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Kiffin Commentary; week three

December 16, 2008
Raiders Cable Football

My tiny jewelry is driving me crazy!

We’re another week into the Kiffin regime on the Hill, and things are continuing to materialize with recruiting decisions, fan reactions, a budding rivalry between the Vols and Raiders (heh, yeah) and a grandfather generally accepted as a defensive genius donning PMS 151 in 2009.

First, on the recruiting front, the Vols “planted the first stake” in the fence around Tennessee getting a commitment from DB Eric Gordon out of Nashville.

“His visit to my house was big,” said Gordon, who was the offensive MVP of the BlueCross Bowl. “We talked about school, plays and what I would learn at UT. He said I’m definitely a cornerback there, but he would love to get the ball in my hands at slot receiver or running reverses. And I could definitely return kicks.”

#2 overall Running Back Jarvis Giles chose a school, South Carolina.  Says Giles, “Tennessee just didn’t feel like the place for me any longer.”  I’m betting #1 overall RB and Vol commit David Oku didn’t mind much.

As I mentioned before, a chief instrument in the development of the Tampa 2 defense (which is widely used across the NFL these days), and good ole dad to Coach, Monte Kiffin informed Jon Gruden that he’ll be leaving the Bucs to join the Vols staff at the end of the season.  Gruden isn’t thrilled to be losing his D-Coordinator, but is handling  the loss of a coach immensely better than interim head coach of the Raders, Tom Cable. 

Kiffin hired away O-Line coach James Cregg, who notified Cable and Al Davis that he’s heading to Knoxville this week, and not after the season.  Like most things in the Raider organization, this news created another (standard) EVERYBODY PANIC!!

“I’m pissed,” Cable said. “That’s the best way to put it. Quite frankly, that’s the only way I can put it.

“You got to understand offensive linemen. This is our world. If I can speak freely here, it’s about pride, it’s about commitment, it’s about trusting everybody next to you. So, to walk your (expletive) out of here is about as bad a deal as you could possibly do to that group of guys.”

No comment yet from Al Davis, but then again, he may not be awake yet.  Or have taken his pills.

Will this end with the once-proud Raiders refusing to take NFL-eligible Volunteers in future drafts?  We can only hope.

More on Kiffin Commentary next week.

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Breakfast Wagon 26: The Full Monte

December 15, 2008
Image via

 Those Houston Cougar Cheerleaders have some talent. [Uncoached]

Completely unrelated to sports whatsoever, but quite hilarious. [Youtube]

The full Monte! Confirmed! [USA Today]

They’ve taken it down, but earlier today reported that Rae Sykes has recommitted to Tennessee after his recent visit.

S2N takes a look at college football’s inconvenient truth. [Signal to Noise]

Vegas Winter Meetings Recap

December 12, 2008

Bear with me as I try to recap the MLB Winter Meetings in Vegas without succumbing to the use of terrible casino puns.


This year’s baseball winter meetings didn’t have the spark and flair of 2007’s when the blockbuster Willis/Cabrera Tigers trade finally launched the Rock City Cats over the hump and to a world championship… what’s that?  Oh… really… last place huh? Willis threw 6 innings all year?  Single A?!  Well, shit.

Okay, so no front page news this year, but there were some clear winners and clear losers.  And some not so clear situations.  Let’s take a look.


The Metropolitans.  Oman Minaya, fresh off a contract extension, did nothing but make his team better without giving up any talent.  In two days he fixed the bullpen that cost him the NL East the last 2 years.  He signed single-season save record holder Francisco Rodriguez as well as traded for JJ Putz, who himself has notched 91 saves over the past 3 seasons.

More recapitulations after the jump. (more…)

Kiffin Commentary; week two

December 9, 2008

Now that the whirlwind weekend of Volunteer Football coaching change is nearing 2 weeks behind us, let’s take a look at what the players, recruits, and coaches are saying about new head man Lane Kiffin.  Shall we?


First, the university’s website already has him hawking season tickets.  Spare no false step, eh?  Fine by me.  I guess that’s the kind of predicament you get into when your students boycott your bullshit season ticket charge and your fans start selling tickets to Bammers.

He’s already pissing off Steve Spurrier.  Somewhat due to the hiring of Kiffin’s brother-in-law David Reaves and the re-recruiting of Jarvis Giles (more on that later) to UT.  I love it.

“Evidently Spurrier doesn’t think Kiffin is too bright. Kiffin confirmed he had passed the test days before in his introductory press conference. But this wasn’t about the test. This was about Kiffin stealing South Carolina’s recruiting coordinator David Reaves, and subsequently gaining an advantage over two prospects that UT and South Carolina are both recruiting — tailback Jarvis Giles and safety D.J. Swearinger.”

Current UT linebacker Nick Reviez: “When Coach Kiffin started talking, we started getting more comfortable with what he was saying and what he was trying to tell us.  I think that made everyone real comfortable because everyone’s got the same goals, and that’s winning championships.”

More commentary after the jump.  (more…)

Giles leads the Exodus… thanks for stopping by

November 10, 2008

As 2SL and I have discussed on many occasions over the past week since the Fulmer firing–up to and including the Wyoming pwnage–the moment has come.  The fabled savior class of 2009 is beginning to self-disassemble.  Starting with the first 4-star running back we’ve lured out of Florida since Travis Stevens.

Yep, Jarvis Giles looks to be headed to South Carolina.

That makes the total 4 so far: Giles, DJ Swearinger, Dominique Allen and Antonio Foster.

Your move Tajh Boyd.

SIDE NOTE: As TSIB also points out, starting PG Daniel West has been ruled academically ineligible for the season.  That can only mean one thing.  MORE HUBERT FOR EVERYONE!

[Third Saturday in Blogtober]

TGC’s 2008 Bowl Projections

November 3, 2008

We’ve come far enough this year to understand enough about most of the bowl eligible teams (Thank you very much, Mike Leach).  I want to take a moment and deliver my wish list of bowl matchups.  This has very little to do with projected wins/losses, conference championship game results, or anything else.  More to do with my compensation for a terrible ’08 Volunteer season and the likelihood mortal certainty that I won’t be watching the orange and white in any bowl at all.

Here is what I want to see this bowl season.  Because I can.

Florida vs. USC
The Gators may well be the best team in the country, but will be locked out of the BCS National Title game due to the unforgiveable loss to Houston Nutt.  What better consolation for football fans than to see them light it up with arguably the most talented team in America, the Trojans?


A Farny is NOT a Sandwich

July 30, 2008

You gotta be shittin’ me.  This jackass?  Again?

More to follow… sheesh

D-Train’s tracks headed toward The D?

July 21, 2008

With the series split in Baltimore, the Tigers pull back to .500 and have named former starter-turned-reliever-turned-starter Zach Miner as the newest in what has become a revolving-door 5th spot in the rotation.  This news out of Detroit had me wondering what the heck D-Train is up to down in Florida.

The guys over at LFTBlog were awesome enough to post a little video of Willis throwing last week in his first start with Lakeland.

As you can see below, its pretty clear that the Tigs pitching staff has calmed down his ridiculous leg kick and slowed down his approach to the plate considerably in light of his recent diagnosis of tendinitis in his landing-leg.  The differences are pretty clear. 

Here’s D-Train last year:

Here’s last week:

What does that mean for his short- and long-term prospects with Rock City? Freep has it this way.

Lakeland pitching coach Joe Coleman told The Lakeland Ledger that Thursday’s outing was “a very positive step toward Dontrelle’s return to Detroit.”

We’re going to learn a lot in the coming 12 days (3 with the Royals, 3 with the Palehose, and 4 with the Indians).  Here’s hoping our $29M man is around to contribute.

[LFTBlog] [Freep] [WWL]

Predicting the 2009 NASCAR Driver Carousel

July 1, 2008

With the news last week that Casey Mears is out at All-Star Team Hendrick Motorsports at the end of the 2008 season, this officially begins the annual switcheroo of drivers and teams.  (No, not that bullshit switcheroo, that one 2ndStoryLloyd pulls on you the first night you move into a new town, and he invites you over to introduce you to a chick he met at a bar last weekend– whom you find out later he’s already boned–then Ninja smokes you and disappears upstairs with the hot one while you are forced to babysit the grenade and talk about your asshole friend who’s up there doing who knows what with the Holy Grail, no not that switcheroo.)

At any rate, let’s take a quick look at last year’s changes before we dive into the prognostications.

Kyle Busch out at Hendrick to make room for Junior.  Busch to Joe Gibbs Racing. This was by all accounts a win-win trade for both JGR and Hendrick.  The loser here was DEI, which Dale Jr. bailed on due to his step-mom’s ridiculous need to stay involved in motorsports.  Dale won his first race in two and a half years a few weeks back under an HMS Chevy, and Kyle has won 5 (as many this year as in his career) and is the current points leader in a JGR Toy.

Kenny Wallace forced out at Furniture Row Racing in favor of Joe Nemechek.  Not a bad move for FR here, with Nemecheck a proven veteran driver with some wins.  But don’t we all miss Kenny interviewing other drivers after the race for the SPEED network… after coming in 40th himself?  I know I do.

2009 predictions after the jump…


We’re 400!!!

June 25, 2008

Well, technically, we’re not 400 days old until tomorrow, but much like 2SL we can’t keep help but bust out a little early.  For those of you who haven’t been here from the start this here web log started back in ought seven on April 22nd.  That parting shot fired over the wall of the Internets at Lexington Herald Leader resident write John Clay was our first foray into this odd world of sports blogging. 

Since that day we knew we’d never be the same again, and if you’ve read this site more than 2 days, we suspect you feel much the same about your own life since discovering us.  We’re sure you’ve never been more horrified.  Where’d we go from there? 

Well it’s hard to say.  A little baseball, a little racin’, a little college football and then it was New Year’s.  Time was flying and our hits were going up.  Soon, with the help of Deadspin, With Leather, and some well-timed Google image searches we were floating at about 1,000 hits per day.  We’re happy to say that’s still the case.  And we’re extremely happy that we’re had over 330,000 hits in a little over a year since we started this.  We’d like to get teary and thank everyone but we’ve still got some time to recap.  Hit the more for recaps of our best and worst ideas around this here blog.