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In Defense of My Coach, A UK Fan’s Perspective

March 26, 2009

billyglastRumor around these parts is that it’s a done deal.  Billy Clyde Gillispie is hittin’ the bricks.  That’s what nearly every journalist, blogger, and fan with an opinion seems to be saying.  We’ll find out tomorrow, when the University has their press conference, what the final decision on Coach G’s future with the University of Kentucky will come down to.  For tonight he’s still our coach, and I want to say a few things about that.

Two years ago Kentucky was relieved of a good coach.  Tubby Smith said goodbye to the Bluegrass and went far, far North.  Most media outlets will say he was run out of town, pitchforks blazing.  That may or may not be true.  To me, the man looked tired and ready to move on.  I was one of the ones championing his departure.  Partly because I felt he had grown very Fulmer-esque in his approach to the game.  He could still win 20 but he wasn’t going to win another championship.

Be that as it may, the Big Blue went out on the wire and tried to hire their Prince-in-Waiting. Billy Donavon.  The courtship wasn’t quite enough for a coach coming off two national championships so we “settled” for a coach that was the most basketball oriented mind we could find.

That’s how Billy Gillispie was presented to us.  No one in the state knew much about the Texan at the time.  All everyone knew was that he lived, slept, and sweated basketball from the time he awoke every morning until the time his exhausted head hit the pillow every night.

The honeymoon wasn’t the classic story of romance.  Conduct rumors swirled before the first game was played and an early tenure loss to Garner Webb sealed Billy’s fate in many UK fan’s mind.  I still hear the argument from fans that “we shouldn’t be losing to the VMIs of the world.”

He prevailed though, in the 2008 season, by getting senior guards to get on board with his dogged work ethic and bruising style of play.  Any fan that doesn’t think the man can make adjustments should take a long look back at last season.  In particular, fans should take note of how he learned to take the handcuffs off Bradley and Crawford and let them reign free at times.

We all know that’s not his style and we saw some of that again this season.  Miller, Liggins, Galloway, and a whole host of other players looked scared to commit to moves this season.  A lot of that has to do with coaching, but a lot of that has to do with young men realizing that they have played this game a long time and they have to trust in their abilities.

In the end I will defend the man we call coach (if only for another 10-15 hours).  Kentucky fans got what they wanted in a hard working coach.  Someone who would bring in some talent (Orton, Hood, and others would potentially be on board for next year), and someone who would work as hard as they possibly could to win games for this University.

Could he have made more adjustments, handled his personnel differently, ended up with a few more W’s on that record?  Of course he could have.  Any coach could.  Ask any coach worth a damned how they could have won any game and they’ll begin with “we could have done x, y, and z better.”  Billy Gillispie certainly does that, and anyone who doesn’t think he doesn’t lose sleep over losses to Louisville, South Carolina, and LSU this year is crazy.

When the dust settles, if he’s gone, no one will be able to say Gillispie didn’t give everything he had for this team.  He may not be the most polished, the most prone to change, or the most lovable man to ever walk the sidelines, but he gave everything he had to this team the past two years.  Isn’t that all we ask from our players at any level (professional included)?  Why should the coach be any different?

SEC-ret no more! Cats’ foes crying wolf… again

March 12, 2009
I tried to told ya!

I tried to told ya!

Lookout Tampa! The Cats are on the loose, doing what they do better than anyone (to the tune of more than triple the number of championships as the next highest school).  Not to mention that the Lexington crew has the best setup of all (1pm games all week, and UF, UT, and Auburn all in the other bracket). 

Mississippi State is steadily dismantling the leftovers of the Felton crew, which will put this Cowboy 2-for-2 in the tourney.  Tonight’s winners will be Alabama and Florida, if you want to get your bets in.

But overall… I’m saying Lookout Central-Westernish Florida!  Billy’s on the hunt!

Somebody’s mixing some kool-aid and I know who it is and what color it is. 

Don’t be left out in the rain, holding the bag, with egg on something.

SEC Regular Season Wraps Up, Do We Have Prophets?

March 8, 2009

9091shaqlsuBack around Halloween we made some bold predictions on the outcome of the SEC basketball season.  Let’s check in with how everyone is doing thus far.

The first question up for grabs in the pre-SEC predictions was player of the year.  The question posed was can your respective star (Patterson or Smith) win POY in the SEC.  TGC didn’t like Smith’s chances but didn’t pick a clear favorite, 2SL went with Nick Calathes or Jody Meeks, SmoothRon liked Pat’s chances but also liked Calathes, and BobWicket was all over Meeks for POY.  How has it turned out?  Well Meeks leads the league in scoring at 24.7 a game but some poor performances as of late could knock him out of POY standing.  Calathes has played well but some other players have outperformed on a consistant basis (but don’t count him out).  Marcus Thornton down at LSU has played well and helped his team to win the SEC regular season (plus he runs a great chain of convenience stores).  Patterson is fourth in the league in scoring, third in rebounding, and fourth in blocked shots.  He would be a solid pick.  Someone that wasn’t mentioned by the panel is Devan Downey.  With 20+ points, four and a half assists, and 3 steals per game Downey did a lot with a little at South Carolina this year.  He could be a dark horse for POY when it is decided.

The next query to the panel was who will take pressure off the main guy at your school.  2SL missed by a mile in picking Woolridge out of UT.  Although his flow skills are tight, Ronaldo didn’t contribute like 2SL expected this year.  SmoothRon went with the trio of Galloway, Liggins, and Miller for UK (along with transfer Harrelson).  KG, Liggins, and Darius all saw time for UK and for the most part all contributed, but Liggins has been seen less and less as the year goes on.  Miller probably has done the most for them as late by putting the ball in the basket on a more consistent basis.  TGC went with Scotty Hopson and when he’s played well UT has played well so that’s a pretty good pick.  BobWicket went with Meeks as his primary but his pick of Harrelson didn’t work out as much as UK fans had hoped after watching the Blue-White scrimmage.  Also, it’s incredible that SmoothRon didn’t pick Big B for UT.

2SL thought Bruce would change things up and become more defensively minded this year and TGC looked for Chism to extend the defense allowing driving lanes for the guards and forwards this year.  Both of these were right on cue as the UT team has played better half court defense this year, although the press hasn’t been as effective as years past.  Also, TGC’s outlook on the offensive end was dead on.  UT has played their best basketball when a guard or Wayne can knock down a three.  When this happens UT opens up driving lanes for Smith, J.P. Prince, and Bobby Mayes.  This is when the Vols get deadly.

SmoothRon expected Billy G to run more this year and the Cats have had an up and down style from time to time.  This has been more due to them turning the ball over and getting into frantic up and down matches as opposed to designed up-tempo plans, but Billy has allowed them to run quite a bit this year.  The stagnant half court offense the Cats have shown has also made transition offense very important for Kentucky.  BobWicket expected a lot of post work from the Cats this year and that has been the style of half court offense that has been most effective for them.  Giving the ball into the post to a guy who shoots greater than 60% from the field has been their best option all year, but it is one that has been underutilized on the whole and especially in tight games.

BobWicket was right that the Cats preseason ranking of fourth in the East would not hold up as they finished fourth.  His 13-3 prediction looked good when they started off undefeated but quickly got ugly.  Everyone was looking for a 3 horse race in the East and expected that winner to be the overall champion.  The East turned into a four team race with South Carolina playing well all year and UT pulled the East championship out in the end.  2SL picked a West team to be dangerous but he went with the wrong one (Arkansas) and LSU pulled out the season championship.

Well, that brings us to the end of the regular season predictions.  The SEC tournament kicks off this week and then the NCAA tourney will start up.  We’ll check back in with all the predictions when the dust settles on tournament play.

FWP: What Could UK do to Surprise You?

February 27, 2009

Fearless Weekend Predictions is a weekly column running on Friday afternoons where our resident soothsayer (or whoever we can get) locks down what will transpire in the coming 72 hours. It’s better to get these out before the 7-year is open.  The crystal ball gets cloudy.

Has the basketball team at the University of Kentucky officially entered Plaxico Burress territory?  When Plax shot himself in the leg a few months ago, the APIAS crew debated what Burress could do at that point that would surprise anyone.  There weren’t many things that we could come up with other than, “Plaxico Burress will be a model citizen and will never be heard from again except for on-field accomplishments.”  With the latest situation regarding AJ Stewart… is he on the team? is he off the team?  did he quit?  did Gillispie kick him off?… has UK gotten to that point?  What can UK do to surprise anyone?  Hell, they went to Columbia the other night to play South Carolina in their biggest game of the year and got absolutely drubbed.  They have beaten Tennessee twice by 15+ points.  They lost to VMI.  Billy Gillispie has caused an outrage by not being nice to a sideline reporter.  Kevin Galloway has gone from outhouse to penthouse to outhouse to penthouse to outhouse to white girl’s house to penthouse to outhouse to still be continued.  DeAndre Liggins refused to go into a game.  Jodie Meeks scored 54 points in a game.  They got beat on a shot from Edgar Sosa from the volleyball line at the buzzer in Louisville.  And now, they have the AJ Stewart situation.  KSR, as usual, was on top of things last night.  As of post time for FWP, there’s still no official word from UK on the situation.  Who the hell knows anymore?  They could lose by 30 or win by 30 tomorrow, and neither would really surprise me.  UK Basketball 2009… feel the excitement!

If the drama of a mediocre sophomore doesn’t excite you, there are other things going on this weekend.  Spring training baseball has begun, free agency in the NFL got off to a ridiculous start, a golf tournament that looks like March Madness, NASCAR goes to Vegas and one NBA team makes an interesting move. 

  • ingridvandeboschJeff Gordon will win the NASCAR race in Las Vegas.  First, hats off to Matt Kenseth for winning the first two races of the year.  That’s something that doesn’t get done very often and that guy should be congratulated.  One thing he should not be congratulated for is his wife, Katie.  Dude, you’re a millionaire NASCAR driver… you have to do better.  One person who did realize their fame and used it accordingly is Mr. Gordon.  He bagged Ingrid Vandebosch for the sole reason that he is rich and famous.  Helll, I’d be okay with it too.  Look at her!  Who cares why she’s with him.  Obviously, Gordon is a lucky dude.  Vegas will be very very good for #24.
  • The Boston Celtics will begin to implode.  Seriously, Boston?  The Celtics have the best trio in the league and a great up-and-coming PG, so why the hell are they trying to kill every good thing they have going?  Yes, I know the Patriots got Randy Moss and he became a stud again who didn’t give up on plays that often, but the Celtics are NOT the Patriots.  Let me say that differently, Doc Rivers is NOT Bill Belichick.  That’s kind of like comparing a coach at the YMCA to Vince Lombardi.  Moss knew when he went to New England that they weren’t going to take any of his crap.  Marbury will do whatever the hell he wants and Doc will be too dumb to do anything.  I hate to say it, but Marbury will get in the way and they won’t win the NBA Championship.
  • Redskins fans will get a false sense of hope.  Good job, Daniel Snyder!  Once again, you have made terrible offseason moves.  Albert Haynesworth is coming off injuries and just got signed for QB money.  The ‘Skins also signed DeAngelo Hall for $40 million.  If you remember correctly, Hall was cut by the Raiders last fall.  The worst franchise in pro sports cut the guy and you’re giving him all that money, I’m sure this will all work out!  Another last place finish in the division is definitely in the cards for Washington.
  • 73704029RB173_The_Masters_RPhil Mickelson will win the match play tournament.  Hell, I don’t know all the sponsors for the thing.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Phil and I live very similar lives.  He’s left-handed, so am I.  He has brown hair, I have brown hair.   He loves to gamble, I’ve made a wager or two in my life.  He regularly shoots under par, I usually shoot under par when I play putt-putt.  He dresses well, I dress better.  He has a smoking hot wife, I like to look at his smoking hot wife.  For all these reasons, I hope Lefty wins this weekend.  Also, Amy Mickelson is sexy.
  • Connecticut politicians will waste your money.  How the Jim Calhoun story is still in the news, I have no idea, but now politicians in CT are calling for the governor to reprimand him?  Give me a gosh darn break (sorry for the salty language).  The whole reason this got brought up is because the state of Connecticut is in economic shambles and now they’re going to waste their time on punishing a basketball coach for telling a photographer to “shut up.”  Whatever happened to freedom of speech?  I will blindly blame Barack Obama.
  • Spring training baseball will make you wish you lived in Florida.  At least, that’s how I feel.  Imagine if you were retired, lived in Florida and could go watch spring traning games all February and March long.  Oh to be old and almost dead… you lucky old bastards.  Seriously, though, the WBC starts at 4AM Thursday morning.  TGC and EDay are planning on live-blogging it.  My live blog will be of me cutting trees down.
  • lsugirlsBilly Gillispie will deny you from clinching the SEC title, then sleep with your girlfriend.  Like I said before, I have no idea what the hell is going to happen with this basketball team, but I really want them to win, so a guy can hope, right?  Sideshow Bob Trent Johnson brings an LSU team to Lexington that only has one SEC loss and is the only ranked SEC team.  That’s not as impressive when you remember they play in the SEC West.  They, of course, have a Temple on their team… and that’s not even a Jewish joke.  Seeing as UK got drilled the other night, one can only assume they’ll come out and play their greatest game of the year.  What the hell else would make sense?  Also, for those ladies still riding the Mardi Gras high, watch out for BCG!

Golf, baseball, basketball, beers.  Weekend.  Cheers!

Cake or Death? UK Basketball Chooses Both

January 21, 2009

cakeThe beginning of this UK basketball year saw the Wildcats turning the ball over like Andrew DeClercq turns over burgers these days.  For the first 5 games of the season UK was turning the ball over at an unbelievable rate.  Then, things calmed down a bit, the competition got a little worse, and the team has been able to right the ship in the turnover category to some extent.  What they haven’t done well all year is stop teams from piling up offensive rebounds.

That brings us to the point of today’s discussion class.  Which is worse, a turnover or giving up an offensive rebound.  We have our own theories on this, of course, but we’ll use the Kentucky 2008-2009 team’s current stats as a guideline for answering this question.  After all, they’ve made their share of turnovers and allowed entirely too many offensive rebounds on the year.  To continue following us down the rabbit hole that is UK basketball statistics and analysis make the jump.


The Case for DeAndre Liggins: Central Michigan Edition

December 31, 2008

dligThroughout the UK basketball season we’ll be taking a look at the point guard play each game.  Many fans have called for freshman DeAndre Liggins to be starting over Michael Porter.  Both players have taken turns playing better than one another and the assist to turnover ratio of each is abysmal.  Billy Gillispie seems to have a plan for this year’s teams, but we’ll investigate what the stats say in this segment.

Well how about that for a surprise in the last game of the year?  Billy C. G. decides to start both Liggins and Porter for the Central Michigan game.  Fans across the state have now been shut up by Coach Gillispie.  Well, half way.  The other half would be Porter’s improved play as of late.  How about a comparison of the starting backcourt duo’s point differentials while in the game, whadda ya say?

Porter +7
Liggins +4
Both +21

The stats were pretty tight in this one but again we see the trend that UK is the better team when they have both Liggins and Porter on the floor.  That +21 is even with the slow start with both guys being on the floor from the opening tap.  So who individually had a better game?  Most would say Porter immediately because he had a career high with 12 points to go with 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, and 4 turnovers.  Liggins had a pretty good game though with 6 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists, and a steal to go with his 5 turnovers. 

Both guys took a step back a bit by turning the ball over 9 times between them.  It will be interesting to see how these two can handle Louisville’s pressure defense on Sunday.  I’m guessing if they stay at 9 turnovers for that game UK fans will feel like they got away with one.  The key stats from this one though are that Porter made a couple of jump shots and had a couple of layups go his way en route to his double digit scoring effort.  Liggins’ 8 assists are excellent and we love to see 5 rebounds out of a guard spot.

We’ll wrap this thing up and let you folks get off to your New Year’s parties.  Have a good, safe, and happy one and drink slightly fewer beers than SmoothRon.  Until next year, cheer on the Cats, Vols, Wolverines, A’s, Tigers, Mets, Cubs, 9ers, Bengals, and who the Hell ever else you wish!

The Case for DeAndre Liggins: Florida Atlantic Edition

December 29, 2008

dligThroughout the UK basketball season we’ll be taking a look at the point guard play each game.  Many fans have called for freshman DeAndre Liggins to be starting over Michael Porter.  Both players have taken turns playing better than one another and the assist to turnover ratio of each is abysmal.  Billy Gillispie seems to have a plan for this year’s teams, but we’ll investigate what the stats say in this segment.

(Also, E wasn’t able to post this, so I am putting this up on the site for him.  Remember, all positive statements about Michael Porter were from EDayStat and NOT Smoothron.  Thanks for playing.)

The UK basketball Cats took on Florida Atlantic Saturday and Michael Porter turned in another solid performance.  Porter had a 5 to 1 assist to turnover ratio in 27 minutes versus DeAndre Liggins’ 2 to 1 in 15 minutes. Not bad by either young man in this game.  Points and rebounds were a wash in this one as well.  Let’s look at the differentials.

Porter +10
Liggins -4
Both +1

This all adds up to a 7 point Kentucky win in the end and again it looks like the team has been more efficient with Porter on the floor.  This is the third straight game where both the stats, and the feel of the game, seem to be leaning toward Porter playing much better than Liggins.  Even the hardcore “ditch Porter” crew would be hard pressed to say Porter hasn’t played solid basketball the last three games.

Where has this come from though?  The first 3-4 games of the year Porter looked shaky (at best) with the basketball and he looked damned near frightened with it in the VMI game.  In the last three games; however, he has handled the ball confidently, gotten the team into the offense, and best of all he has played solid defense.  Gillispie was very vocal in his support of Porter’s defense on Graham on Saturday.  No one else could shut him down, but Porter, who knows he’s not relied upon heavily on the offensive end, put everything he had into shadowing the guy and slowed him down a bit.

Another one goes to Porter here and as the team continues to play well it’s hard for anyone to ask for a change at the point right now.  The rotation seems to be working well and Billy seems to have things rolling in the right direction.  One more until the big measuring stick against the I-64 brethren.  That’s when we’ll really see who comes to play.

The Case for DeAndre Liggins: Tennessee State Edition

December 23, 2008

dligThroughout the UK basketball season we’ll be taking a look at the point guard play each game.  Many fans have called for freshman DeAndre Liggins to be starting over Michael Porter.  Both players have taken turns playing better than one another and the assist to turnover ratio of each is abysmal.  Billy Gillispie seems to have a plan for this year’s teams, but we’ll investigate what the stats say in this segment.

Wow, another crazy night for the basketball Cats as they fired on all cylinders.  Meeks went off in the first half and Patterson did the same in the second, each dropping 30+ points.  Just plain sick.  But what about the point guard play?  Well, as the stats (and the game film) show, Michael Porter had his second great game for UK.  Point differentials for UK while the two point guards were in the game are listed below.

Porter +32
Liggins +2
Both +12
Neither -2 

The +32 by himself for Porter is amazing.  This is the second straight game where he has had a huge differential on Liggins.  Part of that is the great start the team has had in the last two games, but that is only 10-15 points in each of those games.  Past that, Porter has just been flat out playing well, as the box scores show.

Porter 0 points, 0 rebounds, 7 assists, 1 turnover, 2 steals in 25 minutes
Liggins 7 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 turnovers, 0 steals in 22 minutes

Those stat  lines just go to show you the difference in these two young men right now.  Porter had three good looks from the 3-point line tonight and couldn’t get them to drop.  Outside of those looks the young man doesn’t even look to score.  He has been doing a great job of facilitating the offense the last couple of games.  We’ve also liked the fact that Coach Gillispie is having Miller, Galloway, and Liggins handle the ball down the court a little when Porter is in the game.  Porter will still pop out and collect the ball inside of half court and get the offense started, but giving him the freedom to get down the court some and not have to worry about handling the ball up every time seems to be helping a lot with his confidence.

Liggins on the other hand is looking to create with every touch of the basketball.  He still appears to be pushing a bit too hard some times, as evidenced by his turnover numbers and quick shots at times.  We think that’s what you’ll get out of the young man though, a spark plug for your offense but one that can combust on you at times.

Again, we have to give this one to Porter.  Outscored and outrebounded by Liggins tonight, Porter was still the one with a 7:1 assist to turnover ratio where Liggins’ was 1:1.  In UK’s offense this year the point guard does not have to score (although if Liggins grabs 4-5 boards a night it’s a huge plus).  Especially if Jodie Meeks can keep a 20-22 point scoring average for the year, Patterson will average 17-20, and you don’t have to have 10 points a game from the point guard position.  Harrellson, Stevenson, and now Stewart appear to be able to chip in 8-12 a night collectively, Miller and Harris (when he fully recovers, and we wish him well on that road) will be able to contribute a few points, and with the defense the Cats are playing you don’t need much else. 

Saturday brings Florida Atlantic on and we’ll be tuned in and ready to strike up another case for DeAndre Liggins on Sunday.  Until then, have a great holiday folks, and continue to cheer on the blue and white.

The Case for DeAndre Liggins: Appy State Edition

December 20, 2008

dligThroughout the UK basketball season we’ll be taking a look at the point guard play each game.  Many fans have called for freshman DeAndre Liggins to be starting over Michael Porter.  Both players have taken turns playing better than one another and the assist to turnover ratio of each is abysmal.  Billy Gillispie seems to have a plan for this year’s teams, but we’ll investigate what the stats say in this segment.

The Appy State game was a runaway from the start.  Here’s what the game stats say about the point differential from the point guard play.

Porter +40
Liggins -17
Both +6
Neiter -5

The stats say that Porter was overwhelmingly more effective in this game.  We personally think that he played the best game he’s played all year in this game.  Liggins struggled throughout much of the game.  As Matt Jones pointed out to the announcers of the game at half time Porter in the game was a net 38-4 in the first half for Kentucky.  We’re also glad that people have started keeping up with stats like that.  It’s a very in depth way to analyze the situation Kentucky has at the point this year.  The line scores for the two players are interesting as well.

Porter 3 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 turnover (1 block, not credited)
Liggins 2 points, 1 rebound, 3 assists, 4 turnovers, 1 block

That’s a pretty decent line for Porter.  He knocked down one open three, had a block that we saw on the broadcast that he wasn’t credited for, and most importantly had a 5 to 1 assist to turnover ratio.  Liggins made some terrible turnovers, including getting ripped at the top of the key twice (back to back even?) and didn’t run the offense quite as well.  Also, Liggins played 21 minutes to Porter’s 20 tonight so Porter was much more effective in equal time.

Meeks’ 46 in the game takes precedence over any of the point guard play, but the team is starting to come together.  With Galloway starting and Liggins not progressing as fast as the fan base had expected we just hope Liggins doesn’t get too discouraged.  This one goes to Porter, but we need both of those guys playing well for a shot to win the SEC and do well in the NCAA tournament.  Here’s to hoping Mikey keeps up the good minutes and Liggins forgets today’s game and moves on from here.

The Case for DeAndre Liggins: Indiana Edition

December 14, 2008

dligAs we said back after the Miami game UK’s point guard play has been a source of debate and we’ll be keeping up with how the two primary point men for UK (Liggins and Michael Porter) do in each game.  Enough with the intro, on to the stats.

Performance of the team through each game segment:

20:00 (1st) Porter start. 0-0
13:11 (1st) Liggins in, Porter out.  17-2
8:25 (1st) Porter in, Liggins out.  29-6
3:29 (1st) Liggins in, Meeks out.  34-13
Half 36-13

20:00 (2nd) Porter start.  36-13
19:31 (2nd) Liggins in, Porter out.  38-13
16:11 (2nd) Galloway in, Liggins out. 40-21
15:24 (2nd) Porter in, Galloway out.  40-21
11:51 (2nd) Liggins in, Porter out.  41-26
1:52 (2nd) Galloway in, Liggins out.  63-42
1:17 (2nd) liggins in, Galloway out.  65-48
END 72-54

The players’ contribution for the entire game in +/- differential while they were playing point.

Porter +11
Liggins +9
Both +2
Neither -4

Another close game goes to Michael Porter on the point differential, but not by much.  Again, lack of competition makes the stats for this game a bit worthless but we do believe Porter played a good, solid game at the point in this one.  Not spectactular, but competent.  You know, more Mike Hartline than Randall Cobb. 

Liggins on the other hand did contribute and pushed the tempo a bit as usual, just a little too carelessly at times.  10 points in the game for DeAndre are offset greatly by his six turnovers.  The two players’ box score lines for the game are below.

Porter 0 points, 4 assists, 2 turnovers, 2 steals, 1 rebound
Liggins 10 points, 3 assists, 6 turnovers, 0 steals, 2 rebounds

Pretty ugly for Liggins on the 6 turnovers and 2-6 from the field isn’t stellar.  What we do like is 6-6 from the free throw stripe and the fact that he got to the line more than anyone on the team (Patterson also had 6 attempts on the game).  If I think of what I want out of a point guard it is 1) run the team, 2) value the ball, 3) initiate the offense, and 4) shoot the ball well.  Right now Porter is doing a good job of #2 but not much else.  The team doesn’t look particularly inspired while he’s in the game, he doesn’t start anything as a threat on offense, and contrary to the traditional thoughts of UK fans, every white boy can’t shoot as Porter will show you. 

Liggins on the other hand does a good job of #1 and #3.  He shoots decently but not enough to be a real threat.  Very similar to Porter.  He does seem to instill some confidence in the team to score the ball and run when he’s in the game.  He also will initate the offense, as seen by his 6 free throw attempts.  Liggins does a good job of getting the ball in the lane and making shots, passes, and drawing fouls. 

Again, we’re not the coach here.  Billy seems to be doing a good job of running this team and they seem to be pulling some things together.  Just need 40 minutes of play (primarily defense) like the start of the IU game to be the norm instead of doing so for just a few minutes.  Turning the ball over less than 5 times per game out of the point guard spot would go a long way toward this season’s success as well.  Hopefully Liggins and Porter will combine for that before conference play starts.