Afternoon Wake Up Call: The Back Porch Is Open


wakeupWell the weather has turned quite nice after the cold weekend and you may start seeing a few more afternoon wake up posts in your future friends.  Take a moment to let that sink in…Now, the few who are still about should start off their evening by checking in with what TGC and 2SL have to say about the state of the Kentucky program.  These two put up a couple of great posts about how the UK program has gotten into the state it is in.

For the UK fans still around after looking at those two posts, we’re looking at taking on Jerry Tarkanian’s the Runnin’ Rebels out of Las Vegas this week in the friendly confines of Memorial.  Personally, I’d love to be at that game tomorrow as it will be a part of Kentucky lore for years to comes.  Here’s to hoping that will be a good thing.

The other SEC fans out there can catch UT, Mississippi State, or LSU in the Big Dance starting on Thursday or South Carolina, Auburn, and Florida battling UK for NIT supremacy.

In baseball news, the USA held off the mighty NED to stay alive in WBC play.  After all the shit the writers of this site gave the Dominicans after their two losses to NED we’re extremely glad they couldn’t knock off the US team.

In other sports news another football player may be in trouble for killing someone, Manny may be hurt, and Mr. Peanut rolls in style.  Okay, that last part is a bit of a stretch but baseball is in the air and most people buy (read: pick up off the ground) a few peanuts at the ball game.

Now it’s time for our favorite thing of the day and we’re going to go with an Old Fashioned.  No, I did not just terminate that sentence as prematurely as 2SL in the sack, I’m referring to an ice cold Old Fashioned.  Take yourself a cocktail glass, drop a few ice cubes in, a teaspoon of simple syrup, two dashes of angostura bitters, and top it off with a shot of the best bourbon you can afford.  Hell, throw some jack or scotch in there if that’s your thing.  It doesn’t really matter, but what does matter is that you sit back and enjoy it slowly while reading Afternoon Wake Up Call every afternoon.

With that, my friends, I sign off.  Have a fantastic Monday night and back the blue on Tuesday night.  While you’re at it, back them early by listening in while they play baseball tomorrow night (7:30, prior to the UK tip off).  They were supposed to battle Nicholls St. tonight but the game was cancelled due to what appears to be a man-made rain-out due to the sprinkler system.

One Response to “Afternoon Wake Up Call: The Back Porch Is Open”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    The hosts of the sports huddle are calling UK UNLV the biggest must-win of the past couple years.

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