Whatever happened to that guy? – Ramar Smith

Drive, draw, and dish... where have ye gone?
Drive, draw, and dish… where have ye gone?

As we noted before in our search for leadership and hustle out of the 2009 version of Tennessee basketball, we lamented for the days of long long ago last year.  2 fiery, intelligent players roamed “The Summitt” and did not render one defeat.  Those 2 players are gone (dismissed for puffing the cheebah), and APIAS is tracking them down.

Duke Crews was located alive and well, playing PF for D-II Bowie State.

It appears that, as of July last year, Ramar Smith had intended to go to 2 time defending NAIA National Champ Oklahoma City U.

Former Tennessee point guard Ramar Smith has enrolled at Oklahoma City University, according to sources close to the situation. (Knoxville News-Sentinel)

He then turned up in Poland in October (no that is not the beginning of a WW-II joke), playing three games for AZS Koszalin.  He averaged 22 minutes, shot 18% from the foor, and 40% from the FT line before leaving town.  According to eurobasket.com

2008-2009: in Sep.’08 signed at AZS Koszalin (Poland-DBE, starting five), left next month

That’s where the paper trail ends.  I recall seeing an article that suggested Smith had personal factors in his decision to give up pro basketball, but no further info.

sharp PG play and defense

Missing: sharp PG play and defense

If anyone has further information regarding the whereabouts of Ramar Smith, dial your local police shoot us an email at apiasdotnet (at) yahoo (dot) com.

In future installments of “Whatever happened to that guy?” we hope to include the current whereabouts of Lang Wiseman, all-time Kentucky 3-point percentage holder Todd Svboda, Ron Slay, Wade Houston, and Steve Hamer.

UPDATE: Scott Ross posted on scout.com “Ramar is in Nashville…..he was looking into TSU and/or MTSU, but neither worked out…”

14 Responses to “Whatever happened to that guy? – Ramar Smith”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    I may have a lead on that Z story…

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    it would have been interesting had he signed with TTU and MTSU…

  3. NTG Says:

    I do know that Ron Slay spends his summers in Knoxville playing in the Rocky Top league against current and future Vols.

  4. fabi Says:

    he’s training in the german 2. league (pro a).

  5. Rick Manzarek Says:

    That should be his German team: http://www.eurobasket.com/team.asp?Cntry=GER&Team=4318

  6. AAA Says:


  7. ed Says:


    Ron Slay is in Italy playing on the same team as Shan Foster of Vandy

  8. Vol man Says:

    I think Ramar is in a heap of trouble, thats where he is and in the future he will be in Brushy Mountan State penitentary

  9. malone Says:

    Ramar Smith is playing in the ABA for the Georgia Gwizzles. He has been selected as the preseason MVP of the whole league. Nov. 2010

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    […]Whatever happened to that guy? – Ramar Smith « APIAS[…]…

  13. Johnson Says:

    Ramar Smith still playing in the ABA…back to back MVP of the entire league averaged 47 points per game this year, 38 points per game over the last 2 years…..crazy talented.

    Shame he never did anything with it.

  14. jay Says:

    ramar is back in michigan doin nothing with his self at all playin pick uup games at the local ymca

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