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Lou’s got piss and vinegar, even at 71

October 13, 2008

Long before he was sweet ol’ Dr. Lou, Coach Holtz was a National Championship winning head man at the second all-time winningest football program ever.  We saw a spark of that fiery man this weekend.

I won’t bother to redo all the research that Matt Hinton did so well over at Dr. Saturday, but I did want to share this video with you.  Even at 71 years old he’s still as sharp as a syrienge filled with ‘roid.


When he has a job to do, he’s stopping at nothing — including basic civility on national television — to see it’s done. This was the secret to his coaching success:

[Dr. Saturday]

APIAS Pickem Scramble Week 3: Woops I drank Smooth’s birthday

September 13, 2008


So this bad boy is going up late, and is being typed at 2:34 a.m. East Coast time on Saturday morning.  Regardless of the fact that we still have yet to see picks from 3 of the players… it’s still Smoothron’s birthday and BobWicket was making it rain in [LOCATION REDACTED].  Honestly, the fact that I can still work the keyborad should garner a standing ovation.

I would however like to apologize to Marikka’s and [FORMER KENTUCKY SHOOTING GUARD REDACTED]’s house for drinking all their beer.

Also Burnsy apparently just told Smooth via facebook chat (yeah… gay!) that all his roommates were trying to bang the same chick.  (While he was facebook chatting) Nice effort B.

Per Eday’s advice, I’ll throw this up on the front page.  Upon reading the email that reminded SPS participants that picks were due in a few hours, I got this back from sell-out and ESPN The Mag writer ERIC!!! ANGEVINE!!! (Extra P to those who knew him before, Yoda to those who discussed the post-Wilco Jay Farrar live on Super Monday.)

 To show you what a nerd I am, I have a to-do list for every day, and one of the items on it is APIAS.

Also, I think Holly’s winning.


Lingering not-so-mixed reactions to the UCLA debacle

September 7, 2008

I was going to take this opportunity to write a nice Sunday summary column dealing with the loss to a mediocre-at-best UCLA team and spin it with some good lessons-learned, future is bright, young players get better rah rah, but then I found this masterpiece.

Hitler might be right.

APIAS Pickem Scramble Week 2: The Bobby Johnson Invasion WILL be televised!

September 5, 2008

Stop the presses!  Could Bobby Johnson be this year’s Sly Croom?  The next man to be donned with Genius status by the one and only BobWicket of the Nobel Foundation*?  Or is owning Steve Spurrier really anything to tout these days?  Discuss.

So last night’s Vandy/SC got us all geeked for this week’s amazing matchups right?!?  Okay no.  The continued pwnage of Steve Inferior aside, not a whole lot good going on this week.  Can Urban break the UM curse?  How will Tebow fare in the rain?  Is Harbaugh’s undefeated record a fluke?  That’s about all the worthwhile headlines I can think of.  And way too many questions to start off a post with.  So… er… sorry?

Last week the swiss-cheese Tennessee Prevent made Burnsy (8) out to be a prophet.  Which I think we’re all in agreement is not a good thing.  KSR’s Jones (whom I’ve yet to here from this week) also notched a first place finish.  Rounding out the Awayers were Holly with 7 and a gutsy UK pick and a sad sad email dap to yours truly on Tuesday, Bean and Spanky (6) didn’t fare as well as predicted–you went with Bowden? Zook?–and the late arriving TKK’s picks (who apparently is playing hooky with Matty) garnering a generous 5.

The Awayers take the early lead 46-41, thanks to the APIAS expert gambler/bona fide newspaperman going a combined 10-20 (I’m talking to you Smooth and Bru).  Last year’s champ Eday (6) is rewarded for his homerism, but dewarded for betting against the Hawkinses.  Last week’s home team champs (COUGH) me and W could only muster up 7 winners, while BobWicket, Clemson, and Temple also notched a 6.

In other news, if you don’t get your picks in by the deadline, I’m putting whatever helmets I think will kick your ass into gear in your column.  Bladdaaaww!

On to this weeks games!


Big Site News!

August 20, 2008


We have been hinting at this for about a month now, and the big site news is here. pal Brubaker is joining the fold!  He brings some credibility to the site as he: a) has an actual journalism degree; b) writes for the illustrious; c) is the person in the above picture and; d) refer back to ‘a.’  His homerrific teams include the University of Florida (football and just a little basketball) and University of North Carolina (a LOT of basketball).  Welcome him, bitches.

Blogging Without Television (The First Week)

August 19, 2008

Harold Wilson is thought to have said, “A week is a long time in politics.”  For the current administrations of Georgia, Russia, and the U.S. this may never have been more true.  Well, we don’t do politics over here (for stuff like that check out our boys at Red, White and Dude) but if you ask me I’d say, “A week is a long damned time without any TV in your house.”

Yes, it’s been just a shade over a week since the old cable boxes were turned in and my sweet plasma tee vee has set motionless since.  Well, except for when SmoothRon or myself were playing MLB08: The Show on it.  In any event, I missed a lot of great sporting events this week.  I also actually found a way to catch a few sporting events as well.  For the run down of my first week going cold turkey jump with me.


Blogging Without Television (And So It Begins)

August 11, 2008

Thanks to SmoothRon’s afternoon article most of you now know that I’m embarking on a journey for a little while.  Call it soul searching.  Call it a social experiment.  Call it me being a jack ass.  Yeah, that’s about right.  Whatever you want to call it, the simple truth is that I’ve decided to live without TV for the next few months (maybe longer) just for the Hell of it.

It all started about 3 weeks ago when I was sitting on the back porch watching the A’s play at around 11 o’clock.  I thought to myself, “Self”, because that’s what I call myself when I talk to myself, “when’s the last time you actually watched TV?”  The answer was about three days before that night.  I’d had various things going on that week like work, softball and basketball, a round of golf, and of course I’d been blogging and watching a lot of baseball through MLB.TV.  The simple fact was that it was Wednesday and I’d yet to turn the old tube on that week.

Things started steam rolling from there and I wondered what it would be like to try to live, and to blog, without the aid of a television.  In this day and age it probably isn’t that hard.  These days I get most of my information from the internet, watch most of my sports on the internet, and generally don’t use my TV for a whole lot.  So I figure why the Hell not?

So it starts today and I forsesee watching a lot more baseball on the compy.  Unfortunately for you all I also see quite a few more blog posts as I’ll be looking for something to fill the time when I used to lie on my ass eating cereal and watchin’ Bear Grylls*.  I also anticipate quite an uptick in MLB: The Show and College Football ’09 playing (when I get around to buying it). 

And just so you don’t think I’ve gone off the deep end, I do anticipate watching some TV.  As SmoothRon said, TGC’s place is a close trip away and when we’re hangin’ out shootin’ pool I’m sure I’ll catch some live sports action over at his place.  I also have a friend at work who is going to let me borrow his USB HD tuner tomorrow night so I can see how that works out.  If it goes well I’ll likely buy one of those so I can watch The Office, Earl, Heroes, and one or two other network shows I like.  If you haven’t seen the USB tuners, they’re just little USB keys that plug into a 4-5″ HD antennae.  Slap that puppy into your laptop and you’ve got HD TV wherever you go.  But you pretty much only get NBC, CBS, and ABC.

So yeah, I’m not going completely cold turkey here, but the main, underlying fact is that I will have no ESPN to keep me updated about the sporting world (call me the anti Leitch).  How will I ever live?  TGC’s revenge post last year showed that I will definitely miss not having the Food Network.  Not having HBO will suck as well, but I only watched 1-2 shows on there anymore so that’s not a big loss.

As with most things the first night will be the hardest.  The A’s have the night off so I’m probably just gonna throw the Tigers up on MLB.TV, sit back, enjoy a microwave meal and the weather, and try to start some decent articles for a change.  Do me a favor though.  If anything exciting happens in the Olympics give me a shout.  That’ll give me a reason to drink and it’ll be a lot easier to make it through this experience.


* So in case you’re wondering WTF the knife is for, that image comes up on the second page of a google image search for Bear Grylls.  When an image of a SOG is one of the first things that comes up during a search for you then you are one bad mother fucker.

EDayStat’s Trip Back in Time

August 11, 2008

EDayStat, good friend and fellow contributor to this great site, mentioned flippantly on Friday he would be embarking on an endeavor starting today.  Well, today is today… or something like that.  Anyway, EDay has decided he is going to go without cable at his home for the next month, at the least.  Yes, friends, he went and turned in his cable boxes and will attempt to be a sports fan without the use of a television.  Why?  I still have yet to figure that out, but he claims it’s something he wants to do and we’re all very interested to see how it goes.  Keep in mind, he’s not exactly closing himself off from the outside world.  He will still have the internet, so he’ll be able to keep up with his Oakland Athletics (if he so chooses) through MLB.TV.  And this is not a total ban of television, just at his home.  TGC’s abode is right across the street and everyone’s favorite Winch is a mere ten minute drive.

Let’s keep in mind, however, this is one of the busiest sports months of the year.  The Olympics are on, college football starts in just over two weeks, NASCAR’s Chase is upcoming, the best part of the baseball season is still ahead and the NFL gets going soon.  Again, let me repeat that I don’t condone this at all, but EDay has always been one who marches to his own beat.  There’s no stopping him now, so the best thing we can do is check back at the site in a few days and see how he’s coping.

2008 NCAA Helmet Schedule: no sir, that’s the new TPS report coversheet

July 30, 2008

Thanks to Bevo Sports for this year’s helmet schedule.  Cal, Idaho State, and Indiana State are the only schools with new helmets this year, but it doesn’t look like they made the graphics by print time.

Just make sure you beat the new accountant to the printer or you’ll end up in a heck of a fight.

“Why I take your paper?”

Download the full thing here [LINK]

[Bevo Sports]

My first fan video

July 29, 2008

This was produced by a what seems to be the first pre-pubescent APIAS fan ever… True Story… I’ll let it speak for itself.

Nevermind the inversion, we do love our fans.