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A summer plea for college sports

July 6, 2009

Nobody needs to see this

I thought I’d take a quick look around this morning to see how college sports blogs are handling the dry “boys of summer” months.

How’d it go?  Er, make your own calls.

Take a look at Rocky Top Talk’s Jimmy Clausen fashion exposé… if you dare.

Over at EDSBS, examined are the merits of Ben Franklin, The Kool Aid Man, Fried Chicken, Evil Knievel, coitus with old ladies, and Raising Arizona.  Yeah, I don’t know either, but it made me feel a little more patriotic than I was before I read it.

We Want the Lion takes a look at tailgating games, so that you may be more prepared the next time you go to Lowe’s (and with plenty of notice no less).  Washers, Ladder Golf, and (our favorite) Cornhole are covered.  All of which can be built in your garage with PVC, 2×4’s, plywood and elbow grease.  If you are the type of pretentious jerk that buys them pre-made, steer clear of our tailgates this fall or risk wearing the residuals of a Jack & Coke on your Lacoste shirt and croakies.

I’ll keep looking around the web in search of College Sports news for you guys as we plug through the humidity and dial in to August.

Happy 6th of July, all.  May your weekend hangovers end promptly before dinner tonight.  And let’s all pray the hillbillies a block down from me have finally extinguished their 2009 firework allotment so I can watch baseball outdoors in peace tonight.  Assholes.

What ever happened to that guy? Duke Crews edition

January 19, 2009

The 11-5 Tennessee Volunteers are in obvious need of leadership and veteran demeanor on the court, at times.  Even though you love the fire and gusto that comes with JR Wayne Chism on the court, you also get his overly emotional reaction and weekly disappearing acts.  I keep waiting on Tyler Smith to get in a face… but the more I watch him, the more I see his lead-by-example mentality come out.  Which is a solid trait, don’t get me wrong, but this team needs a rough and tumble vocal leader.

The 31-5 version of a year ago had those guys, along with a tougher sense of hustle and come-to-beat-you.  One graduated (JuJuan Smith) and two were dismissed.

Duke Crews and Ramar Smith, only days after the season ending Sweet 16 loss to Louisville were sent packing for, what most agree, was a 4th failed drug test and lacking academic effort.  So what happened to them?

Media guide picture courtesy

Let’s take a look at Duke Crews today.

Originally he had mentioned wanting to transfer to UNC-Charlotte and NC State.  Neither of those panned out and he ended up at D-II Bowie State, former home of “Big Ant” Anthony Ivory.  After some early-season questions as to Crews’ eligibility were answered, he joined a 3-6 team that has gone 5-1 since his arrival.

He’s playing in front of smaller crowds, but CIAA fans are every bit as knowledgeable and rabid as any in the nation. Crews is responded by averaging 18.2 points and 8.6 rebounds per game for the 9-6 Bulldogs. “It’s a different type of atmosphere (in the CIAA),” Crews says. “You’ve got the band; you got the dance line and the cheerleaders. You get to interact with the fans more.

Crews, who dropped 25 and 12 last week against Johnson Smith College, appears to recognize the second chance he was given and is looking forward to the CIAA tournament.  “The sky’s the limit,” he says.

 The Bulldogs were picked to win the CIAA East at the beginning of the season.

Stay tuned for a future installment regarding Ramar Smith and his attempt at overseas professional glory.  Any information on Ramar Smith’s current whereabouts can be emailed to apiasdotnet (at)

[Black Voices] [STF]

Pokey Chatman is not impressed with ‘Bama

January 15, 2008

However chalk up another mark for truth in reporting by the fine folks at WIAT in Birmingham.  Now if only this guy covered gymnastics, or maybe diving…


Yes, yes… the reporter’s name is B.J.


Former Vol CJ Watson gets shot at the League

January 8, 2008

cjwatson.jpgDon Nelson has been making waves with his unorthodox (for the NBA anyway) style of uptempo basketball.  The same cjwatson.jpgstyle of play that caused last year’s Dallas Mavericks–the team with the best record and league MVP–all kinds of matchup problems, and knocked them out of the playoffs in Round 1.

He may have added another proven ball-handler and scorer in signing former Vol CJ Watson to a 10-day deal.

Watson, who played at Tennessee, has dominated the D-League this season, averaging 26.4 points, 5.3 assists and 5.3 rebounds per game… He also is shooting 51 percent from the field and 40 percent from three-point range.

Warriors guard Kelenna Azubuike, who was called up from the D-League a year ago, played against Watson in college while at Kentucky and offered a strong endorsement, “He’s solid, a good decision-maker. I think he’ll be good for this team.”

While a 10 day contract doesn’t seem like much, its exactly the type of shot that can make or break a player.  Having watched Watson during his four years at Tennessee, his style of play seems to be a good fit for Nelson’s system, and his extra 15 pounds of muscle added since leaving Knoxville will no doubt aid him in the physical NBA.

The Las Vegas native began practice yesterday and should be in uniform Wednesday night vs. Portland.

[SF Chronicle]

He’s got maahhbulls

September 26, 2007

(posted on 9-26-07 by: W)

In case you haven’t heard, the man who purchased Lou Ferrigno’s  Barry Bonds’ 756th home run ball is…get this… branding it with an asterisk and sending it to the Hall of Fame. 

Applause, kudos, and any congratulatory noun I didn’t include here goes to both Mark Ecko (owner of ball) and the Hall of Fame for showing some mighty large cojones (so far) to make the statement that Major League Baseball has seemed to give up on.

I know the steroids debate has been beaten like Barbaro and even crossed over into other sports such as cycling (really?) and professional wrestling (really? really?) but I think it’s finally time to make this asterisk ball the death knell on the steroids debate.

Yes, it’s hard for us to wrap our collective heads around highly paid and trained athletes cheating at the games we love so dearly, and while what they did was wrong, it wasn’t illegal- at least not at the time in which they were doing it.


This Week’s T’d Up: Kevin Randleman, golden belt, golden hair, golden sh…

August 17, 2007

T’d Up is a weekly column that runs on Fridays selecting, in our humblest of opinions, the biggest sports Tool of the Week.  

Far be it from your humble editor to go Johnny-Drama-up a beef with a big dude like this.  But this story caught my eye (tastebuds and nose) so, in spite of the forthcoming possible ass-beatings (or at least mean-spirited emails) I’ll brave the consequences for you fantastic bastards.  I hope you realize what I do for you.


Kevin Randleman, if you don’t know, is a former UFC and Pride fighter.  He’s had a rough go of it the past few years, including one 16 months span that included 11 surgeries for a variety of diseases, infections, and self-imposed physical problems.  More recently, however, Mr. Randleman has been in the news for other reasons.


This Week’s T’d Up: Jose Capellan, because you never forget the first little taste

July 6, 2007

In the interest of full-disclosure,  I am a Tigers fan.  I hate to do it, but it must be done.
Its not everyday you get the opportunity to acquire a world-class crybaby and insert him into a team and bullpen with probably the best team chemistry in the league.  But this week, the Tigs did just that.  Jose Capellan whined and bitched until finally Milwaukee dealt him for an A-ball pitcher.  The Fanhouse describes his last few months with the Brewers.

“He was demoted to AAA after spring training, demanded a trade, walked out on AAA Nashville.”

mmmmfunyuns.jpgDriving back from Chicago on Sunday, I heard caller after caller phone in to wish their farewell good-riddance to Jose.  One Brew-Crew fan had this lovely depiction:

“I would have let him go for a 12 pack of beer and some Funyuns.”

That’s what your career and talent meant to Milwaukee, Jose.  Dried, non-food in a bag available for less than a buck.

Well, all I have to say is don’t screw this up for me. 

Wait, wait wait.  Indians Series. First appearance.  Tuesday night.  Game one.  Extra Innings.  GWHR. YOU cost ME a SWEEP.


There’s still hope homey.  You threw well in the 10th.  Maybe you’re a one-inning guy.  God knows we could use one right now.  But let’s all hope that it works out better than the 1987 John Smoltz for Doyle Alexander experiment.

Jose, for causing the only loss in the would-be sweep of the Indians, for bitching like a baby for his bottle, and for making me gag a little by reminding me about Funyuns, you are hereby:


Now that I got that out, I hope you have a long, productive, friendship-filled career in Detroit. Don’t jack with Jimmy’s smokes.

T’d Up is a weekly column that runs on Fridays selecting, in our humblest of opinions, the biggest sports Tool of the Week.