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NCAA Basketball Blogpoll Ballot – Week 4

December 3, 2007

Here’s our ballot this week.  The poll comes out on Wednesday, and I’ll be linking you fine folks over to it at that time.

 For now, does anyone else have questions about how good Texas is playing right now?  I believe.


Beer Barrel Found; BobWicket responsible

November 21, 2007

Back in May I put the word out that not one picture of the famous Tennessee/Kentucky rivalry trophy, The Beer Barrel, was available.  I also requested that anyone who could come up with one please send it my way, and as a reward would get any photo he liked plastered up on the gritty walls of APIAS. 

Friends, thanks to the one and only BobWicket, that day has come… and not a moment too soon.  For it is UT/UK week, and there is no other way to celebrate than to fight with the border-state legions over a wooden phallus that has been locked in a closet for 8 years.

The first person to email a jpeg of the Beer Barrel Trophy will get their prasies sung, picture posted, and one full night of debauchery with 2ndStoryLloyd.

So… erm.. 2SL… sorry dude.  BobWicket, you are a God among men, but watch out for his trickery, he’s no angel.

This picture is from the days of yore.  I can tell by the fact that it’s black and white.


True to my word, hereis BobWicket in all his SoupBeans-Mill-attired post-softball-game glory.


As for the ballgame itself… Go Vols!  Would 23 still be a “streak”?  Or is there another word for that?

NCAA Basketball Blogpoll Released

November 14, 2007

rankingimage.jpgYes, friends it’s that time of the year.  Tennessee football is winding down with annual punching bags Vandy and Kentucky, a quadri-annual loss to LSU in Atlanta, and another dismantling in the Peach Chick-fil-A Bowl by an ACC also-ran.  That means it’s basketball time.

That also means that Basket-blogger and general good guy Gabby from March To Madness, for some reason, has chosen the task of assembling and managing bloggers from all over into a weekly poll.  He was even kind enough to invite Smoothron and yours truly in on the action.  After running CFB Pickem this year around here, I know it is an unenviable task (someone once analogized that ‘organizing bloggers is like herding cats’ and if you had seen Eday’s flying leap in wet grass at 2am last night trying to catch a 4 month old kitten, you would find it as humorous as I do.)

So each week, we’ll be posting the APIAS ballot here, and sending you that-a-way for the [Week’s Poll].  Our ballot is after the all-inclusive JUMP.


The Truth Comes Out about Oregon Athletics

September 12, 2007


There have been many reports that Phil Knight of Nike regularly donates millions to the Oregon Athletics Fund, or OAF (as I have just made up).  But what is not known about the financial support system for the OAF is who has be been engaging in secret deals with behind closed doors.

All the under-the-table cartoon royalties, child labor kickbacks, and gay-duck-mascot prostitution ring led by one famous water-dwelling beast… A beast so fowl that his oily slicked-back black hair and poor English grammar call up fearful daymares of 1920’s Chicago and backroom assassinations for most of us (well, what we saw in movies anyway).

The culprit, the proof, and the SHOCK!! after the jump.


Facebook – The NCAA is so Proud

August 29, 2007

You gotta love facebook.  So much information on just about anyone in college these days.  Want to know if that hot girl in your history class has a boyfriend, facebook her.  Post your favorite movies, books and tv shows on your facebook.  Secretly communicate to somone thru your quotes section how you feel about them.  Steal patrick-patterson-hd.jpgquotes from famous poets so everyone thinks you are intelligent.  Of course get as many pictures of yourself as you can on facebook and get as many friends as you can so everyone thinks your important.

Facebook is so popular even big time Division I athletes have their own facebook pages.  What next great UK player loves his facebook?

Find out after the jump. (Here is a hint, his picture is right up there) (more…)

Super Monday – SEC Style

August 27, 2007

Its business time. 


Butter up the cornbread, pull the ribs off the grill, and ask that girl from South Carolina to please repeat herself, its Super Monday SEC WEEK!

Tonight we’ll be debating the toughest opposing crowds and stadia, (yep stadia is correct, not stadiums you hillbill… oh, its SEC week, right right…)  The toughest dad-gum stadiums in all the land will be fought about like General Neyland fighting off the Sioux in Korea.

We’ll talk about the rash of suspensions going on under the Ol Ball Coach’s nose (hair).  We’ll have special guest BobWicket in studio.  And as always, call in to voice your opinion, complain about Sly Croom, or with a good bourbon mix idea.  310-984-7600

Show ID: 211751

Click here to join the show!

Show is at 9pm EST.  Follow the link to listen and chat along with the live board.

ESPN Is Not As PC As They’d Like You To Think

August 26, 2007

So you roll out of bed at noon on a Sunday, fry up some bacon, and try to shake off last night’s version of Screw My Liver.  Then you decide to cruise on over to the Worldwide Leader and what do you get?  Well old ESPN is bashing the gays again. 


That’s right sports fans.  “American gay grabs gold in 100 meters at worlds.”  What does an athlete being gay have anything to do with his or her performance in the 100 meters?  Why does ESPN think that people need to know this.

Look, we really don’t think an athlete’s sexual persuasion should be listed on the front page of ESPN.  Unless somehow the Gays are using their magical powers to run faster than the rest of the world (that’d be a new doping scandal wouldn’t it?) it really shouldn’t come up in discussions. 

So here’s to you ESPN.  Not only do you throw up a giant picture of a hot Carl on Sunday morning, but you call out a runner for their choice of lifestyle.  I’m surprised you didn’t take a shot at the small Japanese kids pictured above.  We’re not even gonna go there.

NCAA Helmet Schedule: Yes, tech support, the color toner is out

August 22, 2007

Yes friends, thanks to The Gator Blog and Marty & Miller, here is the link to the Complete NCAA Schedule in all its helmeted logo goodness… SEC, Big XII, Pac 4, even the 3 Golden-topped Indies are in there…  Good luck printing them off in color at work without getting caught.


Download and Save the Excel File [HERE]

APIAS CFB Pick’em Panel Preview

August 13, 2007

utvcal.jpgIn the spirit of friendly inter-blog competition, we set out on a mission to find some of the most informative, funniest, most exptertised, and our favoritest bloggers in all of Blogfrica to challenge in a weekly College Football Pickem contest.  We were absolutely  thrilled that all of the wonderful bloggers we invited agreed to participate. 

So that means, sportsfans, that will be challenging the best and brightest in a week-to-week spreadless picking contest with running totals and points updated, well, weekly.  We’ll be picking 10 games a week, chosen  unfairly and not at random by yours truly.

There will be some sort of team prize, a jpegged up trophy, and probably some kind of Bourbon related individual award for best and worst picks of the year.  And whatever else these magnificent bastards come up with during the year.

Meet the APIAS and Expert Panel after the jump: (more…)

Chuck Hayes…the next David Hasselhoff?

August 1, 2007

Just embarassing Photoshop WorkThe admiration love that German’s have for David Hasselhoff is endless. That kind of love, affection and adoration may be knocking on Chuck Hayes’ front door. The Chinese have given Mr. Hayes a shoe endorsement and even featured him in a commercial with a somewhat lesser known player by the name of Shaquille O’Neal.

Watch The Commercial

Chuck the Chinese are anxiously awaiting your music career and countless wind blowing shirt unbuttoned videos. (Thanks to for the tip).