Champions League Ends With a Bang


owIt was a match up that even non-soccer fans have heard about.  The Champions League finished up with Barcelona against Manchester United.  Two absolute titans of world soccer battled it out to the finish with Barcelona coming out on top 2-0.  Follow the jump for APIAS expert analysis of the match.

The game started off with a bang as ManU forward Jonathon Ripley sent a ball flying at the Barcelona goal in the fifth minute.  The shot went wide over Barcelona goal keeper Raul Duke, and Barcelona quickly turned the field position around.

Midfielders Rafael Lopez and Sean Martin pushed deep into ManU territory, controlling the ball and tempo for the next few minutes.  After a side throw-in ManU was forced deep into their own territory and Barcelona’s Fernando dropped in the games’ first goal from short range in the tenth minute.

ManU only had one more scoring chance in the half but David Finch’s left-footed boot skipped wide.  Barcelona continued to control through the break in the action.  The red and gold battled relentlessly into ManU territory until finally coming through with a 70th minute goal off the golden foot of Rafael.  2-0 Barcelona was more than the ManU players could recover from and Barcelona cruised to the victory.

So a huge win for Barcelona and ManU will need to spend more money next year to get back to the top of the heap in world soccer.  Until the next Champions, watch some baseball!

(Note: APIAS does not actually watch soccer and the game and names involved may not have actually played out in this exact fashion.)

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