Miami (OH) Hires Coach, No One Cares

Will he get a Charlie Weis, 7yr $700M deal?

Will he get a Charlie Weis, 7yr $700M deal?

Miami (OH) has hired Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Haywood to be their head coach.  I can be described, at best, as an interesting hire.  If I were a Redhawk fan (and Thank Mitch I’m not), this is not a hire that wows me by any stretch.  This is the same university that once was the home of Ara Parseghian, Woody Hayes and the great Bo Schembechler.  This hire doesn’t exactly give the same feeling those names do.  But, the Miami fans might not be the most pissed about what has transpired during this ordeal.  How about what Haywood had to say about the similarities between the program he’s leaving and the one he is going to?

“I knew this was the place because there were so many similarities in education [and] the type of student-athletes that are recruited there.”

I know that Notre Dame has fallen on hard times recently, and their recruiting classes are vastly overrated ever year, but the Irish are recruiting the same type of players as Miami… of Ohio??  Wow!  Maybe, instead of talking about joining the Big 10 every couple years, people should now start considering ND for the MAC.  Hey, at least the MAC would have a BCS Bowl possibililty at some point.

Let’s be honest, though.  Has Notre Dame’s offense been wowing anyone since Brady Quinn and Ty Willingham’s players left?  I don’t think so.  Is this a great hire?  Hell no.  It just magnifies a bigger problem in college football, with the media being obsessed with minority hires.  Should someone be hired because of their skin color?  No.  Should someone be hired NOT be hired because of their skin color?  No.  There, hire whoever you want… just don’t hire Mike Haywood.  I’m just kidding, Miami (OH) fans.  Actually, I’ve only ever known one guy who went there and he was a prick.  Enjoy losing, assholes!

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