Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 11

November 9, 2007 by

Week 10 Recap:  Eday is torching the competition over the last few weeks, notching another 8 last week.  Burnsy decided to go for winners this week and finished with 7, along with a resurgent SmoothronExtra P delivered on his promised weekly 6 (which by the way is incredibly consistent…. now that I know you are going to pick 6 right every week, if you could just tell me which six, I could make us both a lot of money) as did PB, 2SL, and Holly.

I warned BobWicket that picking the same games as me was a bad call, and it was, with both of us straddling Mendoza for the week.  Welcome to the tailspin my friend.  Matt J had a bad week.  This is all I’ll say.

With basketball gearing up, don’t forget to roll on over to Extra P’s joint new venture Storming The Floor, and also to March to Madness, where Smoothron and I are voters in the CFB blogpoll.  Also, as mentioned before, Holly is hanging out with the wacko Gator fans from EDSBS this week.  Poor child.  Don’t eat any candy that wasn’t sealed at the factory.

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Stewart Mandel; still scared, hungry, confused

November 8, 2007 by

Good blogger friend and general ass-kicker/name-taker Holly is filling in over at EDSBS this week, so be sure to swing by if you don’t already.  That’s beside today’s point howeva.

Thought I’d share this bit of knowlege with you.  Stewart Mandel thinks bloggers are dirty.  No shit.  Follow the link to see the full correspondence, but here’s a wholesome snippet of Orson’s reaction:

“…that’s what we walk around all day smelling like, ape. You live in New York City, and likely wash yourself with the same stuff that cleans the Hot Pocket crust off your dish.”

The entire diatribe is definitely worth the read.  My version, however, is a little shorter.

Stewart. Go fuck yourself.

   Mandel      Kige Ramsey

Just saying.

Honeymoon’s over BCG – UK/GW Open Thread

November 8, 2007 by

Bert Bertlekamp can’t wait til Friday

November 7, 2007 by

And neither can I.

Fran Fraschilla can drink my beer

November 5, 2007 by

Its not very often that yours truly runs into someone over at the WWL that I can tolerate for more than a few paragraphs, much less someone that I would consider having over for Burgoo.  But ladies and gents, that time has come.

In the wake of the grand re-opening of Thompson Boling Arena (now the greatest college basketball arena in America), the 12-deep roster (13 if you count Steven Pearl), and the 106-46 pounding of the Vulcans last Friday, Fran Fraschilla has predicted that the Tennessee Volunteers will win the National Championship.


franheartsbruce.jpgfranheartsbruce.jpgMaybe I’m a little too orange-eyed and orange-blooded for my own good, but when you run across genius in literature, you know it.  And Fran. is. it. 

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To The Four Winds We Go

November 4, 2007 by

tomatoes.jpgWhat you missed this weekend as you went camping, road-tripping, or simply kicked it with your mom…

The Curse of Number Two:  That’s right, BC put it off for a week and FSU pretends like they still have a football team for a weekend.

ASU Still Pretty Good:  Arizona St. goes to 8 and 1 as Donald and his mates prove who’s the best team in the Pac-10 and possibly who will be playing in the BCS championship game.

Even Losing, Saban is Good:  First year at Alabama and Saban almost knocks off LSU.  He proves he must be a genius if he can keep his team competitive with Wilson throwing 14-40 with a pick.  Yes, that is 35% kiddos.

Clippers Tops:  Somehow the Clippers are undefeated going into the first Sunday of NBA.  Yeah, they’re only 1 and 0 but c’mon it’s fun to imagine the Clips will be good this year.  They lead the league in PPG with 120 and who is leading this attack?  None other than Chris Kaman.  Kid dropped 26 and 18 in his first game.  MVP anyone?

No Surprise, Big Surprise:  The Spurs continue to roll, off to a 3-0 start.  Baby Bulls, not so much.  They’re sitting at 0-3 and need to right the ship to qualify all that pre-season hype.

They Go Fast:  Big NASCAR race today in Texas (I guess everything there really is big?)  Watch for J.J. and J.G. to bore fans to death by driving to the front and then avoiding accidents and lapped traffic all day.  Look for Smoke or one of the Busch brothers to drive through the field and race someone hard into wrecking or possibly wrecking themselves on the way to victory.  If Dale Jr’s car will hold together he could be dangerous as well, trying to prove he can win one more in the Bud Cheverolet.

Duke Crews reinstated; Vulcans open arena

November 2, 2007 by

dukecrews.jpgTennessee Coach Bruce Pearl has reinstated returning center Duke Crews to the team.  With the loss of Wayne Chism to a concussion for an undetermined amount of time, this will give the Vols plenty of front court help for newcomer Tyler Smith and big white dude Ryan Childress.  No word yet on whether Crews’ 5 inch front-faced-rat-tail chin hair will be joining him in his return.

Tonight, the Vols begin their most hyped and promising basketball season since before Pong in an exhibition game against the confusingly named D-II California (Pa.) Vulcans.  Last season, the Vulcans gave Maryland all they wanted in an exhibition, losing 79-78.

Tonight’s contest also marks the grand re-opening of Thompson Boling Arena, complete with indoor Skyboxes (however they hell they pulled that off), loge seating, and a center court, 4-sided Jumbotron.  Also, gone are the all-orange seats in place of shiny new black ones.  I actually happen to know where exactly one of the old orange seats resides. 

Photo of the remodeled arena after the jump.

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Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 10

November 2, 2007 by

 Week 9 Recap:  Eday continued his tear, winning the week and moving into a tie for first place with 8/10.  Rough ones for Extra P and the alleged Cheating Duo of Smoothron and 2SL coming in south of a coin flip.  As par for the course Holly and myself stay on the fence with 5.

BobWicket climbed back into things with a steady 6, and was topped only by Eday’s 8 and the PB/Burnsy combo with 7 each.  Matt Jones could not be reached for comment regarding the collapse that has led to the relinquishment of his once great lead.  Personally, I think he’s hiding out in Kige Ramsey’s mom’s basement.  The world may never know.

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Kige Ramsey predicts the Final Four…

November 1, 2007 by

…in Full Halloween Gear 

See his Kentucky preview over at Jonesy’s [KSR].  Pay particular attention to his evaluation of Patrick Patterson and the “wing guard.”

He’s got that quality you just can’t teach… and maybe Parkinson’s.

Curt Schilling’s Lucky 13

October 31, 2007 by

pondering.jpgHours, perhaps even minutes, after the Red Sox had won their second World Series in four years, it seemed Curt Schilling was already thinking about 2008.  The blood had hardly dried from his sock The beer had hardly dried on his uniform, and one of the more famous bloggers in all of Blogfrica was at it again.  Yesterday, on his website, he dropped the 13 teams he might be interested in playing for.  He indicated that Boston would be his “first choice.”  He also left these twelve possible destinations at the end of his Free Agency?  Weird. blog.

Cleveland, Detroit, Anaheim, New York Mets, Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A., S.D., Arizona, Chicago Cubs,  St. Louis, Milwaukee

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