Irrelevant ‘Thoughts’ From the Kentucky Tennessee Game


In honor of our “favorite” Lexington Herald Leader columnist here are some “random notes, thoughts”  or whatever he calls them.  These are actual thoughts, not just facts or ESPN radio rip offs.

Notes while watching the Tennessee vs. Kentucky game….

  • Tennessee is good at two things…getting tattoos and standing around on offense.
  • In my mind, ‘runs’ in a basketball game shouldn’t last over 5 minutes….Kentucky started the game by outscoring Tennessee 13-0 but it took them 7 minutes to do it…that’s not a run, its just boring basketball.
  • Made jump shots from Ramon Harris, Darius Miller, Michael Porter and Perry Stevenson had Kentucky ‘balling’ to the tune of 21 points in 13 minutes.
  • Bad shooters all over the Rupp Arena floor when Kentucky plays Tennessee.  The scouting report included more “don’t guard him outside of 15 feet” players then any other game in the country today, including a high school girls game that finished 27-22.

    Keep Shooting Wayne

    Keep Shooting Wayne

  •  The best players from Kentucky and Tennessee combined could not beat North Carolina.  Yes, you blatant Kentucky homers, it is true.  Think about it, 1) Bobby Maze 2) Jodie Meeks 3) Scotty Hopson/J.P. Prince 4) Tyler Smith 5) Patrick Patterson.  Those five aren’t beating the Tar Heels.  In fact, Meeks would have to take just as many shots for that team to win as he does for Kentucky to win. (I know that may not be the best five the two teams could put out there, but to debate that is as pointless as debating who is better Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie.  You can argue all night but in the end, there just isn’t enough talent for it to matter.
  • Time Machine Moment (moments I wish had never happened):  Wayne Chism during a high school basketball practice buries a 3 from the top of the key.  His coach utters a statement something like this, “Nice job…you know you are a really good shooter, shoot it whenever you are even remotely open.”
  • I hope Renaldo Woolridge’s rap career blossoms soon because his basketball career is close to over and it barely got off the ground.
  • It is obvious when the camera canvases the student section why the University of Kentucky is one of the worst in the country in student body diversity.  The student section has a “white out” every home game and never has to buy any t-shirts.

As always more irrelevant thoughts to come

7 Responses to “Irrelevant ‘Thoughts’ From the Kentucky Tennessee Game”

  1. BF Jackson Says:

    Kentucky shot very well–almost 60%. UT shot terribly–just under 32%. Kentucky’s defense is what made the first few minutes so ‘boring,’ though only a Vols fan would think that was boring basketball. The Cats took Tennessee completely out of their offense. Hell, the only offense UT could muster: putbacks by obese big men and under-talented cousins of Tayshaun Prince off of bricked shots. If Kentucky had been on the glass better, it would have been a 30+ point destruction and Bruce Pearl himself would have quit–along with his team. All around Knoxville, incorrectly put-on headbands would have been flying off of the heads of young fans everywhere.

    The Vols are not good, and Kentucky may not be a match for UNC. But the Cats stand a better chance than the Vols against anyone. Hell, MARYLAND and BC beat the Tarheels. Anything can happen. Except Tennessee being relevant in college basketball–men’s college basketball.

    Cute, but frustrated write-up, 2SL. Spring practice is on its way.

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    All the experts I sat near in Section 23 today agree with BFJ.

  3. BF Jackson Says:

    That would be the expert section of Rupp. Lucky you, TGC.

  4. smoothron Says:

    Where did you get that idea about the two teams not being able to beat UNC? Whoever came up with something like that would be a genius.

  5. eDayStat Says:

    2SL is just pissed that Woolridge won’t be SEC Frosh of the Year. Chism hasn’t been the same since shunning the Christian headband.

  6. Zappa Says:

    Thank you *very* much for sharing your insight. I’ll bookmark this.

  7. Zinkievich Says:

    wah mantab sob langsung tak coba aja dech.. blog deraibali

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