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Paging The General: 12 Days

August 20, 2008

As we enter the home stretch of Summer into the open arms of early fall (or.. well… more Summer in LA, as it were) we must keep our eye on the ball, our mind focused on the Clawfense, and… our Latte’s hot and strong?


Mainstream editors are some witty bastards

July 6, 2008

Every once in a while a big story goes down, either unexpectedly, or when not much else is going on in the sports world, and we get to read several takes on the “breaking news.”  Tonight’s reported trade of CC Sabathia to the Brewers is one of those times.

It is now our privelege, as the layperson sportsfan, to be inundated with cheeky headlines.  You know, because those guys can be funny too.

Here are a few from tonight.

Fox Sports – because… they, like, make milk products where he’s going.. (and just to be sure you don’t miss the joke, Ken Rosenthal–or the weekend Fox Sports Editor, probably an equally witty yank–notes “welcome to the Dairy State” in the caption)

More insufferable wit after the jump


Ladies and Gents, your lone Cat voter, “Hoops”

March 11, 2008

 I’m sure you’ve all noticed that the new poll is out and sure enough, right there hanging around the bottom having received 3 points is an 18-11 Kentucky Wildcat squad.

This morning, between work smoke breaks and work NASCAR news, we thought we’d take the time to investigate for you where those 3 points came from… which guys are liking what they’re seeing out of the old Blue ‘n White?

Well, as it turns out, its only one dude, Dick Weiss (ballot here), and he voted the Cats #23 (which is 3 points).  Dick, among other things, is a basketball blogger for the New York Daily News.  From his bio:

Dick Weiss – better known as “Hoops” – has been covering college basketball for 40 years, and since 1993 for the NYDN. He is a past president of the College Football and Basketball Writers’ Associations and is a member of the USBWA college basketball writers’ Hall of Fame.


Well hell, he’s a freakin’ hall of famer!  And look at that hairpiece man!  No wonder he ended up nicknamed “Hoops.”

After a bit more research I was able to come across gems such as these on his blog:

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but we think Kevin Willard of Iona is destined to be a hot commodity by this time next year.

Holy crap, a Yankee John Clay!

Okay folks, enough is enough.  In all sincerity, Kentucky fan, send your cards, letters, flowers and candy to: NY Daily News c/o “Hoops” Weiss, 450 W 33rd St, New York, NY 10001.

 And I’ll send mine to the 2 Pulitzer Prize winners who voted the Vols at #1:  Brett Jensen from and Dan Wolken at the Memphis Commercial Appeal.  What’s that?  They don’t have Pulitzers?  Well they should.  Matter of fact, get one for Fran Fraschilla too!

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To The Four Winds We Go

November 4, 2007

tomatoes.jpgWhat you missed this weekend as you went camping, road-tripping, or simply kicked it with your mom…

The Curse of Number Two:  That’s right, BC put it off for a week and FSU pretends like they still have a football team for a weekend.

ASU Still Pretty Good:  Arizona St. goes to 8 and 1 as Donald and his mates prove who’s the best team in the Pac-10 and possibly who will be playing in the BCS championship game.

Even Losing, Saban is Good:  First year at Alabama and Saban almost knocks off LSU.  He proves he must be a genius if he can keep his team competitive with Wilson throwing 14-40 with a pick.  Yes, that is 35% kiddos.

Clippers Tops:  Somehow the Clippers are undefeated going into the first Sunday of NBA.  Yeah, they’re only 1 and 0 but c’mon it’s fun to imagine the Clips will be good this year.  They lead the league in PPG with 120 and who is leading this attack?  None other than Chris Kaman.  Kid dropped 26 and 18 in his first game.  MVP anyone?

No Surprise, Big Surprise:  The Spurs continue to roll, off to a 3-0 start.  Baby Bulls, not so much.  They’re sitting at 0-3 and need to right the ship to qualify all that pre-season hype.

They Go Fast:  Big NASCAR race today in Texas (I guess everything there really is big?)  Watch for J.J. and J.G. to bore fans to death by driving to the front and then avoiding accidents and lapped traffic all day.  Look for Smoke or one of the Busch brothers to drive through the field and race someone hard into wrecking or possibly wrecking themselves on the way to victory.  If Dale Jr’s car will hold together he could be dangerous as well, trying to prove he can win one more in the Bud Cheverolet.