John Wall Can’t Catch a Break

by has John Wall as its #1 player in America.  Many would have assumed he was a lock for the McDonald’s All-American game, but since he’s a fifth year senior, he is ineligible (although, he will be playing in the Jordan Brand Classic).  He was also going for a third straight state championship in the state of North Carolina, then this happened.

Yes, that is John Wall’s Word of God Christian Academy getting absolutely hosed by the refs, in the state championship game nonetheless.  Something tells me that ref will be getting scratched by WOGCA next year.  Don’t worry about it though, John; in 15 months you’ll be rich enough to start a Word of John Wall Academy.

One Response to “John Wall Can’t Catch a Break”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    I bet the Word was “Bullshit” that night

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