Vols-‘Dores Preview


It’s no secret around here that I think Kevin Stallings is a douchebag.  We’ve made it very clear over the years.

It’s also no secret that Memorial Coliseum Gymnasium is a tough, tough place to play, as RTT notes.

But what are we looking at tonight?  An in-progress Tennessee team against a superb defense on the road.  Can Tennessee outscore Vandy, sure.  Will they?  It’ll take some leadership and toughness that they’ve yet to prove they have.

After the jump are  a few keys to the game.

Chism vs. Ogilvy. The last time these two guys met, they cancelled each other out (4 points each, 9 total boards)… and the ‘Dores won.  Big Weezy needs to show up.  Saturday against SC he had 11 minutes and no points.

The Perimeter.  With both squads pretty terrible behind the arc, and with pretty good interior D, it will important to work for and take advantage of open looks outside.  That means Tatum and Maze for the Vols, and Beal and Tinsley for the ‘Dores.

The Orange Jacket.  Pearl’s magnificent sherbet cloak is now 7-6 (worn exclusively against VU and UK).  As much as Tennessee doesn’t want to consider Vandy a rival, they now must.  Losing your #1 ranking 3 days after earning it to the little cross-state brother and being 4-4 over the past 4 years makes you that.  Plus, I’d say Bruce is tired of being someone else’s marquee win.

Rogue Toddlers

[Rocky Top Talk]

*correction, Memorial Coliseum is in Lexington, Memorial Gymnasium is odd, old, and dusty. HT, BW.

7 Responses to “Vols-‘Dores Preview”

  1. NTG Says:

    That video of the kid never gets old. GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    the ball comes all the way back to the freethrow line… that is some serious toddler-noggin-bounce

  3. smoothron Says:

    I predict Big Brian Williams will start, then Wayne Chism will come off the bench and ball at the beginning of the game.

  4. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    So I guess Weezy showed up

  5. smoothron Says:

    That’s my dog.

  6. eDayStat Says:

    I think it was because he wore his Christian headband for a change.

  7. eDayStat Says:

    Wayne found Jesus!

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