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Lebron Ducks You, Media Goes Crazy

June 3, 2009

varejaoBobThe story about Lebron James ducking the Magic and reporters after being ousted from the playoffs is days old now.  Everyone’s had their say on the issue.  Well, almost everyone.  Now it’s our turn.  Here’s the cliff’s notes verison, nobody gives a shit.

That’s right, Lebron didn’t shake hands or talk to reporters.  Is that poor sportsmanship?  You’re damned right.  Will he do it again?  Hell no he won’t.  Was it that big of a deal?  Not really.

The only reason this thing was news was because it was Lebron James.  If Sideshow Bob Varejao doesn’t shake hands, no one says much of anything.  It maybe makes a post on Deadspin and then it dies.  Since it was Lebron everyone in America has to talk about it.

Here’s what really gets me though.  Most everyone was getting down on Lebron saying that was a bad example, etc. etc.  My question:  would you rather your kid look up to a guy doing steroids, a guy who slaps his wife around, or that terrible piece of shit asshole who didn’t slap hands after a playoff game?  Seriously, the media will never learn to let things like this go and thus you people are going to be stuck listening to us bitch about it.  I hope you’re happy with that. 

(note:  that sweet ass image of Ssideshow Bob came from  check it out, it’s a cool place and I’m pretty sure they’re not associated with Nazi’s)

In Defense of My Coach, A UK Fan’s Perspective

March 26, 2009

billyglastRumor around these parts is that it’s a done deal.  Billy Clyde Gillispie is hittin’ the bricks.  That’s what nearly every journalist, blogger, and fan with an opinion seems to be saying.  We’ll find out tomorrow, when the University has their press conference, what the final decision on Coach G’s future with the University of Kentucky will come down to.  For tonight he’s still our coach, and I want to say a few things about that.

Two years ago Kentucky was relieved of a good coach.  Tubby Smith said goodbye to the Bluegrass and went far, far North.  Most media outlets will say he was run out of town, pitchforks blazing.  That may or may not be true.  To me, the man looked tired and ready to move on.  I was one of the ones championing his departure.  Partly because I felt he had grown very Fulmer-esque in his approach to the game.  He could still win 20 but he wasn’t going to win another championship.

Be that as it may, the Big Blue went out on the wire and tried to hire their Prince-in-Waiting. Billy Donavon.  The courtship wasn’t quite enough for a coach coming off two national championships so we “settled” for a coach that was the most basketball oriented mind we could find.

That’s how Billy Gillispie was presented to us.  No one in the state knew much about the Texan at the time.  All everyone knew was that he lived, slept, and sweated basketball from the time he awoke every morning until the time his exhausted head hit the pillow every night.

The honeymoon wasn’t the classic story of romance.  Conduct rumors swirled before the first game was played and an early tenure loss to Garner Webb sealed Billy’s fate in many UK fan’s mind.  I still hear the argument from fans that “we shouldn’t be losing to the VMIs of the world.”

He prevailed though, in the 2008 season, by getting senior guards to get on board with his dogged work ethic and bruising style of play.  Any fan that doesn’t think the man can make adjustments should take a long look back at last season.  In particular, fans should take note of how he learned to take the handcuffs off Bradley and Crawford and let them reign free at times.

We all know that’s not his style and we saw some of that again this season.  Miller, Liggins, Galloway, and a whole host of other players looked scared to commit to moves this season.  A lot of that has to do with coaching, but a lot of that has to do with young men realizing that they have played this game a long time and they have to trust in their abilities.

In the end I will defend the man we call coach (if only for another 10-15 hours).  Kentucky fans got what they wanted in a hard working coach.  Someone who would bring in some talent (Orton, Hood, and others would potentially be on board for next year), and someone who would work as hard as they possibly could to win games for this University.

Could he have made more adjustments, handled his personnel differently, ended up with a few more W’s on that record?  Of course he could have.  Any coach could.  Ask any coach worth a damned how they could have won any game and they’ll begin with “we could have done x, y, and z better.”  Billy Gillispie certainly does that, and anyone who doesn’t think he doesn’t lose sleep over losses to Louisville, South Carolina, and LSU this year is crazy.

When the dust settles, if he’s gone, no one will be able to say Gillispie didn’t give everything he had for this team.  He may not be the most polished, the most prone to change, or the most lovable man to ever walk the sidelines, but he gave everything he had to this team the past two years.  Isn’t that all we ask from our players at any level (professional included)?  Why should the coach be any different?

SEC-ret no more! Cats’ foes crying wolf… again

March 12, 2009
I tried to told ya!

I tried to told ya!

Lookout Tampa! The Cats are on the loose, doing what they do better than anyone (to the tune of more than triple the number of championships as the next highest school).  Not to mention that the Lexington crew has the best setup of all (1pm games all week, and UF, UT, and Auburn all in the other bracket). 

Mississippi State is steadily dismantling the leftovers of the Felton crew, which will put this Cowboy 2-for-2 in the tourney.  Tonight’s winners will be Alabama and Florida, if you want to get your bets in.

But overall… I’m saying Lookout Central-Westernish Florida!  Billy’s on the hunt!

Somebody’s mixing some kool-aid and I know who it is and what color it is. 

Don’t be left out in the rain, holding the bag, with egg on something.

FWP: No Football, No UK… More Beer

February 6, 2009

Fearless Weekend Predictions is a weekly column running on Friday afternoons where our resident soothsayer (or whoever we can get) locks down what will transpire in the coming 72 hours. It’s better to get these out before the 7-year is open.  The crystal ball gets cloudy.

Hmm… last weekend was… interesting.  The Cats didn’t show up at home against the Cocks (in what is starting to look like a trend), the Vols dismantled the Gators and the refs won the Super Bowl.  Seriously, the NFL puts on the biggest game of the season and can’t give us good refs?  A game of that magnitude decided by people who are obviously incompetent is a damn joke and a slap in the face to viewers.  And I guess it is possible that I’m a little upset that I don’t live in Tucson and didn’t get to see the porno during the boring zebra show.  The game showed so many black stripes I thought it was being played in the damn Safari Jungle.  I keep trying to think of other ways to rip the Super Bowl, but I’ve kind of lost them all and it was five days ago so it’s not exactly relevant.  There is stuff going on this weekend, even without a real football game or even a UK basketball game.  College hoops is in full swing, baseball will inch closer, the Celtics will put up 200 in New York and it’s Pro Bowl weekend!!! 

  • auburngirlsBrian Williams will once again lead the Vols to victory.  Can my favorite big man in the country not get some pub from the national media?  The dude’s only been playing hoops for a couple years and is developing into a hell of a player.  Plus, he gives America hope… at least more than Barack Obama does.  The game won’t be pretty, mainly because it’s being played in Auburn and Auburn follows the SEC West rule: All teams’ gyms’ lights must be set to dim.  The Tigers keep it close for a while, but can’t match Big Beezy or the rest of the Vols’ athleticism.  Vols 76 Tigers 68.
  • Rich Rodriguez will hope and pray that his freshmen will be ready to contribute in seven months.  Will Campbell and Tate Forcier are both already on campus and are the two most needed contributors from Rivals #7 class.  Campbell is a 5-star DL and is a physical specimen.  Forcier is a dual-threat QB who expects to compete for the starting job.  Can we all hope and pray these guys are ready?  I mean, who really wants to see the Buckeyes win again?
  • The Celtics will absolutely crush the Knicks tonight.  The C’s got screwed by the refs last night, KG’s last foul was an abomination.  So now, the defending champs are going into the arena that has given us two of the best performances of the year in back-to-back games… and not by Knick players.  In case you don’t watch the NBA, NY isn’t exactly known for its defensive prowess so this could get ugly quickly.  Boston wins by 30+.
  • aishwarya-rai-bachchan-may-17-3The Pink Panther 2 will come out, not be as good as the cartoon.  Can we stop making old-school cartoons into movies?  When was this ever a success?  The Flintstones, Scooby Doo, yeah… exactly.  Steve Martin used to be a funny guy.  We’re talking about the guy who was in The Jerk!  The guy was classic on SNL and now he’s doing this.  As TGC always says, “The economy’s rough on everybody.”  If you do for some reason go see this “film,” check out Aishwarya Rai.  The former Miss World is also in the movie and also to the right.  Look at the pretty girl, now keep reading.
  • The World Baseball Classic will inch closer, making all of us desperate for baseball.  If you haven’t already, a nice way to pass the time at work is to check out all the rosters for the WBC.  There are a lot of questions that come out of the rosters.  How is Japan so good with so few MLBers?  How is Venezuela so damn stacked?  Can the Dominican Republic be stopped?  Could I actually make Australia’s roster?  Answers to come soon.
  • Lane Kiffin will NOT make a trip to Gainesville.  I’ve got a thin line to walk here, seeing as Vol homers and a Gator homer all write for the site.  Is Kiffin making any friends by spouting off like that?  No, not with other SEC coaches, but he is getting the alumni and Vol fans excited about football again after a very long year.  The only thing I would advise is to not make up recruiting violations… also, don’t be upset when Tebow is throwing TD passes late in the 4th quarter of an 84-3 game.
  • hawaiiangirlBilly Gillispie will take a weekend off, fly out to Hawaii to watch the Pro Bowl and then sleep with your girlfriend.  Why does UK have a random Saturday off in the middle of conference play?  Maybe a three game losing streak was planned by BCG to get a week full of practice before a HUGE game against Florida.  The game against the Gators could be what gets the Cats in the tournament, or keeps them out.  Yikes.  On the other hand, its the Pro Bowl on Sunday night!  Woohoo!  If you like NFL players going half speed, not tackling and wanting to be at the beach… this game is totally for you!  It’s going to be the swan song for Hawaii and this event.  I’m not sure what the 500 fans who attend every year will do without this.  Surely, they can find some hot Hawaiian chicks to hang out with.

If that’s not enough entertainment for you this weekend, surely you can take bong hits with Michael Phelps!  Oh Snap!  WEEKEND!

Giles leads the Exodus… thanks for stopping by

November 10, 2008

As 2SL and I have discussed on many occasions over the past week since the Fulmer firing–up to and including the Wyoming pwnage–the moment has come.  The fabled savior class of 2009 is beginning to self-disassemble.  Starting with the first 4-star running back we’ve lured out of Florida since Travis Stevens.

Yep, Jarvis Giles looks to be headed to South Carolina.

That makes the total 4 so far: Giles, DJ Swearinger, Dominique Allen and Antonio Foster.

Your move Tajh Boyd.

SIDE NOTE: As TSIB also points out, starting PG Daniel West has been ruled academically ineligible for the season.  That can only mean one thing.  MORE HUBERT FOR EVERYONE!

[Third Saturday in Blogtober]

Chris Sheridan Hates Team USA

August 18, 2008

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you may remember us mentioning our good friend, Jason Brubaker.  Jason writes for, co-wrote the NBA Playoff Banter and currently owes me his car (which we will be detailing the reasons of again very soon).  Also, he and I both follow USA’s Basketball team with a fervor.  We have sent roughly 1000 text messages to each other through their first five games and spent about twelve hours on the phone fawning over Dwyane Wade’s resurgence.  Brubaker and I both took exception to Chris Sheridan’s article after today’s game.  Sheridan has been following this team for a long time, but still feels the need to write negatively about them all throughout the Olympics.  You can find the most recent article in question here.  I’ll let Brubaker take it away

Could ESPN’s Chris Sheridan be more negative about Team USA? I mean, reading his articles, you would think this team is struggling, instead of beating the hell out of people. I know a columnist is supposed to take a stand and state his opinion, maybe create a discussion topic by taking an unpopular stance, but this is ridiculous. The Greece game was our toughest test…until we ran away with it. Then, he wrote about how Spain would be a much tougher test than Greece. Well, one 37-point rout later, he apparently still isn’t convinced. Now, he’s writing about how we can’t let our guard down against Australia. Maybe he missed the demolition of Germany, a game that meant absolutely nothing to either team, yet still Team USA came out fired up and focused.


NCAA Hoops Blogpoll Ballot Week 9

January 7, 2008

Notable games this week were Dayton knocking off Pitt (and then Villanova doing the same), Wisconsin beating Texas in Austin, and the near-miss at UNC/Clemson.

With Pitt shitting the bed so often, we’ve decided they’ll be on the bench for a few weeks until they do something notable again.  I’m still very impressed with Indiana and Ole Miss, however Butler’s slow-style of play is still too boring to watch, so I’ll keep them in the poll as long as they win, but never higher than 15.

You’ll notice the Sam Houston State Bearkats (yes, that’s with a K) have entered the poll.  I don’t expect that to last very long, but hey, its a cool logo.

Big game this with with Ole Miss @ Tennessee.  We should learn a lot about both of those teams on Wednesday night.


You know what I mean, Verne?

September 25, 2007

(by: W | 9-24-07)

Before I unleash this tirade, I must preface it with this simple little personal factoid: I HATE amusement parks- of any kind.  And Saturday this hatred became even greater when I had to spend the day at one these godforsaken places instead of hanging out with the APIAS crew drinking and burgooing all the live long day. 

Now, not only did this make me moan with even more piss, vinegar and vitriol than any man should need in his system, but the day turned out even worse than expected- something I had not foreseen possible that culminated in a fight with Mrs. W. I shan’t go into any further details, but this should set the tone for my mood when I (finally) arrived at the back porch to catch the 4th quarter of the UK game.

As we sat watching the ‘Cats making a comeback ever-so innocently, I heard Verne Drunkquist utter a phrase that is quite common amongst sportscasters and even more common to the synapses in my brain- he referred to an Arkansas player getting a “blow” on the sidelines.


Why does everything have to be about athlete and leader?

September 18, 2007

With Leather found this *cough* analysis of the NFL quarterback

ESPN Is Not As PC As They’d Like You To Think

August 26, 2007

So you roll out of bed at noon on a Sunday, fry up some bacon, and try to shake off last night’s version of Screw My Liver.  Then you decide to cruise on over to the Worldwide Leader and what do you get?  Well old ESPN is bashing the gays again. 


That’s right sports fans.  “American gay grabs gold in 100 meters at worlds.”  What does an athlete being gay have anything to do with his or her performance in the 100 meters?  Why does ESPN think that people need to know this.

Look, we really don’t think an athlete’s sexual persuasion should be listed on the front page of ESPN.  Unless somehow the Gays are using their magical powers to run faster than the rest of the world (that’d be a new doping scandal wouldn’t it?) it really shouldn’t come up in discussions. 

So here’s to you ESPN.  Not only do you throw up a giant picture of a hot Carl on Sunday morning, but you call out a runner for their choice of lifestyle.  I’m surprised you didn’t take a shot at the small Japanese kids pictured above.  We’re not even gonna go there.