Kiffin Commentary, week 7


A recruiting dead period has come and gone, the Vols have added one of–if not the–best southern recruiter on the planet as Associate Head Coach (another NFL guy), and our Coach K got his first look at Neyland Stadium from the top.  Things are certainly moving.  Let’s take a look…

The most surprising (in a good way) thing Coach Kiffin has done was take a very loud and visible step in emphasizing academics for the returning players.

Kiffin spent about three hours making unannounced visits to several players’ classes, including on attended by star safety Eric Berry.

Defensive back Daryl Vereen also got a surprise visit from Kiffin, who spent time in the classes before leaving to visit with recruits Thursday afternoon.

The Daily Beacon took a look at campus reactions.  Not all of it is good.

While some students hold strong opinions, others are merely apprehensive about the upcoming season.

“Maybe Kiffin will be a good thing, but the general population is not accepting him,” Lyndsay Whitmore, freshman in sports management, said. “This will make it difficult for him to succeed.”

Kiffin, in an effort to reach out to fans across the state, is going on tour.

The University of Tennessee mailed invitations to season ticket holders and donors this week. The invitation states, “Come meet Lane Kiffin and members of his staff at a football recruiting celebration near you on Thursday, February 5! Kiffin will be traveling the state to talk to the 2009 footbal signing class and show video highlights of each signee.”

Oh, and he kicked 2 guys off the team, offensive linemen Ramone Johnson and Darius Myers.

More in the coming weeks as national signing day approaches and Kiffin tries to land 2 top receivers.

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