APIAS College Basketball Is Riding High


73447735SL039_SEC_Men_s_TouIt’s been two great nights for APIAS basketball.  Kentucky pulls out a nail biter against Florida without their All Conference center, Tennessee handles business against Georgia as they should, and a big four in a row in Cameron for Bru’s Heels.  Could things get any better?  Let’s take a look at each of these games.

Georgia @ Tennessee

Tennessee dominated the Dogs on The Summit on Wednesday night, controlling the game from the opening tap until the final minutes where UT instituted the seldom seen “white out.”  Tyler Smith led the Vols balanced scoring attack with 15 while Wayne Chism chipped in 13 and three others saw double digits in the Vols’ 79-48 drubbing of Dennis Felton’s head coach Laodsij Jaoie’s Bulldogs.  More importantly (to SmoothRon) B-Will had 10 points and 5 boards in only 13 minutes of play.  What’s wrong Bruce?  Couldn’t play Big Beezy for 40 minutes?  The man would have had 31 and 15 if you’d have left him on the floor.  Most importantly, the Vols are now tied in the SEC East at 6-3 with Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina.

North Carolina @ Duke

As a UK fan (who according to Seth Davis wishes he were a Duke fan) I think I speak for all of us when I say “when Duke loses, we all win.”  Carolina went into Cameron on Wednesday night and dominated Duke for what would amount to three quarters in a high school or NBA game.  Carolina controlled things from the start until Duke turned the page and went into the half with a 52-44 lead.  Carolina came out in the second and pushed the pace, making baskets, and got some big misses out of Duke on open shots from beyond the three point line. 

Four straight wins in Cameron is a testament to any team, but UNC’s seniors can claim that.  UNC has eight (EIGHT!) seniors on their team and I’ll pretend to know that they’ve all been there the entire time.  Regardless, the guys that have seen the floor in all four of those games (which I think is around half or less, Bru forgive me for my Carolina b-ball ignorance) have something to hang their college hat on.  UNC looked like a team Hell-bent on proving that they are the best team in basketball tonight.  A couple of mid-season struggles against lesser (or somewhat equal against Wake) competition can’t define Carolina basketball right now.  This is still the team to beat in the nation.

Florida @ Kentucky

What else can you say about Jodie Meeks?  What else can you say about Kevin Galloway, Josh Harellson, or Michael Porter?  Meeks made the big shot at the end and took over after Patrick Patterson went down with an ankle injury with over nine to play.  Galloway had a break out game dishing the ball, rebounding like a man, and finishing one ridiculous coast-to-coast dunk that brought the Rupp Arena fans out of their seats and helped bring the Big Blue back.  Harellson, for his part, was efficient.  The big boy from Missouri made open shots and did his best to block out and foul Calathes as much as possible when somehow UK avoided hedging ball screens. 

On the Gators’ side Calathes made every UK fan jealous that they didn’t have a guy like him running the offense.  Nick is a special player and one that Kentucky doesn’t have one guy on the entire team that can capably defend.  All that being said, I want my star player to make those three free ones at the end, and I feel like Meeks wouldn’t have missed those first two down in the Swamp.  Also, UK fans, last night was an amazing game, but you’ve lost your “bullshit” card on the Edgar Sosa shot after Jodie’s double clutch three went down in Calathes’ face.  Also, Billy Gillispie couldn’t hear this blog post.

Wow, lots of action the last two nights.  Rick Pitino basically calling Walter Hodge’s stepping on Perry Stevenson a joke just adds to the excitement of the week.  For my two cents I didn’t see Hodge doing that on purpose but there has been a precedent set that if you step on a guy during a dead ball your done for the game.  I think it’s a good rule, but Hodge suffered for others’ sins last night.  In any event here’s hoping to the Vols, Heels, and Cats’ weekend going as well as the last two days have.

8 Responses to “APIAS College Basketball Is Riding High”

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