RIP The Bird

Photo: The Detroit News
Photo: The Detroit News

1976 Rookie of the Year Mark Fidrych was found dead at his home yesterday due to an apparent accident.

I won’t spend too long on it this morning, but I did want to point out a great little read about him and a certain current major league manager in the Detroit News.

My favorite Bird story was of him pitching to Graig Nettles of the Yankees.  Bird started talking to the ball on the mound, like he always did.  Nettles steps out of the box, looks at his bat and says “Nevermind what he says to that ball, you hit it out of the park.”  After he struck out, Nettles said, “Damned Japanese bat, doesn’t understand a word of English!”

Keep talking to the ball Mark, wherever you are.

 Link courtesy of Bless You Boys.

One Response to “RIP The Bird”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    He truly was one of a kind. These days the team shrink wouldn’t let a team draft a guy with that kind of character. RIP bird man.

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