Helicopter pilot’s indavertant wicked googly halts play


Let this be a lesson to all schools and pro teams with a large “H” as your sports logo.  Don’t paint it on the middle of the field, lest ye be visited by large flying machines.

A cricket match in Mumbai, India was halted suddenly when a helicopter pilot mistook the team’s logo painted in the corner of the field for a landing area and fires outside the stadium as smoke signals.   The players scattered and the pilot, none the wiser, went ahead and landed the chopper on the pitch.

Play was stopped for a half-hour while the mess was settled, and the private helicopter was relocated.

The “H” stands for the name of the Himachal Pradesh team.

“It landed suddenly. No one knew what was happening,” the competing Punjab team manager told the paper after his side won the interrupted game. “There was chaos. Everyone ran for cover.”

Good thing it didn’t happen at a Colombian soccer match.  That thing would have been shot out of the sky by an RPG and raked for parts and supplies miles before it got to the pitch.

Then again, that’s pretty much a normal day for Team Afghanistan.


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