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Orton snubbed by McDonalds

February 19, 2009

He prefers KFC anyway. (Rivals)

McDonalds announced its All-Americans yesterday morning.  The East team contains 11 of 12 5-star players.  Notably absent from that list is 6-10 Kentucky commit Daniel Orton.

John Wall is ineligible for the game.

Find the rosters here.

Whatever happened to that guy? – Ramar Smith

January 26, 2009
Drive, draw, and dish... where have ye gone?
Drive, draw, and dish… where have ye gone?

As we noted before in our search for leadership and hustle out of the 2009 version of Tennessee basketball, we lamented for the days of long long ago last year.  2 fiery, intelligent players roamed “The Summitt” and did not render one defeat.  Those 2 players are gone (dismissed for puffing the cheebah), and APIAS is tracking them down.

Duke Crews was located alive and well, playing PF for D-II Bowie State.

It appears that, as of July last year, Ramar Smith had intended to go to 2 time defending NAIA National Champ Oklahoma City U.

Former Tennessee point guard Ramar Smith has enrolled at Oklahoma City University, according to sources close to the situation. (Knoxville News-Sentinel)

He then turned up in Poland in October (no that is not the beginning of a WW-II joke), playing three games for AZS Koszalin.  He averaged 22 minutes, shot 18% from the foor, and 40% from the FT line before leaving town.  According to

2008-2009: in Sep.’08 signed at AZS Koszalin (Poland-DBE, starting five), left next month

That’s where the paper trail ends.  I recall seeing an article that suggested Smith had personal factors in his decision to give up pro basketball, but no further info.

sharp PG play and defense

Missing: sharp PG play and defense

If anyone has further information regarding the whereabouts of Ramar Smith, dial your local police shoot us an email at apiasdotnet (at) yahoo (dot) com.

In future installments of “Whatever happened to that guy?” we hope to include the current whereabouts of Lang Wiseman, all-time Kentucky 3-point percentage holder Todd Svboda, Ron Slay, Wade Houston, and Steve Hamer.

UPDATE: Scott Ross posted on “Ramar is in Nashville…..he was looking into TSU and/or MTSU, but neither worked out…”

APIAS Pickem Scramble Week 4: It is officially time to PANIC!

September 20, 2008

TGC out of town?  Check.  eDay on the road?  Check.  Lots of late picks?  Check.  A blogger dropping out?  Check. 

Wow, TGC turns this thing over to me for one week and all Hell breaks loose.  But that won’t stop SPS baby!  Right now we’ll be giving you everybody’s quotes from the week at large.  Later, we’ll have everyone’s picks up as well, so never fear.

Burnsy has contracted gonnasyphillAIDS (again?), Holly is on the road, and several folks just didn’t have time for the funny this week.  But there was still a lot of good stuff folks, Holly did have time for this one gem.

On the road for work, so this’ll have to be quick and dirty.  Like TGC in the sheets (ba-zow!).


A Farny is NOT a Sandwich

July 30, 2008

You gotta be shittin’ me.  This jackass?  Again?

More to follow… sheesh

Basketball fight… in Detroit… Bill Laimbeer… GIRL FIGHT!

July 23, 2008

With all the hoopla surrounding the “brawl” that took place last night in Detroit, I feel it necessary to supply the obligatory commentary.  The Sparks will surely be without Candace Parker for a few games, and some other player probably will get fined or something. 

Which brings up another question: Does it make sense to fine a “professional athlete” if she makes, say, about as much as an architect with 2 years experience?  What point does that prove? — “Please send in your $30 check and written apology to the league office by next Wednesday at 9am.”  — Damn.

At any rate, I wanted to share the theatrics from our vantage point.  From where we were sitting, it looked like the big one, while down early, got the most of the smaller one.

Pay special attention around the 1:14 and 2:38 marks.

Yo Linda! Bring me a beer!

July 8, 2008

Not sure how this would pan out around the Cowboy household–probably not well–but here’s to tryin’.


Draft Day; just what the Dombrowski ordered

June 6, 2008

When teams stumble out of the gate and are mired in the midst of an underwhelming start to the 2008 baseball season, Draft Day always gives fans and front office personnel something else to concentrate on.  Today is that day for Tigers fans the globe over.

The answer to poor performance on the field this year?  Solid defense and big flies? No.

This year the answer is White Right Handed Pitchers and SEC Talent.  The Tigs went 4-5 in both categories yesterday.  Let’s have a look.

21st overall – RHP – Ryan Perry – Arizona
6’4″ fireballer that can touch 98mph, but has been hittable at times.  A mix of Verlander and Zumaya?  Or a mix of Todd Jones and a trailer park wife?  Here’s hoping for the former.


Inspiring The American Dream, Cinderella Style

March 31, 2008

finalfour.jpgThere is no doubt that across America people held their collective breath as Jason Richards’ three-pointer was in mid-air.  The miss ended Davidson’s run in the NCAA Tournament and left America breathing, but disappointed.  All across the country, except for Kansas fans (and that annoying guy who picked Kansas in one of his 15 brackets) the collective breath was exhaled with a feeling of disappointment.  The last chance for the dark horse ended.  Next weekend the Final Four in San Antonio will be without an underdog.

As Davidson’s Cinderella run fell to the wicked witch of the Midwest, history was made in college basketball.  For the first time in the NCAA Tournament history, all four number one seeds reached the Final Four.  All but Kansas did so with ease as Memphis, North Carolina and UCLA cruised to next weekend with resounding victories in the Elite Eight.  The four teams that a committee of college basketball experts decided to coin as “favorites” did what they were supposed to do, they won, and next weekend the Final Four will be dominated by evil empires.

Tomorrow at work people will talk about how much they wanted Davidson in the Final Four.  Somebody will say that Davidson deserved to win that game and should have.  But did they?  Did Davidson deserve to win that game, had they practiced harder, worked harder, did they want it more than Kansas?

There is no way to answer those questions, the heart and determination of a team cannot be compared to that of another.  That leaves only one question. 

Why does America want the underdog to win?


Pokey Chatman is not impressed with ‘Bama

January 15, 2008

However chalk up another mark for truth in reporting by the fine folks at WIAT in Birmingham.  Now if only this guy covered gymnastics, or maybe diving…


Yes, yes… the reporter’s name is B.J.


“Rocky Top You’ll Always Be..Suspended Indefinitely To Me”

September 27, 2007

UT Hoops 

Not that it’s time to completely give up on the University of Tennessee Football season, but it sure doesn’t hurt to look forward to basketball season.  Wow, who would have thought in east Tennessee, the previous statement would ever be relevant.  Alas, it is.  As the football season unravels, Vol fans are grabbing hold of the expectations surrounding men’s basketball.  Yeah, expectations around men’s basketball not women’s.  Well, we all know the women will be outstanding as usual; but, expectations are swirling around a guys’ team that many are picking to win the SEC in the ’07-’08 season.

Of course it wouldn’t be Tennessee athletics without the most famous phrase of late, “suspended for violating team rules.”  Oh yeah, a phrase uttered weekly by big Phil Fulmer has leaked over to Tennessee basketball.

Tennessee forward Duke Crews, who started 18 games as a freshman last season, has been suspended indefinitely for violating team rules.

“Duke is a very intelligent student-athlete but has made some poor decisions,” coach Bruce Pearl said Wednesday in a release. “It is in his, as well as the team’s, best interest that he is suspended at this time.”

More violations after the jump. (more…)