Nu’Keese Richardson testing dual-school waters


In the slightly-creepy all-day infatuation of following and hassling 17 year old kids over their choice of higher education — according to this afternoon — Nu’Keese Richardson became, apparently, the first high school player to commit to 2 different schools on signing day.  The fact that he will be attending and playing for both SEC East division rivals Florida and Tennessee makes the soup a little stewier for the early season contest.


Some preliminary questions that come to mind:

Will he be required to use 2 years of eligibility per year?  And would that make him NFL eligible by week 6 of 2010?

Which school’s academic criteria must he follow?

If he receives a degree from UF will that dimish the stature of the same from UT?

Can he play for both teams in the annual matchup?

Upon getting arrested in Las Vegas/Knoxville/Tijuana/Jacksonville does he call Urban or Lane?

This should get interesting…

UPDATE: Apparently Nu’Keese settled on a school after all, as Rivals has taken down the Florida commitment.  Oh well, would have been interesting…

2 Responses to “Nu’Keese Richardson testing dual-school waters”

  1. NTG Says:

    what a name. Hey, yall seen my Nu’Keese i just had made at the wal-mart?

  2. eDayStat Says:

    It’s too bad he didn’t pick Louisville and West Fuckin’ Virginia. He could have played twice every week. Once on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday for U of L and then on Saturday for WFVU.

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