in the form of a change-up.  Detroit4Lyfe has a great recap you should read, while Cubs announcer Bob Brenly had the sentiment right.  Which was the same thing I screamed at the screen (insert your own profanities where you deem appropriate… I deemed them a lot.)

“That’s one of the stupidest pitches I’ve ever seen. How does a guy that throws a 104 mph fastball with a snap curveball think its smart to throw a change in any situation?” 

Brenly was right.  After all, it wasn’t like Nate Robertson was calling the pitches.


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