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One Poor (?) Bastard’s Day at the Draft

April 27, 2009

BurgessWell the San Francisco 49ers lucked out a bit in the draft and picked up Michael Crabtree at tenth.  It was a big surprise to all involved as Crabs (that is his nickname right?) was expected to go in the top 5.  Reports range all over the map from saying he was a prima donna to he’s hopelessly injured with a foot stress fracture.  My guess is that if the injury part were true he’d be playing down in Oakland.  For the Athletics.

Reached by APIAS for comment Crabtree said “San Fransisco?  Well, at least I’ll be the best receiver they’ve ever had.  They still run the West Coast offense right?”

In all seriousness, I feel bad for this guy.  He caught 231 passes the last two years in college and the 9ers won’t throw that many this year.  He may have a hard time adjusting, but then again, who else does San Fran have to throw to this year?  Maybe it’ll all work out.