2009 A’s Update: How’d We Every Win 11?


suzuki_sunWith the Elephants earning a day off for their recent terrific play it’s about time we looked in on the young season.  Almost thirty games into the season everyone expected to be writing about a revitalized lineup in Oakland that just hasn’t had solid enough pitching to win close ball games.  My how the times haven’t changed.

Going into game 30 tonight against the hapless ridiculous Royals the A’s sit dead last in team average (not a big surprise) and runs scored (a bit miffed at that one).  Also, all those offseason power bat additions have earned us a staggering one HR per loss for the season.  That’s not a good statistic no matter how you look at it.

What has been good about the season is the same old story.  Good, effective pitching.  The A’s are third in the AL in ERA (just 0.04 behind TGC’s Tigs) and continue to get solid starts from the young guys everyone was so worried about in the preseason.

Where have the A’s gone wrong this year?  Again, same song, different verse as we see the DL trips and nagging injuries mounting by the week.  All the fans hopes of a healthy Eric Chavez have been dashed again.  The one guy Oakland locks up on a long term contract can’t stay in the lineup, and that’s just too bad.

It’s not all bad news though.  The pitchers will continue to get in their innings and continue to grow.  Kurt Suzuki is swinging a good bat out of the catcher position and Ryan Sweeney’s glove has been even better than his swing this year.  Given time, the bats will come around and the A’s just have to put it all together.  It’s still early and no one has separated themselves in the West yet.  I don’t anticipate anyone doing so either.  After all, we’re not even 30 games in, anything can happen folks.

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