Afternoon Wake Up Call


wakeupAfternoon Wake Up Call is our way of recapping the day’s action.  This is for all the assholes (college kids) who get to sleep all day or for folks like us that are stuck at work all day and need some updates.  It likely won’t be daily (until Spring weather permits back porch posting on a daily basis), but someone will bring you the day’s recap in a way only APIAS can.

Well lots of things happening in the sports world.  First off, there’s the race for the SEC East, or race to see who can’t finish first, however you want to look at it.  If you didn’t see TGC’s recap of the Wild East, I suggest you look at it.  It’s as comprehensive as it gets for the scenarios.  From a Cats standpoint, anything less than taking care of Georgia at home and winning in Gainesville leaves them scrambling for an SEC tournament championship.  Tennessee can probably afford one more loss and a good tournament run and still make the NCAA tourney based on their solid strength of schedule and their amazing RPI. 

On the racing front, Dale Jr. got off the schnide with his first top ten of the year.  Vegas was good to Jr. as a few late breaks, culminating in Carl’s blown engine, allowed Dale to sneak in at number ten.  Hopefully that will change the guy’s luck going into the front stretch of the year.  He’s made some bad breaks for himself this year.  Here’s to hoping he races clean, well, and gets a few more breaks this season.

marlboromanBaseball is heating up.  Only 35 days ’til the Fightin’ Elephants kick off.  The A’s and Tigers are both looking to improve on last year’s records.  The Tigs were a bit of a dissapointment but I doubt the Marlboro Man will allow that to happen two years in a row.  Oakland was rebuilding last year and it showed in their second straight under .500 year.  Offseason acquistions of Matt Holliday and the homecoming of Jason Giambi has the Green and Gold primed to recover from a league worst offense in 2008.  A healthy Eric Chavez and a revamped set of mechanics for Bobby Crosby have the A’s set up to have possibly the best lineup in the AL West.

Well that’s about it for today’s recap.  Our maiden voyage was more of a statement of things to come.  In the future look forward to updates on SEC basketball, MLB baseball, NASCAR, boxing, and anything else we can slip in that day.  Also, arrested athletes will likely make an appearance.  You never know.

4 Responses to “Afternoon Wake Up Call”

  1. Ranbir Says:

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  2. smoothron Says:

    Dammit, Ranbir, your timing couldn’t be worse!

  3. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Great, now we’re on a terrorist watch list.

  4. eDayStat Says:

    Someone tell 2SL to stop making up fake WordPress account names to up our hit numbers.

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