2009 NBA Live Blog; Rufio!


8:03 eDay –  Don’t worry folks, Smooth will be along soon.  I have paged him.  4 picks in and the Spaniard is still up for grabs.  So is Jodie Meeks.

7:50 TGC – The smooth one will be with you soon. Since the power is out at headquarters I’m starting this bad boy off from a Max and Ermas in the Cincinnati airport to pass the time while my flight to the west coast is delayed. No real surprises so far. Clips take Blake. Grizz takes Thabeet. And barmaid, I’ll take another six dollar Dos Equis!

8something TGC the best player in the draft Rickey Rubio goes 5th or something and the bartender informs me that she can only sell 2 beers to a person at a time… And then offers me a shot a 3.50. Yes please.

852 TGC Flight changed. Gate changed. Bar changed. Smaller TV. Suns on the clock. Early money has them taking Jared Carter. Too bad Michael Jackson isn’t around for this.

913 TGC live blogging from airplane. The hot Asian beside me is wondering why I’m giggling. Next up on the board, Delta Airlines, who select Jack Daniels from Tennessee. Good choice all around. I’ll have the fish!

925 TGC next up is the overweight stewardess with an attitude. She informs me that blackberries are not allowed on the plane in the on position. I inform her that this is a live blog, not a phonecall, and that seems to appease her. She apologizes, Dos Equis in tow.

931 TGC I don’t know what timezone I’m over anymore. where the hell is smooth?? This was his idea.

2 Responses to “2009 NBA Live Blog; Rufio!”

  1. BobWicket Says:

    Wow. Already with MJ?

  2. bxoxetjmsons Says:


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