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Candidates for Kentucky Basketball Coach – 2009 Prom Edition

March 26, 2009

Spring is in the air in Kentucky, for everyone out of high school that means Keeneland and for those still in high school it means Prom.  Both events are usually preceded by drinking and high expectations that go unmet.  Keeneland goers gather around a keg, cooler or the sports bar on the second floor to discuss the rights and wrongs of Gillispie’s dismissal (Yes I am aware that it officially hasn’t happened but its going to, mostly likely tomorrow.  Plus I’m afraid someone else will steal  my article if I don’t post it now.  For that reason I’m bypassing any sort of post about the actual firing and moving right into the possible candidate post).

Prom goers will gather around the spiked punch bowl to discuss dance moves, ugly dresses and after parties.  Feel free to take a trip down memory lane to your own prom, many, many years ago.

Gillispie, Prom Date 2007

Gillispie, Prom Date 2007

Let me make only one quick comment about the firing of Gillispie.  The decision was made by President Lee Todd, not Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart.  There were on the floor issues but it came down to Gillispie failing to represent the University in a manner suitable for President Todd.  Barnhart understands the reputation that a University gets for firing a coach after only two seasons but this was not his call.  Done.

With that being said, let’s not waste time about the wrongs and rights of the firing and move on to possible replacements.  With everything that has happened image and character will play a larger role in this hiring process than the last.

In honor of prom, each candidate will fall into a possible prom category.   For you Keeneland goers you can find a Win, Place and Show at the end.  Let’s meet the possible dates.  (more…)

Kentucky Basketball – Yes, it is that Simple

March 10, 2009

Around this time every year the ‘little boys’ of college basketball dominate the television.  Conference championship games provide the best win or go home atmosphere before the actual NCAA Tournament.   The beauty behind the win or go home atmosphere is the simplicity surrounding it.  Win or go home.  Yes, it is just that simple.

The coaching philosophy you hear from top to bottom, 6′ goal kindergarten basketball to NBA professional basketball is K.I.S.S. Keep-It-Simple-Stupid.  Kentucky BasketballKeeping it simple does not seem to be a theory floating around the Kentucky basketball locker room.  Substitution patterns and playing time have been far from simple.  A scattered substitution pattern in December is one thing but by February and especially March the guys that are going to play need to know they are going to play.  Keeping it simple does not mean simple game plans or just cutting players loose to play backyard basketball.  At the collegiate level game plans and systems are often times complicated which is why other parts of the game need to be simple.

Here are two ways for Kentucky basketball to simplify things: (more…)

Transfer Raises Questions

March 4, 2009

The number one all purpose running back in the country, David Oku, has changed schools.  No, he has not changed colleges, that decision is still undecided, he has changed high schools.  This news is not breaking, it happened a few weeks ago, along with the rumor that the reason for his relocation was due to his high sperm count and lack of protection.

Nebraska SignThe rumor mill has been turning out Internet article after article about Oku.  Oku allegedly knocked up his ‘girlfriend’ while on a recruiting visit to Nebraska and this has prompted his move from Oklahoma to Nebraska.  Those in Oku’s camp say its strictly for academic reasons.  As usual, we here at have some questions/thoughts/comments on the subject….

  • The term ‘girlfriend’ must be a loose affiliation here because no 18 year old brings their girlfriend with them on a recruiting visit.  Obviously they met while Oku was on his recruiting visit to Nebraska.  Nothing says I love you, lets have a baby like a recruiting visit weekend hook-up.
  • If I was Oku I would be having a paternity test done, ASAP.  Let’s be honest, he wasn’t the first running back on the Nebraska campus for a recruiting visit this year. 
  • Oku transferred schools because his new high school in Lincoln, Nebraska offers classes his former high school does not.  Exactly, I am sure the first thing on Oku’s mind for next year is getting college credit for Calculus, French and Biology.  We here at appreciate his determination to ‘score’ in the classroom.
  • If you are going to knock some random girl up on a recruiting visit, at least do it somewhere fun, like Miami, Florida or LSU.  Lincoln, Nebraska is just so boring.
  • Does Oku’s girlfriend attend the University of Nebraska?  Perhaps she works for the football team….CONSPIRACY!  Someone alert Lane Kiffin.
  • If the pregnancy is true, can Tennessee start recruiting this child before birth?
  • To the girlfriend of Oku –  For rent, nice 3 bedroom condo in West Knoxville $0 a month,  University of Tennessee scholarship worth up to $30,000 a year (yes, I know tuition is much cheaper than that but you get the idea here) and a brand new Lexus SUV (car seat included).

Well, there you have it…the Oku saga continues and so does our distasteful, bad and crude blogging.

Irrelevant ‘Thoughts’ From the Kentucky Tennessee Game

February 21, 2009

In honor of our “favorite” Lexington Herald Leader columnist here are some “random notes, thoughts”  or whatever he calls them.  These are actual thoughts, not just facts or ESPN radio rip offs.

Notes while watching the Tennessee vs. Kentucky game….

  • Tennessee is good at two things…getting tattoos and standing around on offense.
  • In my mind, ‘runs’ in a basketball game shouldn’t last over 5 minutes….Kentucky started the game by outscoring Tennessee 13-0 but it took them 7 minutes to do it…that’s not a run, its just boring basketball.
  • Made jump shots from Ramon Harris, Darius Miller, Michael Porter and Perry Stevenson had Kentucky ‘balling’ to the tune of 21 points in 13 minutes.
  • Bad shooters all over the Rupp Arena floor when Kentucky plays Tennessee.  The scouting report included more “don’t guard him outside of 15 feet” players then any other game in the country today, including a high school girls game that finished 27-22.

    Keep Shooting Wayne

    Keep Shooting Wayne

  •  The best players from Kentucky and Tennessee combined could not beat North Carolina.  Yes, you blatant Kentucky homers, it is true.  Think about it, 1) Bobby Maze 2) Jodie Meeks 3) Scotty Hopson/J.P. Prince 4) Tyler Smith 5) Patrick Patterson.  Those five aren’t beating the Tar Heels.  In fact, Meeks would have to take just as many shots for that team to win as he does for Kentucky to win. (I know that may not be the best five the two teams could put out there, but to debate that is as pointless as debating who is better Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie.  You can argue all night but in the end, there just isn’t enough talent for it to matter.
  • Time Machine Moment (moments I wish had never happened):  Wayne Chism during a high school basketball practice buries a 3 from the top of the key.  His coach utters a statement something like this, “Nice job…you know you are a really good shooter, shoot it whenever you are even remotely open.”
  • I hope Renaldo Woolridge’s rap career blossoms soon because his basketball career is close to over and it barely got off the ground.
  • It is obvious when the camera canvases the student section why the University of Kentucky is one of the worst in the country in student body diversity.  The student section has a “white out” every home game and never has to buy any t-shirts.

As always more irrelevant thoughts to come

Prison Team Wins BCS Championship??

December 10, 2008

BCS LogoThe recent legal issues surrounding Plaxico Burress has sparked some interesting discussions at headquarters.  The debates have been intense and are the kind of issues that end friendships, work relationships and crash websites.  Gun control;  Does this country need stricter gun laws to protect the citizens of this great country?  So after that was discussed gun control for approximately five minutes, we as a staff moved on to a more important question, the kind that can end life long friendships.

Can a squad of convicts field a football team that would compete for a BCS championship?  Yes, you read that correctly, now give it some thought.  Could you find 22 guys, that have been in the detention system in the last few years, good enough to beat Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama or Texas?  After hours and hours of debating we came up with a squad that has a chance…..after the jump. (more…)

Who Do The People Want At Tennessee?

November 22, 2008

With Christmas around the corner, Tennessee finds itself in the market for a new head football coach.  Who do Tennessee fans want as their new head coach?  What do Tennessee fans write on their Christmas wish lists?  Well that depends on the type of Tennessee fan we are dealing with.  Each type of fan is interested in a different coach.  Let’s take a look at the leading candidates for each Tennessee demographic.

old ut playerThe Old School Guy:  You know this guy, he is just like your grandfather or maybe father.  He’s been a Tennessee fan his entire life but never goes to a game because he hates large crowds.  8:00pm games on Saturday keep him up too late, he compares every Tennessee football team to the 1956 team that went 10-1 and constantly complains about everything unassociated with the actual game, like jerseys, fans, music, cleats, face-masks, eye black and grass color.  He will find a reason to complain, even when Tennessee wins 56-0.  This is the grandfather kids hate.  He is bitter, angry and retired.  Things were much,  much better when he was younger and the world is going to hell in a hand-basket.  Anything anyone younger than him does is stupid and because the world is going to hell in hand-basket.  He lives to yell at the television during Tennessee football games and gets angry when teams throw the ball on 3rd and 13.

The Old School Guy is pulling for Joe Paterno.  The old school guy wants an old school coach who is just as angry at the world as he is.  Of course they are angry at the media because nobody is mentioning Paterno as a possible replacement for the too young and too energetic Fulmer.

More after the jump…. (more…)

Tennessee Football Coaching Wish List

November 3, 2008

Tennessee FootballLet us begin with this, “Thank you Coach Fulmer, for everything.”  That being said (and please understand there is depth in such a comment), let’s begin the talk that will swirl around the University of Tennessee over the next few months.  What looks to be a promising basketball season will once again take a backseat to football talk at least until SEC play.  The talk of course will be on the new football coach in east Tennessee.

We would not be doing our jobs if we did not bring you a list of possible candidates that will be considered for the position.  There is an emphasis on possible in the previous sentence, so that eliminates Jim Tressel, Pete Carroll, Bob Stoops, Mack Brown, Urban Meyer, Les Miles, Nick Saban and Mark Richt.  The previous statement was necessary because a few years ago when Tennessee was looking for a new men’s basketball coach a few names that popped up on message boards were Paul Hewitt, Jim Calhoun and “that guy at the school in New York that wears orange.”  Yes, those were the people Tennessee fans really thought they had a chance at getting.  So for those people: consider the aforementioned coaches off limits unless a miracle occurs.

This will not be an easy process or hire for Athletic Director Hamilton.  Unlike Florida, Georgia, Alabama, or LSU there is no base recruiting bed for Tennessee.  Fulmer made a living plucking kids from Georgia, Florida, Alabama, California and other places.  In recent years those recruiting pipelines have shut off by Richt, Meyer, Saban, and Carroll.  The new coach will have to immediately stake claim to players in those areas, a coach that already has a recruiting base in one of those regions would be ideal in terms of recruiting.  With this in mind, it eliminates all the up and coming coaches without a history or recruiting players in the South.

The sense for change has been swirling around Tennessee football over the last few years.  Not only a coaching change but a system change.  Take a peek at the top teams in the BCS rankings, what do most of them have in common?  In their offensive system the words ‘spread’ and ‘spread-option’ seem to show up often.  Only Alabama and USC in the top 10 run conventional, pro-style offenses.  College football has moved into the era of spreading defenses out and no one is better at that then the young, up-and-coming coaches.

With all that being said, lets take a look at the wish list… (more…)

APIAS.NET Sandwich Pick ’em Week 8

October 17, 2008

You know the drill….if you enjoy the neat helmet graphic we use for this pick em then please pick teams that have helmets we have already used in past weeks.

yeah, i know it looks like shit, just deal with it.

Brandon Warren’s Trip Home Completed

August 20, 2008

Word came from the University of Tennessee Athletic Department that Florida State transfer Brandon Warren was granted his eligibility from the NCAA.  Warren petitioned the NCAA for a transfer based on family hardship.  Warren left Florida State after one season of football where he was one of the more productive tight ends in recent FSU history (not a school known for tight end play). 

With a recent injury to Cottam the news on Warren could not have come at a better time for Fulmer and new offensive Coordinator Dave Clawson.  Warren was the #2 ranked tight end in the country coming out of high school in Alcoa, Tennessee. 

After the worst season under Fulmer the Vol faithful grew even more anxious when this heralded talent got out of east Tennessee.  Never to doubt, Fulmer somehow made good on his promise that Warren would end up some day playing in orange and white, where Clawson will use Warren as a tight end, H-back and even split out in the new morph spread Tennessee offense in 2008. 

Thinking Baseball….Pedro Cerrano Style

August 20, 2008

While taking a break from a grueling work afternoon at headquarters I stumbled across a VHS copy of Major League.  Of course I blocked off two hours in the middle of an afternoon on a Wednesday to view this fantastic movie for what is probably the 25th time.

During the final scene while the team is celebrating winning the pennant, when Roger Dorn punches Rick ‘Wild Thing’ Vaughn in the face for banging his wife, then picks him up and hugs him, I thought to myself, “Is there anything that happens in baseball that can’t be described via a Major League quote?”

It is common place at headquarters to hear the following terms… (more…)