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NCAA Hoops Blogpoll Ballot Week 9

January 7, 2008

Notable games this week were Dayton knocking off Pitt (and then Villanova doing the same), Wisconsin beating Texas in Austin, and the near-miss at UNC/Clemson.

With Pitt shitting the bed so often, we’ve decided they’ll be on the bench for a few weeks until they do something notable again.  I’m still very impressed with Indiana and Ole Miss, however Butler’s slow-style of play is still too boring to watch, so I’ll keep them in the poll as long as they win, but never higher than 15.

You’ll notice the Sam Houston State Bearkats (yes, that’s with a K) have entered the poll.  I don’t expect that to last very long, but hey, its a cool logo.

Big game this with with Ole Miss @ Tennessee.  We should learn a lot about both of those teams on Wednesday night.


NCAA Blogpoll Ballot Week 7

December 25, 2007

Spoke too soon on the Florida thing… fair enough.. but I still feel like Ole Miss could have something to say about the SEC race, which makes opening day January 9 @ Tennessee pretty interesting.

Biggest riser was of course Pitt, who I have not given much credit this year, but earned it last week.  Also moving up on my ballot are Indiana, Texas A&M, Gonzaga, and Dayton (making its first appearance of the year the week before a matchup with Pitt).

My last one out this week is Virginia, which is sporting a fancy win over my #20 Arizona and could do wonders for its status by knocking of Xavier or Duke in the coming weeks.


NCAA Hoops Blogpoll Ballot Week 6

December 18, 2007

[Update: The poll is out… here] 


Wow, what a shitty week for hoops… and sports in general.  Nothing at all changed for me in the top 13.  Blah.

 The X-men going down dropped them to #25, but I still feel like they are a tough beat in that odd little gym they have up in Cincy, and I think we’ll learn a lot about both the Vols and the Musketeers this Saturday.  Saint Mary’s fell back off the radar, as did Oregon, where I fully expect both to stay for the remainder of the season.

Things are not good in the bluegrass when you have Louisville literally falling apart at the seams joints, and The Big Blue Machine(?) resting gently at 4-4. 

On the way up, I have Arizona State, Miami-FL (which is admittedly overdue) and your defending National Champ–er… well they wear the same uni’s anyway–Florida Gators… if only they can figure out a way to get Tebow on the hardwood (pause).  Yep.

I’ve still not bought into Arizona either, but hey, if you can be sitting at 7-2 with a win over a good A&M team, and having taken Kansas to the wire, all while putting up with the drama in Tucson and being forced to sit in meetings with the most boring drone in basketball, you’ve earned my respect.

NCAA Blogpoll Ballot week 5

December 11, 2007

Here’s the Smoothron and TGC blogpoll ballot for this week.

Biggest droppers are the Ville (13 to 20) which we probably still have too high, but believe in Pitino, A&M (11-23) and Butler (7 to 24) which might be a little harsh, but come on, you hold a team to 42 total points and lose?  You’re lucky you’re still in our poll at all… we love us some offense and watching your team brings on anxiety.

Biggest riser, easy, Indiana…. Yes Indiana, we did not give you justice after knocking off the Saluki team that I really believed in, but your dismantling of UK was enough to allow you in (20 to 10).

Also, we’re pretty impressed with Vandy.  That’s a lot of white on that floor boys… and that’s impressive.

The official poll will be released Wednesday morning.  Our ballot:



NCAA Basketball Blogpoll Ballot – Week 4

December 3, 2007

Here’s our ballot this week.  The poll comes out on Wednesday, and I’ll be linking you fine folks over to it at that time.

 For now, does anyone else have questions about how good Texas is playing right now?  I believe.


NCAA Basketball Blogpoll Released

November 14, 2007

rankingimage.jpgYes, friends it’s that time of the year.  Tennessee football is winding down with annual punching bags Vandy and Kentucky, a quadri-annual loss to LSU in Atlanta, and another dismantling in the Peach Chick-fil-A Bowl by an ACC also-ran.  That means it’s basketball time.

That also means that Basket-blogger and general good guy Gabby from March To Madness, for some reason, has chosen the task of assembling and managing bloggers from all over into a weekly poll.  He was even kind enough to invite Smoothron and yours truly in on the action.  After running CFB Pickem this year around here, I know it is an unenviable task (someone once analogized that ‘organizing bloggers is like herding cats’ and if you had seen Eday’s flying leap in wet grass at 2am last night trying to catch a 4 month old kitten, you would find it as humorous as I do.)

So each week, we’ll be posting the APIAS ballot here, and sending you that-a-way for the [Week’s Poll].  Our ballot is after the all-inclusive JUMP.