The Case for DeAndre Liggins: Central Michigan Edition


dligThroughout the UK basketball season we’ll be taking a look at the point guard play each game.  Many fans have called for freshman DeAndre Liggins to be starting over Michael Porter.  Both players have taken turns playing better than one another and the assist to turnover ratio of each is abysmal.  Billy Gillispie seems to have a plan for this year’s teams, but we’ll investigate what the stats say in this segment.

Well how about that for a surprise in the last game of the year?  Billy C. G. decides to start both Liggins and Porter for the Central Michigan game.  Fans across the state have now been shut up by Coach Gillispie.  Well, half way.  The other half would be Porter’s improved play as of late.  How about a comparison of the starting backcourt duo’s point differentials while in the game, whadda ya say?

Porter +7
Liggins +4
Both +21

The stats were pretty tight in this one but again we see the trend that UK is the better team when they have both Liggins and Porter on the floor.  That +21 is even with the slow start with both guys being on the floor from the opening tap.  So who individually had a better game?  Most would say Porter immediately because he had a career high with 12 points to go with 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, and 4 turnovers.  Liggins had a pretty good game though with 6 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists, and a steal to go with his 5 turnovers. 

Both guys took a step back a bit by turning the ball over 9 times between them.  It will be interesting to see how these two can handle Louisville’s pressure defense on Sunday.  I’m guessing if they stay at 9 turnovers for that game UK fans will feel like they got away with one.  The key stats from this one though are that Porter made a couple of jump shots and had a couple of layups go his way en route to his double digit scoring effort.  Liggins’ 8 assists are excellent and we love to see 5 rebounds out of a guard spot.

We’ll wrap this thing up and let you folks get off to your New Year’s parties.  Have a good, safe, and happy one and drink slightly fewer beers than SmoothRon.  Until next year, cheer on the Cats, Vols, Wolverines, A’s, Tigers, Mets, Cubs, 9ers, Bengals, and who the Hell ever else you wish!

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