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Sports Illustrated aptly named

June 8, 2009
I guess he's looking into becoming a manager.
I guess he’s looking into becoming a manager.

I’m not sure what’s funnier, that it has already been updated once, or that it is still online a week later.

Out-Duked by Ronald on a Tuesday

April 21, 2009

Usually when we find and share stories around here, they are somehow sports related.  For instance, the story from today about Elijah Dukes (yes that one) getting $500 from a local Washington-area Little League for an appearance in which he signed a few autographs, watched a parade, and jetted. 

Not interesting?  Okay, well he ended up being late to the game, was fined $500 and suspended by manager Manny Acta. 

Still not interesting?  Well, the Little League he was visiting PAID HIS FINE FOR HIM! 

They held a fundraiser.  Of course they did.  After all, Dukes is only making $415,500 this year (ESPN).  What a guy.  Makes me wonder how a guy like that could ever threatened his wife and kids, or impregnate a 17-year old on his grandmother’s couch and throw a Gatorade bottle at her. 

As good as that story is today, I actually have one to top it.  Follow along after the jump for the headline of the week.


Facebook – The NCAA is so Proud

August 29, 2007

You gotta love facebook.  So much information on just about anyone in college these days.  Want to know if that hot girl in your history class has a boyfriend, facebook her.  Post your favorite movies, books and tv shows on your facebook.  Secretly communicate to somone thru your quotes section how you feel about them.  Steal patrick-patterson-hd.jpgquotes from famous poets so everyone thinks you are intelligent.  Of course get as many pictures of yourself as you can on facebook and get as many friends as you can so everyone thinks your important.

Facebook is so popular even big time Division I athletes have their own facebook pages.  What next great UK player loves his facebook?

Find out after the jump. (Here is a hint, his picture is right up there) (more…)

Fulmer Family on par with Dr. Evil

August 28, 2007

It was announced today that Phil and Vicky Fulmer will donateONE MEEEEELION DOLLARS to UTK.

While everyone can agree it’s admirable to give back to the educational community and his alma mater, some critics might suggest that this donation will only end up back in the Great Pumpkin’s hands in the form of meal per diems, recruiting travel and team sweatsuits (thank you Wandering Thomas for the set you stole for me in 2001). 

Supporters will applaud the generous gesture to the school that has recently educated his three daughters.

APIAS will point out that when announcing this giant gift, nobody at UTK PR bothered to check the grammar.



[The University of Tennessee]

Super Monday – SEC Style

August 27, 2007

Its business time. 


Butter up the cornbread, pull the ribs off the grill, and ask that girl from South Carolina to please repeat herself, its Super Monday SEC WEEK!

Tonight we’ll be debating the toughest opposing crowds and stadia, (yep stadia is correct, not stadiums you hillbill… oh, its SEC week, right right…)  The toughest dad-gum stadiums in all the land will be fought about like General Neyland fighting off the Sioux in Korea.

We’ll talk about the rash of suspensions going on under the Ol Ball Coach’s nose (hair).  We’ll have special guest BobWicket in studio.  And as always, call in to voice your opinion, complain about Sly Croom, or with a good bourbon mix idea.  310-984-7600

Show ID: 211751

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Show is at 9pm EST.  Follow the link to listen and chat along with the live board.’s “editors” do it again

August 25, 2007

ROFL, OMG, teh shiz


Emphasizing Speling: Pennsylvania journalism

June 20, 2007

The guys at EDSBS found it first, but it sure fits into our professional journalist speling and bad; grammar compitition. 

So Far: 1
Pennsylvania: 1